"Our (women's) boxing is not like the men's. It's more thoughtful, more technical. It's not just, 'Get in there and hurt someone" Nicola Adams (Olympic Boxing Gold Medalist)

At the crossroads of pugilism and karate, this martial arts discipline, which is considered a combat sport, requires patience, perseverance and determination. Qualities that are not only physical, but also mental...  Moreover, boxing offers many benefits: it allows you to let off steam, tone up, lose weight and feel better overall.

This is particularly the case for many women's boxing classes London, which put the focus on these attributes,  such as Boxercise or Boxfit. Now let's look at some helpful tips on how to find the boxing course that suits you best!

The Different Types of Women's Boxing

Before learning to box, perhaps you've wondered what will await you... will it be: punching sequences,  muscle building exercises, self-defence techniques?

Discover the different types of Women's Boxing
Whatever the type of boxing, there's a common spirit: training leads to progress! (Source: Pixabay)

To answer this question, it will all depend on the type of women's boxing you choose. There are generally three types:

  • Traditional boxing options
  • Women-only boxing options
  • Boxing variations and hybrids

Each brings different benefits, and it's good to know what they are before you start. For example, traditional boxing includes:

  • French boxing
  • English Boxing
  • Muay Thai boxing
  • French Savate Boxing
  • American boxing

They are inspired directly from ancient martial art practices and historical fighting techniques: one uses his fists, feet and elbows and targets the opponents bust, head and legs. The most popular traditional boxing option among women remains French savate boxing, which is easily accessible and less aggressive.

Then there are boxing disciplines reserved for women and designed for women, such as:

  • Adi boxing, which focuses on gaining in agility
  • UBox, which allows technical improvements
  • Cardio boxing, which makes you sweat and pushes you to your limits
  • Fitness boxing, which combines intensity and flexibility

Finally, there are boxing variations, practised by men as well as by women, making it possible to improve techniques, gain agility and flexibility, and learn boxing strategy:

  • Kickboxing
  • Full contact, a step up from American boxing
  • Cross training
  • MMA, a highly competitive variant
  • Jiu-jitsu

Boxing is indeed a competitive sport, and one with physical intensity: so once you've chosen your boxing type, put on your gloves and hit that bag or jump in that ring!

I started boxing by trying amateur boxing for women, and though I liked it,  I quickly turned to the more friendly variants where I can tone up and stay in shape in a fun way!

Woman's Boxing: Take Classes in a Boxing Club

According to the World Health Organization, it is important as an adult to do muscle conditioning at least twice a week. Boxing is the best way to strengthen your muscles and do cardio while also being a great stress-reliever!

Note: You can start taking boxing classes near me today.

Find women's boxing classes offered near you
Taking a boxing class offers a real challenge! (Source: FinneysKickboxing)

From muscle building (abs and buttocks), weight training (with dumbbells or other equipment) to boxing technique training, the best way to take a boxing class is still to go to the appropriate places.

To take traditional boxing classes or its variants, you can register in:

  • A boxing school
  • A boxing hall
  • A sporting club
  • An association with a gym
  • A private boxing club
  • A gym or fitness centre
  • A fight club

The main advantage of these places is to be able to combine your training with other courses like Zumba or Pilates, to help keep variety and group encouragement. Classes are usually offered at night, starting after work until about 9 pm and run for 1-1.5 hrs.

But there are often limited spaces available, so sign up early!

Whether your courses take place in a London club or in the surrounding areas, you will probably be asked for a medical certificate when you register. Whether it's for free fighting, leisure boxing or educative boxing (ideally with a personal trainer), different formats will be proposed:

  • Group lessons
  • Private lessons
  • Individual lessons
  • Night classes
  • Weekend classes
  • Adult or children's classes
  • Specialized classes: mother-daughter, father-son

You'll usually end your boxing class with muscle building exercises and then stretching. But there are still even more options to take women's boxing classes!

Train with Online Women's Boxing Classes

Whether you want to lose weight, get in shape, or simply let off steam after a long day, you don't necessarily have to pay for a boxing gym to do it. There are many solutions available online:

  • Online boxing classes
  • Youtube channels
  • Specialized sites that broadcast their own videos

So, whether it's to take a French savate boxing class, to learn how to jab and uppercut, or just to improve your physical fitness, online boxing classes are a perfect way to do so! Some specialized sites offer traditional online classes, others offer boxing trends such as fitness boxing (focused on cardio), or body combat (very focused on technique).

Google "boxing classes near me" and start your training.

(Online women's boxing classes: the ideal way to motivate yourself in all circumstances! (Source: YouTube))

You have several ways to access this online content:

  • Free, thanks to sites like Youtube or Dailymotion
  • Free, on specialized boxing coach websites
  • With a subscription, to online video classes
  • With a subscription, on personal training websites

Online courses offer several advantages:

  • They offer general or specialized lessons, (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • Even with an online subscription, it's usually cheaper than an in-person subscription
  • Offers flexible choices: you can do several types of boxing in the same week, at the time of your choice, without having to worry about the registration schedule

On the other hand, a slight disadvantage, you'll need to have the necessary equipment at home, such as weights, gloves and other boxing equipment. Even so, it remains, in general, usually cheaper than a gym or club subscription! Also, with many boxing fitness videos, you'll perform the boxing movements without necessarily needing any of the equipment.

We have prepared a short list of some of the websites offering boxing videos online, free or by subscription:

  • The Boxx Method: one of the best online boxing websites offering workouts on the go, by top UK trainers
  • Pop Sugar Fitness: an American site full of free specialized videos
  • Elle Fitness: allowing access to various boxing classes, free of charge

Boxing, after all, is a matter of willingness and then carving out some time for your health and wellness. Learning women's boxing online is convenient and fairly inexpensive. Taking classes in a gym offers group fitness motivation and can be more fun. However, if you want personalized lessons and support, along with a flexible schedule, private training can be the way to go.

Take Personalized Women's Boxing Classes with Superprof!

Whether you want to get back in shape after a pregnancy, lose weight, or simply maintain a healthy physical fitness, a personalized Superprof teacher can help you!

This option allows you combine the benefits of the others mentioned: on the one hand, you won't pay as high cost a cost as joining a gym, while at the same time, you get specialized coaching that goes beyond the videos of the internet.

Your personal trainer can give you:

  • General sports coaching courses, to improve your physical fitness
  • Strength training classes, working on your abs and glutes, but also your footwork and punches
  • Self-defence courses
  • Boxing lessons of all different types, some are even offered by former champions
  • Fitness boxing classes
Boxing Coaches at SuperProf
Our 583 personal trainers and specialized boxing coaches will be happy to assist you with your training! (Source: SuperProf

If you are a beginner, you can take your first classes with an expert, who can give you tips and tricks and create with you a surefire training plan, tailored to your goals. In general, the intro class is offered for free.

More specifically, a boxing coach will teach you all the secrets of this martial art.

It can also be a personal trainer or a sports coach who can offer you a personalized approach to the sport: in individualized courses or with group lessons, and help you find the formula best suited to your needs and desires!

Whether you simply want to play sports or de-stress from everyday life, our classes will teach you self-mastery with a mind-body balance. So, are you ready to put on your gloves?

See here how women's boxing is different from men's boxing.

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