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💰What is the average price of Singing lessons?

The average price of Singing  lessons is $21.

The price of your lessons depends on a number of factors

  • The experience of your teacher
  • The location of your lessons (at home, online, or an outside location)
  • the duration and frequency of your lessons

97% of teachers offer their first lesson for free.

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13,553 tutors are currently available to give Singing lessons near you.

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Learn to sing with the help of a trained vocal coach

Singing in the United States

Some of the most iconic and recognizable music, both present and past have originated from the United States. 

Best known for spawning such genres as blues, rock & roll, country; there are an endless list of influential artists that have contributed to the developments of musical artistry throughout the years. 

From Chuck Berry, Aretha Franklin, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen to the modern-day Katy Perry, Lady Gaga & Billie Eillish...

The list of aspirational singer-songwriters is infinite, which makes one thing certain: as a country, the US has been a birthplace for some of the most poignant and loved singers of the 20th and 21st Century. 

So, you’re looking to embark upon a career in music? Or, are you simply here to explore a long term interest you never got around to fulfilling? 

Well, fortunately for you, across the country, there are a plethora of highly regarded singing coaches and mentors that are looking to support you in this journey. 

With the country being a staple for modern music across the world, agencies are constantly on the lookout for new talent. 

Yet, it doesn’t alone take a voice with the potential to reach the heights of fame. 

Similar to an instrument like piano or the guitar, your voice must be trained and various techniques should be learned to ensure potential is reached whilst your vocal cords remained unstrained. 

The Benefits of Singing

There are a plethora of benefits when it comes to regular singing lessons. 

Psychological/emotional benefits: singing is a known stress reliever as it reduces what is called cortisol - the body’s main stress hormone. It can also boost self-confidence through the release of endorphins which advocates a boost in energy levels.

Social benefits: as a form of both art and expression, singing is a process that requires a cohesive bond amongst those that perform collaboratively. From singing groups, barbershop quartets, choirs to gospel groups; a sense of unity and togetherness can be created through singing with others. 

Physiological benefits: if you speak to any professional singer who uses their voice regularly, breathing techniques are fundamental to keeping your vocal cords protected and well balanced. The development of breathing strategies can increase lung capacity and the overall working of one's respiratory system. 

As you can see, there are multiple benefits to regular singing practice. Now, as a beginner, what is the best way to get involved?

Vocal Tutors in the United States

Home to some of the most respected music schools and colleges from the Berklee College of Music to the Jilliard School in New York, there are collegiate programs in which prospective students can specialize in classical, jazz, and contemporary singing. 

Lis Lewis, an LA-based, decorated voice coach who has taught the likes of Rihanna, Britney Spears & Courtney Love, can be approached for personal sessions, but this, of course, comes at a significant price. 

Although aspiring singers do have the opportunity to embark upon weekly or fortnightly sessions with such high profile coaches, this may not always be as financially viable for the majority of developing singers. 

Due to availability and a considerable hourly rate, a more realistic option would be to search for a vocal coach who is working up the ranks. 

Superprof - Over 6000 Vocal Tutors Across the US

With over 6000 registered singing tutors available on the website, vocal professionals can be found across most states and cities across the country and each comes with varying levels of expertise, experience, price, and availability. 

Los Angeles: from Billie Eilish to Gwen Stefani, LA has a track record when it comes to top singing talent. 

From classically trained pianist and vocal coaches to professional composers and even vocal therapists, there are an abundance of individuals that are willing to offer their first lesson for free to see if the chemistry is formed between the student and tutor. 

New York: from Brooklyn to Jersey City and the depths of downtown New York, aspiring singers have a wealth of vocal coaches to choose from. 

Yes, there are famous establishments such as Voice Academy (NYC) and New York Vocal Coaching, which can make it difficult to make an eventual choice. However, such courses are often costly and unfortunately unaffordable for the majority of the clientele. 

A vocal tutor may well be the most cost-effective alternative. 

Some coaches advertise their services for as little as $15p/h in the New York area. Of course, the student is responsible for traveling to and from the coaches' house but such low prices make regular sessions a possibility for the most. 

Philadelphia: vibrant cities with a history of the arts are a great place to learn an instrument or develop one’s vocal abilities. 

A glance on the Superprof website will display a number of different vocal coaches that specialize in various singing styles. 

From the all-rounders, to those that focus explicitly on the teaching techniques associated with jazz; searching through the profiles of coaches nearby your area is a great way to start.

Things you Should Know When Contacting Vocal Coaches

Each profile of vocal coaches in your local vicinity will display a set amount of details to help you establish as a student if the tutor could be a good fit. 

Firstly, their personal bio should display past experiences, as well as relative qualifications and styles (if any) of vocal teaching techniques. 

An hourly rate for their services should also be visible with their availability throughout the course of the following months.

Multiple tutors can be contacted at one time and most offer their first lesson for free, meaning the student can trial a selection of prospective vocal coaches before making a long-term commitment. 

Their profile will also have an expected response time which usually averages around the three-hour mark so you would usually expect a same day response. 

Further information includes where the lesson will be held (either remotely, via webcam, or in a public space), followed by the level of proficiency and experience they are open to teaching. 

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