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Tina - Prof biology - Virginia Beach


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Biology Educator MS/HIgh School whose is a real-world science enthusiast who has been at it for 14 years.

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I have been teaching sciences for 14 years. I have tutored during school lunch hours, pre-school and post-school hours. I have scheduled tutoring at local libraries, during bible study, and at the school library. The end results of the tutoring I give is to make sure that students are prepared for upcoming assessments, completed projects, and well-written research papers. I have had students contact me some time later sharing their career choices in the sciences (i.e. med school, education majors, teaching biology and being accepted at the college of their choice).

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Have taught biological sciences grade levels of 4-12th grade; also have taught diverse student community of various levels of learners with multiple levels intelligent; have the reputation of being a teacher who applies science standards to real world application using cultural attributes of my students. I absolutely love hands-on activities and require that students have fun while learning.

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