Being able to speak any foreign language is an asset when applying for jobs. Being able to speak Arabic is the next step up due to the scarcity of speaker in the U.S.A when compared to other languages.

Therefore developing your language skills is a great addition to your resumé, but where is the best place to do this if you live in Los Angeles?

You can learn Arabic across the U.S.A, but luckily for you, L.A offers more options than most.

Here are your different options to study Arabic in California's sunniest city.

Why Learn the Arabic Language?

Asking Yourself the Right Questions

It doesn't matter if you want to learn Arabic in Boston, Chicago, or Los Angeles; either way you need to ask yourself why it is you want to learn the language of the Holy Quran?

For example, reaching a conversational level is very different to learning the intricacies of Arabic script. The two require very different investments in terms of time and dedication.

Arabic culture is rich and vibrant
Discover a new culture with Arabic classes in Los Angeles

Additionally, where you will decide to learn Arabic truly depends on your personal motivation and ambition when it comes to learning a new language.

Be aware that the universal form of written Arabic is called Modern standard Arabic (Msa), but it is different to the spoken version in each individual country. These are called dialects, and they differ from country to country meaning that a different type of Arabic is spoken in Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and all of the other Arabic speaking countries of the Middle East and North Africa.

So as a new learner you will first need to decide on your motives for studying Arabic, and the version of Arabic that suits you best. From here you can decide where is the best place in the City of Angels for your needs.

A public organization will not offer the same kind of classes as a university or specialized institute when it comes to teaching the Arabic language: you could get the basics in terms of reading the Arabic alphabet, reading and writing the language, but what about the specifics of Arabic grammar and the construction of Arabic syntax?

6 Reasons to Learn Arabic

Aside from being one of the languages of the future, there are many reasons why you should take the time to learn Arabic.

  • Arabic is the mother tongue of over 350 million people on the planet.
  • Arabic is not necessarily a very difficult language to learn.
  • Arabic is a cultural tongue, one of literature, science, mathematics, and contains the rich heritage of ancient Middle Eastern civilizations.
  • Because it's the liturgical language of Islam, it's the second language taught to Muslims all over the world.
  • It's the principal language of Middle Eastern, Maghreb, and Arabic countries: an excellent occasion to learn it in order to travel more safely.
  • The Arabic language is an open door onto Arabic and Islamic culture.

It is a universal language and is taught all over the United States of America. If you in California but not close to Los Angeles then you should check out our tips for learning Arabic in San Francisco.

Where to Learn Arabic in Los Angeles

Perhaps you already have some experience of learning European languages such as French, Spanish, and Portuguese, but are now ready to test yourself with language that doesn't share the same Latin alphabet.

It might be the case that you want to learn more about the Arab world and its fascinating culture. If immersion is not an option and you don't want to learn Arabic online, have no fear. Learning to speak Arabic is possible in L.A.

Here is a non-exhaustive selection of the principal establishments where one can learn the Arabic language and culture.


Arabic lessons are offered in a few middle schools and high schools in Los Angeles.

But if you're not satisfied with just learning a few Arabic words in K-12, you can head to UCLA after finishing your SATs and delve into it in more depth there.

UCLA offers Arabic lessons to people who want to learn
Take advantage of Arabic courses on your doorstep

At University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Arabic language courses will help you reach a higher linguistic level and learn about the different aspects of Arabic culture and civilization.

You will not only learn the language, but its grammar, its vocabulary, and above all you will be taught to speak Arabic and work on your Arabic pronunciation. Practising conversation with teachers and students alike will be key to your developing fluency in the Arabic language.

Arabic professors at UCLA are native Arabs who have been trained to teach the Arabic language to non-arabophones. They might be Egyptian, Moroccan, or even Saudi, and will therefore be perfectly place to impart, not only their linguistic knowledge, but their knowledge about Arab culture as well.

Arabic classes at UCLA in Los Angeles can be undertaken by students, employees, or even retired people curious about learning a new language! There are no limits, and learning Arabic is possible at any age and any stage of life, no matter your current proficiency!

With a nice introduction to Arabic dialects, colloquial Arabic, Arabic vocabulary, long vowels, expressions, the Arab world, learning a language in a university is very effective. The approach taken by the university is similar to approaches taken to teach people to speak Arabic in Miami and other American cities. You therefore know that it is a tried and tested method.

Institutes and Language Centers

In Los Angeles, there are two special lingual institutes where learning a second language such as Arabic is no sweat!

Santa Monica Language Academy

This is an institution which has been present in Santa Monica for quite some time. Language learning is a priority here and it focuses on teaching language students second or third languages by through oral exercises and group activities.

Arabic is one of the many languages it offers.

If you'd like to perfect your Arabic level, if you have a language test coming up and need to refresh your Arabic, or if you need fluent Arabic for a new job, you will find all the language classes necessary here to help you out.

The Santa Monica Language Academy is known for its professional staff and easy-going atmosphere, all while keeping learning a new language, its new words, dialects, and pronunciation as an absolute goal.

Get in touch with the Academy to see what kind of class they have that meet your needs. From basic Arabic, to intermediate and all the way through to advanced levels, you can prepare yourself for anything from a simple conversation to an in depth test on Arabic script.

Beverly Hills Lingual Institute

This institute is situated right smack dab in the center of town, on Wilshire Blvd., in prestigious Beverly Hills. But its location is not the most prestigious thing about it--its Arab language learning courses are very highly rated and are widely recommended because of its Arabic learning and grammatical focus.

Small group classes are an effective way to learn Arabic
Group classes may be just the thing for you!

Its goal is to make the Arabic language relatable and available to all, and it aims to remove the tension often associated with learning a new language or its culture.

Arabic language teaching has rapid effects here, and the discovery of its culture naturally comes along with learning the language.

There are 5 different levels and classes to choose from. You can attend at any age--whether you are a high school student, college student, or just a curious parent or retiree. Individual classes are also available if you require extra attention.

There is no religious teaching of any kind here--the main concern is the language: its new words, new vocabulary, grammar, verbs, and pronunciation. You will not be looking at the Quran or the Islamic faith.

It may sound like a classic language course, but that is perhaps what makes it so effective. It is similar to Arabic language courses in Chicago. In no time you could sound like a native speaker and up your Arabic proficiency!

Tutoring Lessons in Arabic in Los Angeles

There are many advantages of private tutoring, and when it comes to learning languages it is one an effective lingual solution.

In L.A, this approach to learning Arabic is practical and extremely flexible. For this reason, private tutoring lessons are becoming more and more popular.

Whether you are a student, an employee, a recruiter, or a retired person, tutoring will mean you have a communicative and native professor come straight to you and teach you the Arabic language in the comfort of your own home.

With this tutor, you'll then be able to identify your linguistic needs, as well as the target areas you need to work on, and you will have a language learning program designed especially for you in order to discover and get to know the Arabic language.

Each tutor will have a slightly different approach. Some will focus on textbooks, while others will try to make the experience more interactive.

Usually the first hour is free for you to decide whether the teaching method works for you. Speaking Arabic can be a challenge so make sure you find the right tutor for you. Not everyone grasps the alphabet with its different letters, and the sentence structure straight away.

There are many websites that can put you in touch with such a professor through the internet, whether it be on a tutoring center site or a more general personal ad site like Craigslist.

This is a perfect solution for a language study that will allow you to deepen your understanding of the Arabic language, all while looking at grammar, syntax, and oral expression. In Los Angeles, this solution is absolutely possible, but there are also Arabic tutors in New York City, and other big U.S cities.

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