For nearly four years, Superprof, which specialises in home tutoring, has kept three clearly defined objectives in their line of sight:

  • To put motivated students in contact with tutors who are driven to lead them to academic success
  • To promote the sharing of knowledge
  • To allow as many people as possible to benefit from their services and make progress in their learning

However, Superprof would not have become the largest teaching community in Europe if its customer satisfaction was not the main priority of the team.

Every day, the Superteam works to improve the platform and its functionality, so that users have a stress-free experience.

As new technologies continue to enter our society, efficiency also increases. However, the speed of a service should not be to the detriment of its quality.

This also applies to private tuition.

When you decide to take private lessons to improve your skills in a subject, whether it’s academic support, mentoring for test preparation or music lessons, it is quite normal to want to begin learning as soon as possible.

But this tutoring should be high in quality.

When you choose Superprof to start your academic tutoring journey, you’re choosing a startup with vast experience in the tutor market, which understands 21st-century challenges and puts its customers at the heart of its every move.

Student Progress at the Centre of Our Tutoring Goals

Last November, the results of the 2016 PISA for the OCDE (which evaluates the performance of students in each country’s education system) showed that the UK could do better.

This slightly worrying finding explains in part the growth in the market for private tuition.

Get the tailored academic support you need or share you knowledge with our online tutoring platform
Regardless of whether your child is struggling academically, they will see a new side of learning with Superprof! ¦ source: Visualhunt - NEC Corporation of America

For students who are falling behind at school, for those who wish to bring up their average grade and for parents who feel powerless, Superprof offers a complement to the national curriculum syllabus taught in school.

Before embarking on their Superprof adventure, the founders of the platform noticed that there were two easily-identifiable routes for finding a tutor:

  • the traditional academic support organisations, where students were assigned a tutor by the tutoring company
  • the small adverts for private lessons in local shops and newspapers

The problem with tutoring companies is that students have no say in who teaches them. This risks a mismatch of teacher and student, as lessons are not personalised and therefore may not be effective.

On the other hand, with one to one tutors UK who advertise locally, there is no way of really verifying their qualifications or methodology without asking.

In light of these problems, the Superprof founders aimed to create an alternative which could offer freedom to choose as well as assurance of each tutor’s academic skills.

This non-appointment way of finding a tutor now allows everyone to find one on one tutoring services which are tailored to their strengths and weaknesses as well as their specific learning style.

Are you looking for a few lessons in the form of an intensive course with a certified teacher who can help with preparation for exams?

Do you need regular supplemental instruction and help with study skills throughout the academic year?

Every learner is able to find just what they need thanks to a powerful algorithm and an engaged customer service team.

Private lessons aren’t just about the academic subjects.

There is high demand for lessons in recreational disciplines, and Superprof responds to this by offering lessons in 250 varied subjects, such as:

  • Guitar lessons
  • Sports coaching
  • Violin lessons
  • Photography lessons
  • Even origami lessons!

The variety of the services Superprof can provide and the freedom to browse tutors safe in the knowledge that they hold the right qualifications is the reason why more than 170,000 students have chosen to use Superprof to find a home tutor that suits their needs.

And the platform boasts an exceptional rate of customer satisfaction from over 1500 reviews left on its Facebook page, with 93.7% of users leaving a positive review!

Satisfaction for Our Personal Tutors

Without the passion and devotion of our tutors, Superprof would simply not exist.

It is important for the team to be able to facilitate work for the tutors so that they stay motivated as well as making the process as easy as possible for those who want to become a tutor themselves.

Tutors are not left behind on Superprof. We take no commission and our team is always on had to support them.
Becoming a tutor is easy with Superprof. If you have a skill, we'll help you share it! ¦ source: Pixabay - Public Domain Archive

Private tutors who wish to sign up to Superprof to deliver their services pay nothing to do so.

Yes, sign-up is free for tutors!

This represents a fundamental element of how Superprof operates, allowing anyone to give private lessons with ease.

Certain tutoring companies ask for a minimum grade B at A Level to apply for tutoring jobs and charge for registration.

They also take a commission from the cost of each hourly session.

Superprof works differently:

  • Registration is free for tutors
  • No commission is taken from lessons
  • Anyone who has skills or knowledge to share can teach on Superprof

This last point is important, as it means that self-taught professionals can also deliver lessons, as well as university students to have not yet graduated, for example.

Free signup for our tutors does not affect the amount of support we offer them. This explains why Superprof is Europe’s largest teaching community!

We advise each and every educator on completing their profile and the customer service team is always available to help answers any questions tutors may have.

Are you thinking about becoming a tutor and supporting students with Superprof?

When you register with Superprof, you are signing up to:

  • Gaining valuable time to find students
  • Choosing your own hourly rates
  • A customer service team which is always by your side

More than 12,000 students search Superprof for a tutor every day – some of them will be perfect for you!

Verified Reviews of Each Private Tutor

Online, it can sometimes be difficult to be certain about whether what is written in reviews is true.

Certain platforms let people leave reviews even if they are not signed up to their website. This is dangerous because there is no way of knowing whether a person is a customer of the company, or leaving a review for their own popularity, for example.

At Superprof, only those who have received tuition from a tutor may leave a review on their page.

This means:

  • future students can read about the methodology of their potential tutor and decide whether it suits their learning style
  • tutors can work on areas for improvement if any are pointed out

This review and rating system gives tutors an incentive to be on-time for their students and deliver their best teaching, so future students will be more likely to choose them.

The Superprof team and the Superalgorithm check the identity and qualifications of each tutor to ensure a high level of security. Verified reviews act as a way of completing this verification as the team and students can see whether the tutor provides the expertise advertised.

Verified reviews mean that you are taking no chances by choosing a tutor
Superprof: a name you can trust ¦ source: Visualhunt

Whether you’re looking to learn a foreign language, rekindle your love for trigonometry and algebra by brushing up on your maths skills, need a physics tutor for exam preparation or would like a reading tutor to help your child with spelling, grammar and vocabulary, Superprof lets you browse for free so that you can find the perfect home or online tutoring mentor.

By reading each tutor’s profile you can learn about their background as well as see how they perform in reviews from their students.

With Superprof, you’re sure to find a tutor to suit your needs.

What Our Personal Tutors Think

We work hand in hand with our tutors to be able to deliver on our vision of high quality individualised support.

This features in the Superprof guarantees!

We truly value the opinions of our tutors, which demonstrates the trust which develops between tutor and tutee over time, but also between tutors and the Superprof team.

Marlene is a tutor who has been able to quickly find suitable students thanks to Superprof:

 “This site is very easy-to-use and helpful. Thank you to the Superprof team for all of their help! Without their advice, I would not be aware of the most effective way to find pupils as classified ads do not always work. A big thank you to the whole team.”

Sarah is a self-employed online tutor who teaches French as a foreign language on Superprof:

 “A very good platform to be visible and finding customers quickly. I am self-employed and give 90% of my French lessons, which come from Superprof, by videoconference. Being able to have reviews and recommendations is important for me and makes all the difference.”

Online tutoring means you can have lessons anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection
You can even find an online tutor and have lessons via webcam ¦ source: Visualhunt - Roger Schultz

Our tutors are especially enthusiastic about the success of their students. Mark is a math tutor from London:

 “I am very active on Superprof. It is important to be able to quickly respond to my students and give them feedback. I insist that my students send me their personal work online so their progress can be tracked in real time and we can both see where they need to improve. The impact of Superprof is much bigger than waiting for the next maths lesson to resolve any problems.”

Samuel offers lessons in playing guitar and singing:

 “My students appreciate that I always look for the best way to approach an exercise, creating variations and making it fun while keeping it effective. My students make real progress and most of all, they are happy when they come to class.”

Customer satisfaction is central to the Superprof philosophy!

Find tutors all over the UK;

  • Oxford tutors
  • London tutors
  • Surrey tutors
  • Edinburgh tutors
  • Tutors Glasgow
  • and more!
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