According to an Arabic proverb: “He who learns without acting, labors without planting.”

Taking an Arabic Language Course will considerably raise your grain stock in order for things to start growing in your garden.

Learning classical Arabic could open up new possibilities:

  • train you to become an Arabic-speaking bilingual
  • expand your general culture
  • train you to become an Arabic professor
  • train you to be equipped with some very precious language skills for your future career
  • allow you to understand conversations in all the Arabic countries you will visit
  • give you a new understanding of the Islamic world and the Muslim holy book, the Quran

Are you ready to take lessons so you can express yourself like an Egyptian or a Moroccan?

It’s a great idea, but how do you start when you don’t know which organization to approach for your Arabic lessons?

Here is a quick Superprof tour of the U.S.A and the places where you can learn Arabic in New York City, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Learning Arabic in New York City

The city that never sleeps is the most populated and visited conurbation in the country, and it welcomes many Arabic speakers each year. It may be a long way from the Maghreb, but learning the Arabic language in New York is not absurd at all!

There are countless options if you want to learn Arabic in NYC
Where can you learn Arabic in the Big Apple? The possibilities are endless!

For the most part, courses in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Russian do create some shade for Arabic. The language does not seem to be a priority when it comes to national education. There are however plenty of options from K-12!

K-12 Teaching Classical Arabic

  • Stuyvesant High School
  • Fort Hamilton High School
  • The School for International Studies
  • the United Nations International School
  • the Khalil Gibran International Academy
  • Friends Seminary

The demand for Arabic speakers in the US will grow over the next few years as the countries of the Arab world play a bigger and bigger role on the international stage.

It doesn't matter whether it is Saudi Arabic, Morocco, or Egypt, the countries of the Middle East and North Africa are growing in stature and importance in the modern world.

In 2013, MLA reported that 32,286 students had enrolled in Arabic courses  in the U.S., as opposed to 61,055 in Mandarin. This means that if you choose to take an Arabic course, your resumé will look incredibly more attractive to any prospective employer.

Learning Arabic in New York City's Universities

  • The New School
  • New York University
  • Columbia University

These programs have the following elements in common: memorizing the letters of the Arabic alphabet (vowels and consonants), courses in order to learn how to read and write in Arabic, courses in Arabic grammar (possessive and personal pronouns), and the phonetics and pronunciation of Arabic in order to improve speaking skills.

Other Places Where You Can Learn Arabic in New York City

You can learn how to speak classical and dialectal Arabic – for example Moroccan Arabic, also known as Darija—at the following public and private institutes:

  • The Arabic School of NY
  • United Nations Arabic Language Program
  • The Summer Institute for Intensive Arabic Language and Culture

There are also hundreds of native Arabic professors who can teach you the alphabet. Just log in to the Superprof platform to find your private Arabic language tutor and learn its elementary notions.

Who knows, you could finish by expressing yourself even better than someone of Arabic descent; many U.S. citizens with Arabic origins speak very little to no Arabic!

Boston’s Arabic Language Courses

There are a variety of options for learning Arabic in Boston, due in part to it being one of the largest cities on the East Coast.

Learn Arabic language in Boston now!
Do you work during the day? How about taking night classes at The Boston Language Institute?

Learning Arabic from K-12 to University Level

  • The Arabic Summer Academy
  • Boston University
  • Boston College
  • Emmanuel College
  • Bunker Hill Community College
  • Harvard Extension School

For high school students, the Arabic Summer Academy offers an intensive beginners course over the summer for every single new Arabic learner.

At Boston University, however, it would be best to go in already knowing the letters of the Arabic alphabet, as that will make learning new Arabic vocabulary and Arabic phrases much easier!

Linguistic and Cultural Institutes in Boston

Here is a non-exhaustive list of places where you can take beginner to advanced Arabic language classes:

  • Al Madrasah: This institute is completely dedicated to Arabic language classes and its collective classes run year long. It also offers a great summer institute, and focuses on both classical and dialectal Arabic.
  • The Boston Language Institute: This institute teaches many languages, but Arabic may be its most popular. It focuses on the language’s vocabulary, grammar, conjugations, as well as learning Arabic letters and the alphabet by heart (vowels, and guttural consonants)

You could also attend your local Mosque which will more than likely offer classes in Arabic, although such classes will have an emphasis in Islam, the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, and the studying of the Quran.

It is always a good idea to also have a look at the “Arabs in Boston” Facebook group, where tutors offer their help for learning to speak Arabic.

How to Learn Arabic in Chicago

Chicago is the center of the Palestinian and Jordanian immigrant communities in the United States, and additionally has a large Assyrian population.

There are many Arabic courses on offer across the U.S.A
Begin your voyage towards success by taking an Arabic Language course in Chicago

There are numerous places where one can learn Arabic in Chicago, even from a young age:

  • Durkin Park
  • Agassiz
  • Belding
  • LaSalle Language Academy II
  • Marquette Tech
  • Volta
  • Lincoln Park High School
  • Roosevelt High School
  • Lindblom High School

If you’d like to learn how to speak Arabic at the University of Chicago, then look no further than their Arabic Languages and Culture Certificate. There, you can develop your Arabic language proficiency while gaining an understanding of the culture and history of the Arabic world.

Here's a taster of the various classes you could take: Beginning Arabic, Continuing Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, Spoken Colloquial Arabic, Who is the Middle East,The Modern Muslim World, etc…

The alternatives to university or high school classes for Arabic Language Courses in Boston are numerous; classes for adults at the Downtown Islamic Center, classes at home (such as with Superprof!), and there are also language courses in private language institutes such as Language Loop, as well as specialized classes to learn the Arabic alphabet, and let's not forget about the different ways to learn Arabic online…

You can also check out some Arabic language books at the Chicago Public Library in order to progress with your language skills.

Otherwise, you can make your way to the Chicago Center for Arabic Language and Culture (CALC) and attend councils on Global Affairs or attend various meetings with professionals and scholars such as “Geometry and the Islamic Arts.” It is host to plenty of Arabic-related activities and it supported by Chicago's mayor.

Learning Arabic in Miami

If you are looking for Arabic courses in Florida, you can find lots of Arabic language programs in Miami:

  • Miami Senior High School
  • Miami Coral Park High School
  • Miami University
  • Florida International University
Native speakers are on hand to teach to Arabic in Miami
Take Arabic language classes in Miami and learn to speak like an Egyptian!

If you start your language learning in high school, you will already be at a higher level once you reach university and decide to major in Arabic.

At Miami University you will be able to minor in Arabic and have the possibility to travel abroad. At FIU, you can take an Arabic class or even The Certificate in Languages and Cultures of North Africa, in order to really speak Egyptian Arabic!

Unfortunately, at the moment there are no Master’s programs for Arabic, but there could definitely be a change in this in years to come.

If you want to start your Arabic learning in Miami, or just practice your already existing language skills, we would recommend the following places:

  • Inlingua Miami, Language Center in Brickell: Arabic courses in order to practice your conversational Arabic
  • Language On, Miami School: personalized programs in individual or collective classes

If you are short on time or money, you should opt for individual courses in Miami: with classes in the evening after work for example, or before a test. You can take classes to perfect your Arabic grammar, Arabic writing, calligraphy, phonetics, and elocution when in conversation with basic Arab speakers.

Superprof has 28 professors in Miami, Florida.

Where to Learn Arabic in Los Angeles

There are many advantages in taking Arabic Language Courses in Los Angeles.

Dream big with your Arabic degree
Are you getting an Arabic language degree in L.A.? You could become a teacher, a translator, or even a journalist…

The mother tongue of almost 300 million people around the world is present in L.A. middle schools and high schools:

  • Bell High School
  • Granada Hills Charter High School
  • Hamilton High School

At University California of Los Angeles (UCLA) you can obtain the following Arabic language studies degrees:

  • Minor in Arabic and Islamic Studies
  • Major in Islamic Studies
  • PhD in Islamic Studies

There are different linguistic and cultural institutes offering Arabic language courses in the city of Angels:

  • Santa Monica Language Academy
  • The Marquaz (Arts Center for the Greater Middle East)
  • Beverly Hills Language Institute

These institutes will guide you towards foreign language education programs that are adapted to your needs. Whether you are a student, an employee, retired, or just looking for a job, these language schools and associations are designed for your needs:

  1. memorize the letters of the Arabic alphabet
  2. progress in your conversational skills
  3. memorize Arabic words
  4. memorize Arabic grammar

Prophet Mohammed’s language will no longer hold any secrets for you!

Not into school? Not able to join a class? Then opt for one-on-one tutoring.

A teacher can come to your house with a lesson plan adapted to your level and fluency (beginner, intermediate, or advanced).

Arabic Classes in San Francisco

And, finally, if you are eager to learn the Arabic language in San Francisco, there are many different ways to get you started.

Learn the Arabic alphabet in San Francisco
Arabic letters are the building blocks for the whole language

Learn the Arabic alphabet in San Francisco. Yes, you may be a long way from Arabic speaking countries in geographical terms, but San Francisco is a vibrant place full of diversity. Many Arabic people live in the center of this Californian city.

Arabic is a part of the curriculum in many schools, and one can also pass a specialized Arabic SAT subject test if he or she wishes. In order to do this, you may opt for a native Arabic tutor to help you before the big day.

A home tutor in Arabic can closely monitor your progress while you prepare for final exams or placement tests.

Intensives are for students to perfect their pronunciation, phonetics, as well as learning to read and write Arabic and help to acquire the best oral expression possible.

You can find a tutor by visiting Superprof, Duolingo, Open Culture, Verbling, and Fluentu, as well as on websites with classified ads for tutoring (such as Facebook and Craigslist).

Here are some of the centers with Arabic Language Courses in San Francisco:

  • San Francisco State University
  • University of San Francisco, with a Minor and Major in the language.
  • Pacific Arabic Language School, which is a secular, apolitical language school serving the community who may be interested in the Arabic language.
  • ABC Languages, which offers a course adapted to your needs and level in the Arabic language.

Don’t live in any of these six cities? No worries—there are countless websites teaching languages online!

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