Thinking about taking the SAT Spanish Subject Test? There are a variety of reasons why you should consider taking the exam. For starters, if you pass the exam with a high score you can use that to determine your Spanish level or even waive language college-level courses. Starting with college credit is such a big boost, in some cases even a total of 6 college credits.

The SAT Spanish exam is also a great way to showcase your bilingual or even trilingual skillset. Showcasing your diverse language skills will allow college reps to consider you as a multicultural and worldly applicant, which is a big plus! Lastly, if you’re thinking about majoring in Spanish or a Romance Language major this exam can determine your placement level in courses once admitted.

These are just a few of the benefits of taking the SAT Spanish Subject Test. Now let’s take a deeper dive into these and other benefits of taking the SAT Spanish exam.

SAT Spanish prep
The SAT Spanish Subject Test can showcase your diverse language skillset and multicultural diversity. (Photo by Daniel Romero on Unsplash)

Showcase Your Strengths

Unlike the SAT, the SAT subject tests are meant for prospective college students to highlight their strengths. Taking the SAT Spanish test does just that. You can send a strong message to college application review boards on what your interests are and how ready you are to tackle college-level course work.

Native Spanish language speakers who are also prospective college students can especially benefit from taking the SAT Spanish exam. Acing the SAT Spanish exam is based solely on your language knowledge and less on mathematics and science topics. What a better way to show college review boards that you are bilingual or even multilingual.

If you are an international prospective college student who is applying to colleges in the United States, then taking the SAT Spanish exam is also beneficial. The exam can hyper-focus your acceptance and help colleges determine your placement level not just on language courses, but even in other core classes.

Not a native speaker? In this case, there are even more strengths to showcase. Taking the Spanish subject test allows you to see how well you stack up compared to the rest of the students around the world. You can compare how well you grasp the subject matter and can give you the confidence to learn more foreign languages.

College Resume

Applying to colleges is a very daunting task and anything that can get you a leg up is always welcomed. Getting a good grade point average is just part of what makes a great college application. College review boards have gotten fairly picky with what they are looking for in prospective students and a solid grade point average is just one part of the equation. In addition to a great class standing, colleges are looking for students that are an all-around great asset to their student body.

Extra-curricular activities in college resumes are the turning point for college application review boards. These activities and hobbies are what give students an edge and most often the final push to admission.

Language clubs and language classes that are taken outside of school are a major advantage. Highlighting these extracurricular activities in your college application can be fairly beneficial and forthcoming. The SAT Spanish exam can very much strengthen your application by highlighting a great score in addition to your language high school transcripts.

Studied abroad for a year or summer in a Spanish-speaking country? Then this is also a great asset to note on your college applications. Showing your mastery by taking the Spanish subject test is just another way to demonstrate the level at which you grasped the material.

Yet, in some cases SAT subject tests are required for most college applications nowadays. If you are nervous about taking a subject test in the sciences like Biology or Physics but know your way around Spanish lingo, then you know what subject test is to your benefit.

Do not let the subject test requirement face you, because SAT foreign language subject tests fulfill this college application requirement. And besides, if you already have a stellar SAT score showcasing great math and verbal score, then the SAT Spanish subject test will highlight your ambiguity for languages and other cultures.

Interest in Specific Majors

Taking the SAT Spanish Subject Tests might fulfill a college application requirement, but it can also show college application review boards your specific interests. The Spanish subject exam can most definitely showcase your Spanish language skillset yet can also show your interest in specific college majors and or minors. Perhaps you are interested in a college major that involves Spanish and Latin literature.

SAT Spanish Revision
Having a high range SAT Spanish score can lead to waiving college language courses. (Photo by Chenyu Guan on Unsplash)

Another major that is quite relevant in many colleges specifically for literature lovers is the major in romance languages. New York University's romance languages major includes intensive learning and competence in speaking and writing Latin-based languages. Even though there are more than 40+ depicted romance languages, most universities like NYU use modern languages from the High Middle Ages and the Renaissance which includes Italian, French, Portuguese, and none other than Spanish.

Most majors in romance languages require a high competence level in two of these romance languages. Yet, if you can show a high skill in speaking and writing a language like Spanish right of the bat you can be a fairly high applicant in the romance languages major student acceptance pool. Better yet, you can earn college credit and start your Freshman year with at least 3-course credits if accepted.

Another way to use the SAT Spanish test is to take that extra time to your advantage by learning another language. With a Spanish-based skillset, many other Latin-based languages could be much easier to learn including Italian, Portuguese, and or French. Most of these languages are said to be fairly easier to learn when having Spanish language knowledge. A possible dream of becoming a trilingual could very much become a reality.

Revision Advantage

If you are already fluent in Spanish or have strong and high competence in the language, then you also run the advantage of not even having to study for the exam. The SAT Spanish revision can be fairly simple for those students who are fluent in Spanish or have taken two or more high-level Spanish courses. This only means that it can be a fairly easy exam to pass and score high.

Perhaps you are taking an AP Spanish course, which can seem daunting, yet can be fairly beneficial and used as an aid when studying for the SAT Spanish exam. You won’t have to worry too much about taking endless SAT Spanish practice tests because you can very well use all your Spanish course materials like practice tests and study materials.

SAT Spanish prep
The intensity of your study schedule depends on your Spanish language competence. (Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash)

Another advantage of taking a Spanish course while simultaneously studying for the SAT Spanish exam is that you can use your professor as an exam mentor. Asking your professor about any tips or tricks might be fairly helpful when it comes to getting ready for the exam.

Yet, if you feel like you still need a bit of extra Spanish aid then reviewing a great study guide or hiring a tutor for a few refresh sessions could also help. Superprof makes it fairly easy to find a Spanish tutor nearby or online via video tutoring sessions. You can take as little as one session or 20, without any consistent commitment if it isn’t a fit. So, take the leap and take the SAT Spanish subject test because you will most likely score high and impress the college review boards with your well-rounded skillset.

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