When you are planning to visit Germany, as with any country in the world you have to make a plan about what it is that you want to do and what do you want to experience while you are there. Germany is a country with a long history and a culture that has integrated itself outside of Germany too.

Going to Germany is an excellent idea if you love German culture or just want to find out more about it. But one thing is for sure that you will have a unique trip and you may be lucky enough to discover some new things too. Germany located in Central Europe and shares borders with 8 other European countries. It is one of the wealthiest countries in Europe economically and culturally speaking, not to mention German cuisine and snacks, which are always a real treat!

Germany has lots of great attractions and attractive architecturally rich cities which are perfect for sightseeing. No matter which city in Germany you go to, you are bound to find something exciting and culturally intriguing.

Superprof has prepared a list of the must-see German cities that you should try to visit during your stay in Germany. They are guaranteed to help you to discover the German culture and heritage.

Shopping trips, scenic parks, monuments, King Ludwig ii’s castles and palaces, Oktoberfest, cultural excursions, gastronomic tastings, evening entertainment,  and wine tasting tours. Are all the things you can add to the daily itineraries of your tour of Germany.

Berlin is the largest city in Germany
If you only have time for a short city tour, you would do well to visit Berlin. Photo Source: Unsplash

The Must-See Cities For Your German Itinerary

No matter where you go when you travel to Germany you will pass through one of the big cities of the country. Cities like Stuttgart which is the epicentre of German culture, Nuremberg which is famous for its world-renowned Christmas market, Dresden which is the city of art in Germany or The Old Town of Rothenburg, which looks like a place frozen in time.

German cities are full of history, culture and traditional German heritage, while also being modern and cosmopolitan. Let’s take a look at some of the best cities in Germany for travellers to visit while travelling through the country.

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The Capital City Of Germany: Berlin,

We can not and should not talk about Germany without mentioning its capital Berlin. Berlin is Germanys biggest city and is a melting pot of culture with a very international vibe. Like all large cities, it has all of the modern conveniences that you can expect like transport, Universities, banks, embassies etc. Politically it is the most critical place in the country, as the seat of the German government and house of parliament are there.

As well as modernity and government, there is also history, you can visit many monuments all which tell a story of Berlin's history and German history collectively. Some attractions worth seeing when you visit Germany are:

  1. The Brandenburg Gate,
  2. The Reichstag Palace,
  3. The Victory Column,
  4. La place Gendarmenmarkt,
  5. The Berlin Wall Memorial,
  6. La Potsdamer Place,
  7. The TV Tower,
  8. Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom).

Berliners are as friendly and open-minded as their city which means a high majority of people speak English. Which makes it a perfect place to visit for any city trip or as part of a more extended holiday within the country. You need at least a few days to explore Berlin city, it is a fantastic bustling destination.

The City Of Bavarian Beer: Munich

As the third largest city in Germany, Munich has several assets which entice you to discover it on your trip. Like the castle of Nymphenburg, the cathedral of Munich or the Marienplatz. Munich is famous in Bavaria for Oktoberfest festival, which is an end of the year German beer festival, which has folk culture at its root. It is the perfect place to enjoy the very best of German beers and to have fun.

Centre of cultural, artistic and historical tourism.
Dresden is the capital of Saxony, in eastern Germany. Photo Source: Unsplash

City Of History And Modernity: Hamburg

Hamburg is a city in northern Germany, which is located on the river Elbe and close by the North Sea and the border of Denmark. Hamburg has a functioning international port as well as significant historical heritage. Indeed, with its many canals and period buildings, the beautiful city of Hamburg has a charm that may loosely remind you of Venice.

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Visiting the stunning city of Hamburg will give you a different idea of Germany as it is one of the only cities that connect the sea and river waterways. As well as having numerous islands to discover with the many River cruises on offer. This allows you to experience a different side of Germany, especially if you visit in the summer where you can partake of the beautiful River cruises without freezing. Between the cultural visits, parks, scenery and nightlife, the culinary specialities of the region and island discoveries. There is a lot to do in the beautiful city of Hamburg including:

  1. Le Zoo Tierpark Hagenbeck,
  2. The fish market,
  3. The district of Saint Pauli,
  4. The telecommunication tower Heinrich Hertz,
  5. The Museum of Fine Arts Hamburg,
  6. The Saint Michel church,
  7. Park Planen a Blomen,
  8. The harbour and the Hamburg beaches,
  9. State Opera Hamburg.

Hamburg offers an unmissable experience!

Germany's Oldest City: Cologne

In the West of Germany, in the Rhine Valley, lies the city of Cologne, which is a major European metropolis. Tourists will love the activities offered by the city including Cologne Cathedral - an architectural and heritage wonder, several museums such as the Chocolate Museum and the Ludwig Museum. Finally, there is lots of fun for the family too, Cologne also has an amusement park named Phantasialand just 10 km from its centre!

Other things to do in Cologne:

  1. Cologne is also famous for its specialities like the famous Eau de Cologne.
  2. The city of Cologne is also very close to the city of Bonn, the hometown of Beethoven!
  3. Finally, do not hesitate to taste Cologne's traditional beer, Kölsch!
These historical buildings are internationally renowned
This place has plenty to occupy the travelers with its many tourist attractions. Photo Source: Unsplash

The Economic Centre Of Germany: Frankfurt

Frankfurt is one of the reasons that Germany has a reputation for being one of Europe's leading powerhouses. Frankfurt is undoubtedly the economic and financial heart of Germany. It is a business city, home to the largest airport in Europe and it also has a lot to offer the average tourist.

Frankfurt city sits on the river main, towering over the waters with its modern architecture. One of the buildings called the ‘Main Tower’ allows visitors a panoramic view of the entire city. But despite its modernity, Frankfurt also has a historical part that is worth visiting. The Römerberg or historic centre of Frankfurt, located in the district of Sachsenhausen has various taverns. Where it is possible to taste a kind of local cider, called Apfelwein.

A German Town Between Two Shores: Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is an eclectic city with a mix of historical and modern architecture, separated by water the city is kept connected 7 landmark bridges. Half of the city can be defined as current with futuristic constructions and the other side as full of historical heritage. The historical side includes the old port which is now classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

As well as being an exciting city, Düsseldorf is also the fashion capital of Germany with the Königsallee, a luxury shopping paradise which lies in the old town.

Dusseldorf is also a city where you can have fun during pleasant evenings and where you can try the best in German food and German wine. Best of all if you visit Dusseldorf in late February and early March you will get to visit the Rhine carnival. You can not get more German than that, Come on, visit Düsseldorf!

A Spa Town In The Middle Of The Black Forest: Baden-Baden

Although not officially a city it is a must mention bonus. This town which is something between a spa and forest resort, Baden-Baden has something extra special to attract tourists who want to relax and melt away stress and strains of life. Unique in Germany, Baden-Baden is set between the Rhine Plain and the Black Forest.

The city is famous for its hot healing baths, but that is not all, it is also renowned for its casino, palaces and museums. Baden-Baden is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany with its picturesque scenery and charm all nestled into the enchanting setting of the forests trees, historic bridges and the flowing river. Finally, if you want to take a walk or hike, you can walk to the edge of the city and find yourself surrounded by nature. Take a walk in the National Park of the Black Forest to and try to imagine Hansel and Gretel leaving their breadcrumbs there.

The places in Germany are endless, and there is so much to see, to suit all travelers tastes and all types of holiday styles. Of course, there are many more spectacular cities (Hannover, Heidelberg, Augsburg, Aachen, Mannheim or Saarbrücken) in Germany that you can explore and discover. But I hope this gets you started, on your discovery to Germany and its treasures. If you need more inspiration, you can take a look at the German Tourist board. There is so much to enjoy, Have fun!.

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