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The average price of French  lessons is $20.

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From a sample of 6,380  tutors, students rated their private tutors 5.0 out 5.

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French Tutors Near Me

French is not only considered the language of love, but it is also one of the top 10 most spoken languages around the world. There are around 28 countries around the world with French as their official language. It is no surprise that people are interested in learning this complex yet beautiful language!


Even though French is considered a minority language in the United States, it is the fourth most spoken language in the United States.


This comes as no surprise as there are many Americans of French ancestry, mostly in states such as Louisiana, New England, Missouri, Michigan and North Dakota. But these are not the only states where French is being learned.


Around the nation, many students are taking French courses in high school and university as a second language. In addition, there are also many French American elementary schools where kids are being exposed at a young age and start to learn French since kindergarten.


It is true that learning a second language when you’re younger can be easier, but this shouldn’t discourage anyone from learning a new language as an adult.


You may want to learn a new language for a new job, because you will be visiting a French-speaking city soon or simply to learn a new language as a hobby and to challenge yourself. Whatever the reason for wanting to learn French, we encourage it!

How to Learn French

You have decided that you want to learn French, now what?


Now it is time to determine how you will learn French and what method will be best suitable for you and your schedule. You may want to start by researching French classes near you.


Lucky for you, there are many options within the USA to learn French by either taking it at a school such as a university or language school, by taking online classes or by hiring a private tutor.


Before deciding what way you wish to go with, we encourage to research each option, think if you have a time frame and also your reasons for learning a new language. This can help in choosing the best teaching path for you.


Learning a new language is not going to be easy and it will require your attention and willing to practice and work hard.


Learning a language will also not be free. You also want to research how much it will cost and if this fits in your budget.


As we mentioned earlier, with the United States being very diverse, you are sure to find any of the options mentioned within your city.

Benefits of Learning French

It may be your first foreign language you learn or your second or third, but two thing are certain, learning a new language will have its challenges in addition to being extremely rewarding.


For starters, if you learn to communicate in French, there are 28 countries around the world where you will be able to easily communicate!


Not only will learning a new language make your travels easier, but you will also be making yourself a healthy favor. Studies have shown that people that speak more than one language have improved memory, ability to multi-task, are better at critical thinking and problem solving and have enhanced concentration. Talk about feeding your brain!


The benefits do not stop there. Learning a new language can increase your career opportunities as well!


Even though English is the universal language, this shouldn’t discourage American people from wanting to learn more languages!


When you speak more than one language, your job opportunities can quickly become international.


It will definitely set you apart from a monolingual candidate and can show that you have a better understanding of other cultures.


This brings us to the next benefit. When you learn a new language, you are not only learning words, but you are also learning about other countries and cultures related to this language.


This makes you a great candidate for any company because you will be more understanding and aware of other people and cultures.


One last big benefits of learning a new language is boosting your confidence. Yes, you read that right, learning a new language can boost your self-confidence.


For starters you have accepted to step out of your comfort zone, which is already a great step forward.


Once you start learning it, you will find yourself in tough spots such as not knowing some words or pronunciation, but the more you learn and practice the better you will get at it.


Once you start speaking in full sentences you are going to feel great of how far you’ve come and will just want to continue!

Hiring a Private Tutor

You may still be on the fence of learning French due to schedule conflicts, pricing or nerves.


You may have realized that colleges near you are not open for enrollment yet.


Do not let these minor obstacles keep you from learning French.


Have you thought about learning French with a private tutor?


Your first reaction might be a definite no due to pricing, but that is not a problem when companies like Superprof exist and can help you.


Superprof is an online community of tutors all around the world, including the United States, that offer just about any type of courses, including French courses.


You would work with a private tutor one on one on your time and frequency and in a relaxed environment with zero stress.


You will even get to pick the tutor you wish to work with based on posted reviews from previous pupils.


It cannot get easier than that! Best of all, some tutors even offer their first class for FREE.


A private tutor will also base your lessons on your needs and you’ll get to practice as much as you want with no interruptions from others.


Believe it or not, in the United States, a Superprof French tutor’s general fee per hour is from $20 to $100, based on their qualifications and experience.


All you have to do now is find your perfect French tutor!


Bonne chance!

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