New York City is today one of the biggest financial and cultural hubs of the world. With a population of 8.6 million people, NYC is the largest city in the US and the 28th most populous city in the world.

Needless to say, the city has long been a pillar of American society: from the historical accounts of Ellis Island to the legendary fortunes of Rockafeller, Carnegie and more.

Today, about 60 million tourists from around the world visit New York City’s many boroughs in hopes of getting a taste of what the city has to offer.

One of the city’s greatest strengths is its long tradition of multiculturalism. There are over 800 languages spoken in the greater NYC area alone, cementing its place as the city with the most languages spoken in the world. With so many superlatives behind the name, it’s no wonder that the Big Apple is also one of the food capitals of America.

From corporate team building to international culinary events, there’s no end to what you may find cooking around the corner. Whether you’re a home cook looking for a certificate program in culinary arts, a personal chef wanting to compile family style recipes into a cookbook, or simply want to find classes at a cooking school to give as a gift certificate, finding upcoming classes in cooking shouldn’t be too difficult.

Find the best culinary program for your taste buds and wallet with this guide on private cooking courses, cooking techniques and more.

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professional pastry chefs
If you've always loved dessert, why not try making it? Photo credit: Epicurrence via Unplash)

Culinary Arts for Beginners

Culinary programs specializing in hospitality management, Tuscan wines and even interdisciplinary subjects, such as food applied science, might be a lot more advanced than what the average person is looking for in a cooking class.

If you’re looking for beginners' classes in cooking, chances are you’re interested in basic cooking skills, want to learn knife skills, wine pairings or crave to learn more about farm to table cooking with seasonal ingredients.

These types of private cooking classes tend to be lighter on the budget because of the fact that they’re usually community-led programs. Classes include all the materials you’ll need, including general advice on cooking. These types of classes are perfect for families, for a date night, or for corporate team events.

Whether you’re looking for baking and pastry classes, ones that specialize in French cuisine or bread baking lessons, don’t wait to reserve your first course at some of the best classes for beginners NYC has to offer. Make sure to get your aprons ready!


Listing classes in many different sectors and for all ages, Coursehorse is a great way to find cooking classes that can be enjoyed no matter what your skill level. Learn everything from bread basics to seasonal pies and tarts from your local bakeries, chefs and more.

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Cooking School for Professionals

Dream of becoming a sous chef or have aspirations, as a young chef, of someday opening your own restaurant? Don’t put your career on the chopping block: look into the many world-renowned culinary schools in the city.

The tuition, programs, and experience in each program naturally differ from one culinary institute to another. These types of private classes are also meant less for those simply looking to spice up their dinner party but more for individuals who want to become a professional in restaurant management, culinary and pastry arts.

Whether you’re struggling to find an externship, hesitating to register now, or simply want to look into more cooking schools, you will be able to find the perfect institute of culinary arts for your career goals and budget.

While finding a culinary center that fits all your requirements can be overwhelming, as well as the experience of learning how to cook great food or manage an amazing restaurant, it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Here are some of the best cooking institutes that can get you started on finding the best culinary school for you.

Institute of Culinary Education NYC

Offering a range of different specializations, the ICE in New York City is the perfect place for any chef to jump-start their career. Head over to their website to learn more about their tuition prices, employment opportunities and more!

International Culinary Center

With career programs as well as amateur classes, the ICC is one of the best ways to pursue any culinary, pastry and wine-related career and education. Make sure to check out more information about their career programs today!

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Making things from scratch, like fresh pasta, can be a rewarding experience Photo credit:  Chinh Le Duc via Unplash)

Cooking Classes for Private Events

Let’s face it: finding a creative outlet for adults can be difficult. Whether its team-building exercises, ice breakers or birthday parties, getting adult classes for cooking can be a great experience for most occasions. Popularized by chains like Eataly, which focuses on food from Tuscany to Puglia, most restaurants now offer events, private kitchens, and classes for people to learn to cook everything from fresh pasta to Tarte Tatin.

The advantage of booking a cooking class for any private event is that groups are typically given a discounted rate for private courses. Many classes are also an original way to learn new skills, like wine tasting and pairings, cookery, chopping methods and more. Here are some of the best classes you can get for your private event in NYC.

For more information about the specifics of a cancellation policy or class schedule, make sure to contact each company or take a quick look at their website.

Natural Gourmet Institute

Offering courses in cooperation with the Institute of Culinary Education’s Health Supportive Culinary Arts center, you’ll be able to learn how to cook plant-based recipes with a focus on nutrition, sustainability and more.

Pizza School NYC

Offering private events, cooking classes and more, you’ll be able to learn how to make the pizza of your dreams during their 4-hour workshop. Taking you through the pizza-making process step-by-step, the Pizza School will leave you wanting to start making your own pizza more often. You can either come as an individual for work in a team of two for 195 and 295 dollars respectively.

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Cooking Schools For Advanced Learners

Whether you’re looking for a three day, cooking boot camp or simply want to experience your first wine tasting, New York City is one of the best places in the world to advance your skills and knowledge of everything food and beverage related.

With world-renowned bars, restaurants and – of course – street food, the city is ripe with opportunities to take classes on the many different cooking methods and cuisines from around the globe.

From South African to Italian cuisine, the only thing stopping you from learning some new recipes is choosing which one to start with.

The great thing about living in such a multicultural city is the fact that you’ll be able to take advantage of the young professionals hosting a diverse range of events, workshops, and classes dedicated to sharing their culture.

If you’re a foodie who loves meeting new people and learning about the world through eating, the best place to start is by taking a cooking class. Here are some of the best ways to find a cooking class that will take you out of your comfort zone while keeping your wallet comfortable!

Brooklyn Kitchen

Offering private classes and team building events, you’ll be able to choose from a calendar of over 50 classes per month! Teaching everything topics on knife skills, doughnuts, dumplings, and Mexican street food - you’re bound to have a great time!

Home Cooking New York

Want to learn about making cocktails, bagels, tapas and beef bourguignon? There’s no better place than the Home Cooking kitchen in NYC. Offering classes at the studio, at your own home, private events, classes for kids and teens and even renting their kitchen, you’ll be able to do it all!

family barbeque
Take original, family recipes and make them into cooking classics Photo credit: Andrew Itaga via Unplash)

Kids Classes for Cooking

Looking for a cooking class for your children but are overwhelmed with the number of choices? Here are some of the best classes for kids in NYC!

Taste Buds Kitchen NYC

Self-proclaimed kids kitchen by day and “BYOB” adult kitchen at night, this cooking studio offers a variety of different cooking classes for all ages. If your child wants to take classes, you can choose from camps, semester classes, gingerbread house-building and more.

Chef Toni’s Cooking Adventure

Available for registration through their Facebook page or Coursehorse, you’ll be able to choose a course on everything from Florentine lasagna to summer cooking camps. Prices range according to classes and classes sell out quickly!

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