In order to gain experience in the world of acting, you are going to have to attend a lot of auditions. An audition is a sample performance, usually, you are asked to perform a small part of the script from the production you are auditioning for.

You may be asked to perform a monologue or perform improv. Every audition helps build connections, experience, and boosts your acting resume.

“When one door closes, another one opens”

Regardless of the result of your auditions, keep in mind that it is all part of the process. Every audition is an opportunity to grow your connections in the industry, you will get opportunities to meet different talent agents, directors and producers, as well as fellow aspiring actors.

The greatest actors in Hollywood have all missed jobs they auditioned for before they got their big break that made them the well-known actors they are today.

You can audition to play a lead role in a community theatre production, an extra on a commercial, or a part in an independent film. Whatever type of jobs you are looking for, you will be asked to audition for the roles.

In order to find open casting calls or feature film auditions to attend, you are going to have to do your research. Auditions can be found online, in newspapers, and in acting magazines.

If you have already booked multiple acting gigs and are looking more for your next steps, maybe it is time to consider a job as an acting coach.

5 Ways to Finding Auditions

Looking for auditions and casting calls that meet your requirements can be tricky. Auditions can vary from being very broad to extremely specific, you have to make sure to find the auditions that give you the best chance at getting the job. Some jobs require you to be a specific ethnicity or age or gender.

acting script
The first step in getting a script for a role is by attending auditions, a lot of them. (Photo by Brooks Leibee on Unsplash)

Here are 5 quick tips on the best way to find acting auditions:

1. Ask Around

Ask your fellow actors and actresses, your acting coach, or even ask online! If you are taking acting classes at a drama school, you can take the opportunity to ask there.

Even if your fellow colleagues do not have anything specific for you, they might be able to refer you to someone who does.

2. Talk to Those in the Business

Start looking for more friends who are working on becoming actors. By surrounding yourself with people that practice the same art, it is going to be easier to find auditions.

You can do this, by joining social media pages focused on acting groups. These pages and accounts actively post about job opportunities near you. Get in contact with these new virtual friends and grow your network of other actors.

More opportunities can also be found on online casting websites, here you can create a profile and receive information about talent agencies, casting agencies, and acting experience opportunities in your area.

3. Look Out for Open Auditions

Open auditions can be posted online or through your local newspaper. Attending just one open audition can give you access to contacts that will get you to your second, third, and fourth audition. People may be able to direct you to other auditions or even some acting workshops.

Casting calls are also published in magazines. You can subscribe to a local actor’s magazines and get your acting job news from print.

magazines that promote casting auditions
Some casting agencies might also post their auditions in print newspapers or magazines. (Photo by Rita Morais on Unsplash)

Open auditions online are also an option - you might be able to send in your casting tape or even perform the audition through a video chat. Do not let your location block you from reaching for other opportunities. Television shows and the film industry cast many actors across the US.

4. Say Yes to More Roles

You will not be getting major Oscar movie roles straight out of the gate. People usually have to do a lot of small odd acting jobs before they get big breaks, so if you have to, begin small.

Say yes to the commercials for local business, say yes to small roles, say yes to minor productions. Anything to get your foot through the door.

The key is to begin somewhere. By participating in these smaller projects, you will be gaining experience. It is an opportunity to improve your skillset and receive contacts and experiences for your resume.

The more you put out there the more you will get back. Try out for local theater companies or look for jobs that require no experience. 

5. Get in Contact with the Professionals

Reaching out to producers and casting directors can be a direct link to tall of the acting opportunities you are looking for. Make sure to include your resume and ask them where they usually post gigs.

The worst that can happen is that they don’t get back to you, and if that is the case, then you will just keep trying to reach other people.

The casting process can become tedious but it is just a matter of time before you land a role. If you have booked auditions you might be well on your way to having your first actual job as an actor.

Finding Auditions Online

When looking for auditions online, make sure that you are looking through reputable sites that offer genuine work offers. Multiple scam sites will try to lure you in with the promise of stardom, so you have to make sure that the platform you are using for finding auditions is a legitimate one.

Finding auditions online
There are multiple websites that can help you find acting auditions in your area. (Photo by Haidan Soendawy on Unsplash)

Some sites will ask you to upload content onto a personal profile, so make sure you have your headshots and resumes ready!

There is a couple of sites that help actors in the US connect to casting calls around them. To get you started on your search, here are the top online sites for finding auditions near you.

Backstage - This is probably the most popular site for actors, this is due to their well known and trusted casting service. On the site, you can browse through over 500 casting calls auditions and roles available to their members. It is similar to Central Casting but focuses on extra casting. 

Actors Access - This site offers an incredible network of projects and advertises high profile gigs. Actors Access charges a small fee for each audition you book through the platform but you can also choose the yearly plan for $68 a year.

Casting Networks - An industry favorite, Casting Networks provides its users with a free service that allows actors to connect with casting directors and talent representatives. On this site, you can discover open calls for thousands of TV commercials, theatre productions, and television production. All you have to do is create a profile, upload your reels, resume, and headshots and you are ready to go!

Playbill - This site focuses on audition and work opportunities for those looking to be cast in theatre roles. This is a free resource for theatre professionals on the hunt for casting notices. Their listing offers the contact information of the production teams and you are asked to reach out via email or phone.

All of the above sites are also great for finding work as an extra, or background actor, on set. Being an extra can give you the opportunity to work and set and learn the ropes of the entertainment industry.

Acing an Audition

Auditions are an essential part of the work that you have to do in order to become an actor. In order to receive a callback, you are going to have to have perfected the act of sight-reading, improvisation, and memorizing several monologues.

These are all tasks that you might be asked to perform through the audition process.

online casting auditions
Some casting agents may allow you to send your sample through a video file. (Photo by Yousouf Dina on Unsplash)

Whether it is a video audition of a live audition, you are going to have to be prepared. Make sure to read through all of the requirements provided by the casting director.

It might be a good idea to keep an audition schedule updated with all of your upcoming appointments, the last thing you want to do is miss a rehearsal or audition.

If you feel you need some help preparing for your auditions, it might be a good idea to look for an acting coach. An acting coach or tutor can teach you the best methods of acting as well as give you tips and tricks on how to best engage with the casting directors.

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