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Math Lessons in Chicago

Math is more than just another grade on your report card. Math can teach us certain skills that can help us for the rest of our lives. We aren鈥檛 talking just about adding or subtracting. Math helps us to develop our logic, creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking and even our communication skills.

Our younger selves may have not been able to fully comprehend how we would use math in the future, especially when it came to understanding angles and their sizes, but the reality is that we need math every day.

It is true that you are not being asked to do long division on a daily basis, but this isn鈥檛 the literal meaning of needing math every day.

Throughout your school years, learning math was actually working your mind and making sure it would continue to develop so that in the future you would struggle less with daily tasks.

Let us take cooking for example. Anytime you follow a recipe, you are doing math when it comes to the measurements. What about grocery shopping? You are utilizing your math skills when you are trying to figure out the best bargains. How about traveling? You use math when you are estimating driving lengths and arrival times.

It is surprising as to how much we use math every single day! Something that isn鈥檛 surprising is how many people struggle with math.

Because math is such a crucial subject in school, it is important to avoid falling behind. This is easier said than done of course, but you may have options to help you that are just a click away.

Hiring a Superprof math tutor could not be easier!

Superprof Math Tutors

If you are not familiar with Superprof yet, it is an online community of tutors all around the world. These tutors are skilled in various subjects, including math.

The unique thing about Superprof is that you can actually search for tutors nearest to you and check out their profiles.

Checking out a tutor鈥檚 profile is key in order to find the perfect math tutor that can help you!

These profiles can list out a tutor鈥檚 experiences, educational background, levels of math they usually tutor and ratings of previous students that worked with them.

What is even better about possibly working with a Superprof math tutor is that some will even offer their first lesson for free!

This first lesson can help as an introduction between a tutor and a student. It can also help to identify levels of math the student is having problems with.

A student must be clear with the tutor as far as scheduling and what they intend to get out of these tutoring sessions.

A student may just need a tutor for guidance with homework problems. It could be the student has a final exam coming up and studying is their main worry. Maybe the student is overall generally confused in class and has lost track of what is being learned.

It is important to communicate this to your math tutor, as they will be hired by you to help you to do better in math.

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Math Tutor

Trying to find the perfect math tutor for yourself or your child can be tiring. But picking the correct math tutor is crucial in order to advantage from it and actually see progress.

We understand that everyone is different. Each individual learns differently, which is why it is important to review what it is you are struggling with and finding an experienced tutor that can be able to handle this challenge.

When starting to research for the perfect math tutor, you may want to consider some of the following points.

Identify the Problem

Looking at your previous math lessons, try to determine where it is you are having the biggest trouble.

It could be that you have trouble with some areas, a little bit of everything, maybe just when exams come up or with word problems.

Pinpointing what it is you are struggling with is important in order to pick a math tutor that is qualified in your areas of trouble.


This is a huge step in figuring out what math tutor is the most skilled to take on the job as your private math tutor.

If you are going to commit to taking math-tutoring lessons, you have to make sure your money and time are being used beneficially.

Before you interview anyone for the job, talk to your math professor and ask them if they think math tutoring can benefit you and also to give you their advice on what they think you should be focusing on when it comes to areas of study.

Your professor is the one checking your math homework, correcting your exams and seeing you in class each time. They could understand your struggles a bit more and guide you in the right direction.

They could even have some math tutor recommendations that they could pass along!

Have a Schedule

If you decide to commit to working with a math tutor, you have to fully commit. You cannot just hire a math tutor for one exam and expect yourself to understand everything all in one session.

If you are seriously having issues with math, it is recommended that you follow a schedule. You may want to meet with your tutor a couple of times a week, depending on how much help is needed.

Your tutor can not only help you understand certain math concepts you are struggling with but can also teach you better study methods so that math lessons can stick better and you are actually understanding them.


If math tutoring is something you are looking into for your child, communication is key.

Keep in mind that the tutoring will be for your child, so instead of just making the decision for him or her, communicate with them.

You can ask your child if they think they are doing good in math, if they think they need a tutor, if they would like some additional help after school.

Including your child in the process can actually make them excited to work with a math tutor and can motivate them to want to do better.


馃捀 How expensive is a private math teacher in Chicago and the surrounding areas?

The average rate of math courses in Chicago is $23.


Rates will differ depending on:

  • the experience of your math teacher
  • where your lessons will be (via Skype or the student's place)
  • the number of classes and the duration of each lesson
  • the goal of your classes

97% of our teachers offer their 1st lesson free. Check out the rates of math instructors near you.

馃懆馃徏鈥嶁殩锔 How many tutors are available to give math lessons in Chicago?

In Chicago and the surrounding areas, 168 private math tutors are available to offer courses


To find your private tutor, read their tutoring cv to find out more information about their courses.


Choose your course in Chicago from our range of more than 168 math tutors available.

鉁掞笍 How do students rate their mathematics teacher in Chicago?

From a sample of 14 scores, pupils scored their math tutors an average of 5.0 out of five.


A customer service manager from the Superprof team will be on hand to find a solution (by telephone or mail from Monday - Friday) if you have any queries about our services.


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馃捇 Why should you begin private math lessons in Chicago?

Mathematics is one of the most challenging subjects in college. Many students struggle with math throughout the school year, whether at the elementary level, middle or high school. This is why additional math tuition is so highly sought after.


With the help of a math teacher many students are able to overcome their fear of maths.


All of our math private courses with a experienced teacher offer you the occasion to master the different mathematical concepts more efficiently.


You simply just have to pick your teacher and book your math course from home or take online classes


A messaging service allows you to exchange with your teacher to organise your math classes whether you want to learn from the comfort of your home or at an outside location


Make use of our search engine to find your maths teacher from among 168 teachers in Chicago.


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