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The average price of Computer programming  lessons is $11.

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Computer Programming in the United States 

Hacking into the Mainframe

A hackathon is a sprint-like competition event where computer programmers have a problem to solve and a time limit. Whoever solves the problem first wins the grand prize. You’ve seen these in movies or maybe the last time you visited San Francisco. These are thrilling and stressful at the same time. 

A large group of people all lined up at a long table all typing away furiously. The audience is cheering them on but the noise blurs into one loud roar. These events have not only selected the best of the best in computer programming, but they have also inspired countless numbers of people to be interested or even pursue more understanding in the computer programming field. There are many languages to choose from. Each one has its own nuances and gifts that make it specialized for a specific range of tasks. If you like puzzles and problem solving, you’re in the right place.  

History of Computers

It all starts with a debate. The debate regarding how a computer program is classified. Many believe that the first person to write a computer program was Ada Lovelace in 1843. Using Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine, Ada described a method of computing Bernoullin numbers. 

Others with a more specific definition of a computer would say that the first program was Formula Translation, better known as Fortran. It was developed by John Backus and the IBM team in 1956. This was a general-purpose compiler that is best suited for numerical computation and engineering applications. This language paved the way for all the others. 

To learn computer programming, one must learn how it all began. Since the invention of Fortran, there have been numerous languages that have come and gone. But, many programming languages are here to stay. They have so far survived decades of innovation and are still relevant in the modern-day. 

The computers that surround us now are easy to use and relatively inexpensive due to innovation and building upon the languages of past years. The question that you should be asking is “What problem am I trying to solve?” There are a plethora of choices when it comes to languages and which one to choose. 

Language Options

Just like English, Spanish or Russian, computer programs can speak and understand different languages depending on the intended function of the program. In the future, you will need to be well versed in the grammar and syntax of these languages to begin writing code and problem-solving. 

To start in computer programming, you need to decide what you would like to do. That means choosing a language. One of the most famous languages is C++. It is a computer programming language that can be used for writing database management software or making 3D games among many other possibilities. 

Each language is like having a brand new planet to build upon. A program is creating an entire world to your specifications. You lay the groundwork to continue building and before you know it, there is something recognizable as a program. 

Another common language that has been very popular since its inception in 1989 is Python. Named as a homage to Monty Python’s Flying Circus, it is anything but a joke. Python is a robust language that even Google and YouTube have used in their search engines and in other areas. It has applications in machine learning, neural networks, and data mining. 

More possibilities open up as you learn new tasks. If you would like to learn computer programming, there are many places to choose from across the United States.  

Programs in Computer Programming

You could get a degree in Computer Science. Nearly every university or college in the nation now offers some type of degree in this field. You would have to take a predetermined selection of courses that will teach you one or multiple computer languages and you will work on homework and projects to prove your understanding. 

These programs generally take multiple years to complete and are quite expensive. Yet, if you need to learn in a shorter period of time, there are in-person coding boot camps that you can take on a slightly more flexible schedule like Learn Academy in San Diego, California. They offer CSS, Github, HTML, and many other languages that will get you to levels of proficiency in a fraction of the time. If you’re on the other side of the United States like New York, you can check out FullStack Academy. With Full-time and part-time classes, you can learn Javascript which will be a great addition to your resume.

Coding bootcamps will often be taught in a group setting with many people in the same classroom. Unfortunately, you are still reliant on their schedule and since you’re a busy person, that can be challenging sometimes. Employers seek out these types of skills and qualifications. This is a very in-demand industry.

Private Lessons

Everyone has tried the group classes where the teacher talks in a monotone voice and there is that student in the back of the room that is chewing bubblegum so loud it makes Nascar sound like a whisper. Group classes aren’t for everyone and sometimes they can be more distracting than helpful. Maybe you tried one of those free online classes that try teaching various programming languages, but they never seem to get to the point and it just drags on and on and on. 

Helpful online communities like SuperProf combine online with the face to face learning, giving the best of both worlds. It’s the best way to connect with a qualified private tutor that will be able to teach you to step by step at your own pace. 

Superprof has thousands of computer programming teachers across the country. You can search out the ones that have the best ratings for the language you are interested in learning. The best part is that you can learn from anywhere. You could be in Ecuador and as long as you have internet, you can log in and your dedicated teacher can guide you along at your pace. With personalized feedback, you will grow your skillset significantly faster allowing you to become the hacker you always wanted to be.

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