The iconic sounds of blues, rock, and country have all originated in the US. The hubs for these music genres are spread out across the entire country.

One of the key instruments that all of these styles of music have in common is the guitar. Guitars help create the melodies behind the biggest songs in these genres.

That might be one of the reasons why so many Americans want to grow their education about the guitar. There is a huge demand for guitar teachers in the U.S., and music teachers across the country are filing those demands.

Guitar teachers can be found in private studios, at a music school, and even online.

Learning the guitar can be a great creative outlet as well as a fun way to meet fellow music enthusiasts. 

Keep reading to find out where guitar instructors are in your city as well as some insider information about the best ways to pursue your dreams of being a guitarist.

Find A Guitar Teacher In New York

In the Big Apple, you’re going to find variety for everything including for guitar teachers. Guitar lessons in New York can be taken at a local music school as well as online. Most guitar teachers in New York have either a music degree from an accredited university or college or multiple years of experience under their belt.

Lessons in New York cost about $40 an hour, however, beginner students and younger kids can choose to take 30-minutes sessions.

Some of the tips that we have given guitarist in New York include how they can choose the right instructor. The ideal instructor can help you reach your full performance potential. 

using online reviews to choose a music teacher
Online reviews can help you narrow down your choices of guitar teachers. (Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash)

With so many options it might seem hard to narrow down and find a teacher that works best for you as an individual.

One of the most important aspects to look into is a teacher's experience level with someone of your age and skill set. It is always best to be taught by someone who has the correct teaching methods and attitude for your level of understanding.

Remember to also check out online reviews, reviews give thoughtful insight about the instructor from previous customers.

Last but not least,  you should find a guitar instructor who has a positive and kind attitude towards all of their students. Having a teacher that believes in you can make it easy for you to achieve your music goals.

Finding A Guitar Teacher In Los Angeles

If you’re an inspiring guitarist, the City of Angels will provide you with hundreds of live performance opportunities. In every corner of LA, you’re going to find open mics, talent shows, and other opportunities to perform your heart out.

performing with a guitar
Guitar teachers can help you find performance opportunities in your city. (Photo by Gonzalo Poblete on Unsplash)

But before you get on stage you might want to start with the basics. Taking beginner guitar lessons can give you a wide range of techniques and skills to help you shine a little brighter on stage.

One of the first lessons that you’re going to learn when playing the guitar is about strumming. Strumming patterns are used by a guitar student to create vibrations on the strings that are then turned into sounds by the guitar.

To perfect any strumming pattern, you’re gonna want to keep the next four tips in mind.

  1. Hum the pattern out loud before trying it out on your strings.
  2. Avoid a locked wrist.
  3. Keep constant motion.
  4. Alternate the strings you hit on each beat.

If you keep the above tips in mind you’re going to get key strumming styles down in no time.

Learning The Guitar In Boston

If you live in Boston and have thought about enrolling your kids in a music program, we are here to tell you that it is a great idea! There are great benefits for kids who learn to play an instrument. Even if they don’t grow up to become rockstars, playing the classical guitar can help children find greater appreciation in music and the arts as well as increase their confidence and concentration.

kids learning music
Teaching kids music can help them increase their creativity. (Photo by Morgan Housel on Unsplash)

When a young student begins to play the guitar they'll be able to develop higher levels of creativity and critical thinking. This can be a huge benefit later down the line when they begin to study more abstract subjects in school.

Guitar lessons in Boston are also a fun way for kids to meet friends all while boosting their mind power.

The age at which most kids start guitar lessons is from the ages of 8 to 10 years old. Usually, kids that are younger than that will not have the mental capacity to keep up with skills needed during music lessons. The guitars are also harder to pick up and manage by kids of younger ages.

By 8 years of age, children are typically able to concentrate for about 20 minutes allowing them to be able to participate in beginner classes at a music academy.

Guitar Lessons In Chicago

In Chicago, you’ll be able to find a music school and music teachers that provide guitar lessons and performance opportunities to students of all ages. Since it’s never too late to learn a new skill, a lot of guitar instructors teach classes to older adults. These classes are typically taught through different programs from those used with young children but they are just as accessible.

increased brain power
Guitar lessons can help increase brain power. (Photo by Morgan Housel on Unsplash)

You can choose from participating in group lessons at a local music academy to having your private lessons right at home.

During these lessons, you'll not only learn about music theory, but you will also help enhance neurological connections in your brain. This keeps older brains from getting hazy in later stages of life. With so many benefits it’s hard to find a reason not to enroll in music education as soon as possible.

Multiple instructors in Chicago also offer free trial classes so that you have an opportunity to see if that instructor will be able to help you reach your musical goals.

Guitar Tutors In Philadelphia

The city of Philadelphia offers its residents a variety of opportunities to learn different instruments including the classical guitar, bass guitar, and electric guitar. Music schools are scattered across the city. Philly music schools offer private lessons and group lessons to students of all ages.

Individual instructors also offer private classes to guitar students. You can look for a private instructor in your area through online platforms such as Superprof.

On platforms such as this one, you’ll be able to view multiple guitar teacher profiles and compare and contrast prices and services.

music lessons
Before you start narrowing down your choices you first have to define what your ideal teacher would be. (Photo by Jefferson Santos on Unsplash)

It is important to define what style of music you would ideally want your teacher to teach, this includes accessing the types of songs you want to perform in the future.

Some other factors to look into include the location availability of each of the guitar teachers that you were looking at. Flexible location and timing can be a determining factor for those with a busy schedule.

Lastly, always keep in mind qualification levels. Guitar instructors do not have an accrediting body nationwide, therefore you have to ask about their past music education and their years of experience teaching the guitar.

You can find more on Philly's guitar teachers in this article.

Start Guitar Lessons In Houston 

If you have already booked a music lesson in Houston you might be wondering what to expect during your first class.

Well, we have your answers!

basics of guitar lessons
You will learn to handle your guitar during your first lesson. (Photo by freestocks on Unsplash)

During your first guitar lesson, you are probably going to get a rundown of how the class structure will be. You'll start by learning just the basics and as the lessons go on you’ll learn more about the intricacies of playing the guitar.

At the beginning of your lesson, you will learn about tuning your guitar. For the first couple of lessons, before you train your ear, your guitar teacher can help you tune your instrument. They will adjust how flat and how sharp each of the strings sound. You can do this at home using an electronic tuner or a tuner app right on your cell phone.

During your first guitar lesson, you will also learn how to handle your guitar. The teacher will instruct you on the best way to hold the guitar and where are you should place your fingers. We will also give you a short lesson on strumming and chords.

You must take all of the new information that you’ve learned from your lessons and go through it at home. You don’t want to forget by the next time you have a class with your teacher. Your techniques and growth depend on you practicing on your own time as well as paying a lot of attention to your teacher's instructions during your lessons.

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