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Ballet Lessons in the United States

It’s safe to say that ballet has grown in popularity as a form of entertainment in the United States and continues to bring people together since the nineteenth century.

The American Ballet was the first professional company George Balanchine (one of the most influential 20th-century choreographers) created in the United States.

Since then it’s been a huge part of American pop culture since ballet is consistently a common theme in movies and television as performances like The Nutcracker became a staple.

Even modern shows such as Dance Moms which first aired in 2011 became an overnight sensation as they followed young dancers and their stage moms. 

Because of these phenomena, many Americans have become more inclined to take dance classes, especially ballet.

In fact, New York City is home to the most prestigious ballet school which is Julliard School of Dance, the place every ballet dancer in the US wants to study.

It’s been in existence since 1951 and has maintained its spot as the world’s best dance school since then.


What You’ll Learn In A Beginners Ballet Class

In a beginner's class, every dancer will start off small by learning basic steps and movements.

So typically every dancer will start a ballet class at the barre, which is used for assistance and to support your body while performing small exercises.

Barre will teach you how to establish body and weight placement, build strength and stamina as well as refine the basics of each technique you’re taught.

Once you do barre you move onto center work, which is when one learns to find balance and placement on their own.

In each class, the exercises will continue to get more and more dynamic and incorporate full-body movement as classes progress during center work.

And last but not least your class will conclude with what is known as Reverence. 

It’s a series of bows and courtesies to give thanks to the instructor as well as other dancers.

A way of celebrating ballet traditions and giving respect to your teachers and peers.


Taking Ballet Classes As An Adult

Anyone who wants to learn classical ballet can do so, there is no age limit to starting something new. 

You may not become the prima ballerina if you start at the age of 50, but you can most certainly become a great dancer that enjoys expressing yourself.

Learning ballet can be hard to learn at an older age, but that shouldn’t be a reason to push the idea of trying to the side.

When you learn something as an adult there is no one forcing you to take classes, so an adult is more likely to go into class with sheer passion, dedication, and motivation.

Besides being an adult also means that you’ll be able to understand the information given to you as well as the ballet movements taught in every class.

Luckily for you, ballet classes are offered all over the United States, but if you need help searching for the perfect instructor don’t hesitate to use Superprofs services.

Our goal at Superprof is to help people chase after their passions at an affordable cost, so make sure to use all of the resources available to you!


Ballet Can Impact Your Life

Ballet is most definitely an art, but some people might even consider it a sport due to it being so physically demanding.

Because it requires a lot of strength, endurance, and flexibility, you’ll find yourself having a full-body workout during each lesson.

Studying ballet also helps improve posture, body coordination, and overall health.

However, ballet is not only physically demanding but is also known to stimulate the brain to always be active as well.

Think of it as a mental workout, when you exercise in ballet class you have to think about the movement you’re about to do while staying on beat.

So in return, you’ll start to learn choreography quickly and memorize it and then translate choreography for your body to do it too!

It’s also a huge stress reliever since you are leaving all of your worries behind and simply focusing on the class.

You can treat your ballet class as a chance to get away and enjoy yourself as you express yourself through dance and music.

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