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💸 What is the rate of private math lessons in Los Angeles?

The average cost of math tuition in Los Angeles is $26.


Tutors rates will differ depending on:

  • the experience of your math teacher
  • where your lessons will be (via webcam or an outside location)
  • the number of lessons and the duration of each lesson
  • the objective of your classes

97% of our private tutors give the first hour of math classes for free. Check out the rates of math private tutors in your region.

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In Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, 451 private math teachers are available to give private lessons


To find your private tutor, check out their cv to find out more information about their courses.


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Students scored their math teachers on average 5.0 out of five from a sample of 39 recommendations.


A customer service manager from the Superprof team will be available to find a solution (by phone or mail from Monday - Friday) if you have any queries about your lessons.


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Mathematics is one of the toughest subjects in high school. Many teens struggle with math throughout the school year, whether at the elementary level, middle or high school. This is why additional math support is so highly sought after.


With the help of a math tutor many students are able to crush their fear of maths.


All of our math lessons with a competent teacher offer you the chance to master the different mathematical concepts more quickly.


Whether you want to take private lessons from the comfort of your home or take online classes, choose your teacher and reserve your math lessons today.


A messaging system is in place to allow you to get in contact with your tutor to schedule your math lessons whether you want to learn from the comfort of your home or at an outside location.


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The Best Way To Become Proficient In Math in Los Angeles  – Hire a Math Tutor From Superprof

Math can get confusing for students who don't get appropriate attention in classrooms. This is why so many parents have to deal with their children reluctant to take their math classes – the poor kids just don’t understand what is being taught!

If you're one of those parents who have stayed up day and night practicing tables and word problems with your child, with no apparent result, you're not the only one!

Many parents, like you, often think that they can help their children with math lessons. But grasping certain concepts like the understanding of geometrical shapes and numerical problems require professional training and patience.

Every child's temperament is different, and so every child requires a unique teaching method. This is why you should hire specialized math professors who can use different training strategies to make math fun and easy for your child.

How Can A Private Math Tutor Help Your Child?

Here's why hiring a Math tutor from Superprof might be a good idea:

Individual Attention

One of the positives of private math tutoring is the amount of time, and attention teachers can offer to their students. As private tutoring is on a one-to-one basis, there will be no pressure on the student to work at a particular speed.

Suppose your child lacks understanding of a particular topic or concept. In that case, the tutor can spend considerable time helping your child overcome these challenges.

Consistent Practice

It is an undeniable fact that when it comes to math, practice makes you perfect! Math requires critical thinking and problem-solving skills that need consistent practice. Students take math lessons for an hour in school but quickly forget about newly learned concepts if they aren't practiced enough.

This is where private tutoring can be of help. Private tutors can make sure that students practice daily lessons that can sharpen their weak points and polish their strengths. Additionally, consistent practice can also ensure that students are always prepared for a surprise quiz.

Interactive Learning

While a classroom setting follows a more traditional approach to learning, private tutoring offers additional materials, interactive practice tests, and assignments beyond conventional education.

Private tutors can make sure that once you understand a concept, you can apply this knowledge in practical ways. They can use interactive mathematics tools and applications to enhance your child's cognitive understanding and problem-solving skills.

Moreover, interactive learning can also boost understanding and retention and encourage students to participate in their lessons actively.

Customized Lessons

But perhaps, the most significant advantage of private tutoring is that lessons can easily be customized according to your child's pace. A child may be under pressure to keep up with the rest of the class or need more attention on a specific topic; private tuition can minimize all these problems through a flexible schedule.

Our highly experienced math tutors take their time to understand their student's temperament. They can easily adjust the lesson's speed, focus, and goals depending on the learner's abilities. The extra support can also help build a student's confidence, encouraging them to take on more challenging tasks that they may not achieve in a classroom setting.

Dealing With Math Anxiety

Math anxiety refers to feelings of helplessness, irritation, and mental disorganization that a person feels when he/she is required to solve a mathematical problem.

Believe it or not, math anxiety is quite normal around the world. In the United States, around a quarter of the students attending a four-year college experience high math anxiety levels!

However, this does not mean that there is no way of dealing with math anxiety. You might think that no matter how hard you try, you can never be good at math. And buying into these thoughts will make you lose all motivation!

Well, so what can you do about it?

Our highly qualified, professional math tutors can help you deal with your fear of math step-by-step. Who said math has to be all about complex figures and numbers? Our tutors can help you develop confidence and a positive attitude regarding math, no matter how many times you fail! You don't have to worry if you fail to grasp a new concept. Our teachers understand how important it is to clear your basic concepts before advancing onto new ideas.

Consistency and a positive attitude are crucial to success. Our tutors ensure that you get the very best when you choose them to enhance your child's skills!

Find Math Tutors in Los Angeles

Superprof can help you find highly qualified math tutors in Los Angeles who can help you master your algebra, statistics, and geometry.

Our teachers have a range of qualifications, so you will easily find someone who can fit your requirements. Whether you need extra help with geometry or want special attention towards differentiation and integration, we guarantee you that you will find a tutor that's perfect for you!

Our tutors have varying prices and offer both in-person and online classes because of specialized skills. It really depends on the course you choose to study as well as the expertise, experience, and qualifications of the tutor you select.

It'd be a good idea to talk to them and discuss your learning needs at length so they know precisely what you need. Their credentials are readily available on our website so make sure you pick the right teacher.

How Can Superprof Help You?

Whether you need additional lessons besides your school classes or want to home-tutor your child, math tutors in Los Angeles can help you get over your fear of math with considerable patience, practice, and expertise.

Think it's too good to be true?

Log onto our website and browse from a range of math teachers in Los Angeles before making your final decision. Some of our tutors also offer a free trial!

So what are you waiting for? Superprof is here to help you deal with your math troubles. No longer running away from numbers and problems!

All you have to do is choose the right tutor for you.

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