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The Superprof Blog

Biology Graduates: What does the future hold for you?

Biology Graduates: What does the future hold for you?   Biology is the study of all living things and their functions and roles on planet earth.  The oldest evidence to...

Joseph Priestley and His Discovery of Oxygen

Joseph Priestley's Oxygen Discovery Oxygen is essential for life. Most every living organism needs it to breathe, even fire needs oxygen to burn. Invisible, neutral to the...

Louis Pasteur and his Work on Vaccine Development

Louis Pasteur and Impact on Vaccine Development "Wait a minute", you might think. Pasteur? Isn't he that milk guy? The one who discovered that repeatedly heating and cooling milk...

Alexander Fleming's Discovery of Penicillin

Alexander Fleming, the Man Who Gave the World Penicillin Generally speaking, when people encounter a slob, they tend to not think too highly of them. they might even think:...

Rosalind Franklin's Contribution to the Discovery of DNA

How Much Did Rosalind Franklin Contribute to DNA Discovery? By any measure, Rosalind Franklin was a remarkable person; that might have been because her family is equally...

Famous Chemists and Their Discoveries

The Most Famous Chemists and What They Discovered When you think of a chemist, who comes to mind besides the drugs seller in your local shop? The chemists we discuss today are......