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Biological Science Academician with more than 15 years of teaching experience is


My teaching is based on intimate teaching, engaging method , where creativity of students are encouraged, emphasized on problem solving nature of education, which would help in future and become independent learners. Prefer multi step plans for completing task


I am an academician from Plant Science/Agriculture/Biology background, having more than 15 years on class room teaching(theory and practical both) experiences for college and university students. I am interested to start teaching for school students either individuals or in small g


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Lessons offered by Dipali
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Cell biology
  • Microbiology
  • Botany
  • All Levels

Dipali's resume

In depth knowledge,and long term association with teaching and research activities of Plant Science/microbiology, bacteriology and subjects of agricultural sciences. Well experienced in setting and maintenance of lab, efficient in sample processing, data record, analysis and interpretations, and report writing on time. Want to restart carrier in California with long term experiences in either teaching or in research.
• Post Doctoral training experience in Pamela Ronald’s Lab at U. C. Davis, CA in 2012-13
• Ph. D. in Plant Pathology(Agricultural Science) from Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, India in 2003
• M.Sc in Plant Pathology(Agricultural Science) from Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat, Assam, INDIA in 1994.
• Bachelor in Plant Pathology (Agricultural Science) from Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat, Assam, INDIA in 1992.
Relevant course work cleared: English, Maths and Science till high school diploma; Plant Science, Microbiology, Plant Biotechnology till Masters Level.
Employment History:
• August, 1996-March, 2009: Assistant Professor, Plant Pathology, AAU, Jorhat, Assam, India
• March, 2009 – March 2019: Associate Professor, Plat Pathology, Central Agricultural University, Imphal, India
Professional Achievements:
• More than 15 years teaching experience at college and university level for Under Graduate, Masters and Ph. D students in the field of Plant Science/Plant Pathology, Agricultural Microbiology, Bacteriology etc.
• Guided Masters Student as advisor of major subject for 13 students during last ten year of service till March, 2019.
• Presented research papers in International (South Korea, USA) and National(in India) conferences and received women scientist award.
• Prepared two manuals based on laboratory experiments in Bacteriology and Diagnosis of Plant Pathogens.
• Good writing skill reflected by author of more than 20 research papers, wrote 3 book chapters published by international publishers.
• Author of one book on Mushroom Cultivation in Indian regional language
• Researched and compiled reports as Principle investigator, in one research project funded by Department of Biotechnology, Government of India.
• Associated closely as co-investigator for another 3 research projects financed by Government of India.
Other Professional Skills:
• Dedication to teaching: considering teaching as worshiping.
• The ability to develop good relationships with students of any age.
• Caring and kind nature, patient to deal with even very weak student.
• Knowledge of learners
• Could Engage/participate students in learning
• Follow problem solving nature of education, intimate and engaging method of education, in which creativity and independence are encouraged.
• Particular in timely interpretation of results, submission of written reports in an organized manner.
• Good interpersonal, verbal, and written, deliberation/communication skills develop through presentations during previous job.
• Well trained to work in a faster-pace environment and always ready to face/challenge problems, and their trouble shooting.
• Always ready to participate in different events organized time to time by management and may work in weekend or off-hours if necessary or whenever urgency occur.
• A self-motivated, cooperative, hardworking, sincere individual with positive attitude, strong analytical, investigative, and interpersonal communication skills.
• Very much focused and concerned on: time management, ability to prioritize works, sincerity and dedication, adaptability, willingness to learn and share, and friendly nature to work as active member of diverse team.
Computer Skills: Good knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point (slide presentation), data entry etc.
Language proficiency: Proficient in English- Both speaking and writing (including scientific report and publications).
Leadership quality: Established Plant Bacteriology lab, updated the lab for using by Masters and Ph.D students and maintained as incharge for more than ten years.
VISA status: Permanent Resident of USA since 2018.

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