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The average price of Acting  lessons is $23.

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Acting in The USA

When it comes to acting theatre & performance, there really isn’t another place in the world that comes to mind before the United States. 

Home to the infamous Hollywood, where some of the largest blockbusters of all time have been created, aspiring actors and actresses flock there by the planeload to hone their craft, in the hope of one day getting their break on the big screen. 

Streaming services such as Netflix, Apple TV & Amazon Prime contain a library of films and television series that receive an amass amount of devoted viewers.

The demand for such content has meant that such platforms are constantly on the prowl for fresh talent to be a part of the growing industry of television and film. 

So, where to start? 

As an actor, it is natural to go through various stages in your career. From an extra in a low budget independent movie to a television appearance in a leading role, it is an industry in which those involved are constantly learning to develop their craft through various castings, experiences, and acting schools. 

Across the States, there are several revered acting schools that hopefuls across the world audition for. 

There are also independent establishments that offer beginner courses for those looking to get involved, and therefore everyone, regardless of experience level, has an opportunity.

Acting Classes in the USA

New York City, one of the most densely populated and vibrant cities in the country, is home to a wealth of revered acting establishments with decorated mentors to support you along the way. 

Created in 1945, HB Studio, situated in the west village, is bustling with both amateur and experienced actors, and there are a range of courses and mentors you can choose from. There is even a possibility of taking one-to-one lessons with oscar-winning actress Mercedes-Ruehl.

Although this option may just be a little on the pricey side, there are other alternatives that don’t compromise in quality for their value. 

Michael Howard Studios based in Chelsea offer both weekly scene study classes as well as month-by-month courses. 

They also offer one-off workshops that are often conducted by recognized actors and casting directors and they can be anything from improv, Shakespeare, voiceover work, comedy characters, acting for TV & film, and much more. 

Another city that is heavily associated with developing the craft of acting is of course Los Angeles. Home to some of the most respected acting schools and colleges across the country, there is no wonder those that are born in the City of Angels often have an innate desire to work in the entertainment industry. 

From the American Academy of Dramatic Arts to the world-renowned Backstage - you don’t have to live in the depths of Hollywood to gain access to well respected acting tuition. 

Several private companies offer a wealth of courses targeted toward an absolute beginner audience. 

From The Beverly Hills Playhouse to the Keep It Real Acting Studios, opportunities are available for those that show true will, a desire to learn as well as an eye for the camera. 

Each of the courses ranges from duration and price, and researching each of the opportunities in full will allow you to balance your desired destination with financial capacity. 

Acting Tutors Across The United States

New to the world of acting? Looking to study somewhere in the States but still unsure of which area to choose from? 

Settling in a new city/state is a big decision. That’s why if you are moving to embark upon becoming an actor/actress, it is imperative that your acting coach is one who is well respected in the industry. 

Fortunately for those looking to develop their skills in the States, you are truly spoilt for choice. 

Although some of the most well connected and respected coaches reside in the more built up and industry-driven areas such as New York and Los Angeles, there are also coaches in separate states that are accredited to their contributions to the industry. 

Dee Cannon (LA-based) is considered to be one of the most sought after acting tutors in the country as well as Michelle Danner (Paris Film Academy, LA) amongst countless others across the country. 

Yet, it doesn’t always necessarily mean that the name which is considered to be of the highest-profile will guarantee success. 

As they say, we all start somewhere, and embarking on higher education programs and private courses may require the fundamentals of acting principles to be mastered before you are to be considered.

A number of the programs and acting coaches mentioned will not even consider most of the applicants due to lack of experience or other factors. 

Due to this, it is integral that you begin building your experience and skill as soon as you possibly can. 

Personal Acting Tutors in The States

A quick scan on the Superprof website will present you with hundreds of acting tutors across the States. 

Each of the tutors range from: 

  • Price (p/h)
  • Experience
  • Location
  • Acting qualifications
  • Unique acting skillset

From New York to LA, Las Vegas to Seattle, there are a range of acting professionals that can be contacted through their online profiles. 

Prices range from as little as 8-75 dollars p/h and most of the acting coaches offer their first lesson free of charge. 

From classically trained professionals to those that specialize in musical theatre, identifying a tutor that reflects your intended learning outcomes is a must, so reading through their profile whilst ensuring they are situated close by is a must before contacting them directly. 

Many beginners opt to work on a one-to-one basis with a trained acting coach before applying for an acting college or specialist program. 

This is because a personal acting tutor can expose you to the fundamentals of the trade, and competitive acting courses require auditions in which they would expect the applicants to be aware of the foundations of which they are expected to build upon throughout their time of study. 

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