Another important bastion in the American War for Independence, home to the Liberty Bell and still keeping the Declaration of Independence safe from Nicholas Cage’s sticky fingers - Philly is one of the country’s best cities in many aspects of life.

With 1.5 million inhabitants, Philadelphia is renowned for its medical schools and murals, the city is also one of the food capitals of the US.

If a 26-year long tradition of eating 500-plus wings to ring in the Superbowl championships isn’t enough to convince you, the city has inspired several famous dishes in its name such as the iconic Philly cheesesteak, the Philly hoagie and, of course, Philly’s soft pretzels.

Whether you want to build up your cooking techniques or simply want some date night ideas, here are some of the best places you can go to improve your cooking skills - Philly style!

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Using fresh ingredients in your favorite recipes can make all the difference Photo credit:  Deniz Altindas via Unplash)

Learn at a Philly Cooking School

If your career goals are focused on cooking and improving your cooking skills, taking part in a degree or professional program for cooking can be a great way to kickstart your dreams.

Whether you want to learn how to cook the proper paella, want to learn the proper wine pairings with food or want to become a professional chef - taking part in the culinary arts programs around you can be the perfect solution. Here are some of the best culinary classes in Philadelphia.

JNA Institute of Culinary Arts

If you’re looking for diverse culinary programs and schools of culinary arts, JNA Institute might be the right fit for you. Their cooking programs range from teaching you management skills involving hospitality to advanced pastry skills and techniques.

From food preparation to excellent cooking methods, joining one of their programs will have you on your way to becoming a young chef, sous chef and more. If you’re interested in the program, make sure to check out their website in order to get more information on tuition and the class calendar.

Community College of Philadelphia

From knife skills, making fresh pasta French cuisine and more - the culinary arts program at the Community College of Philadelphia will have you on your way to making Tarte Tatin, fettuccine, pintxos and more!

The program includes over 400 hours of hands-on cooking experience and has the flexibility of partial online learning. If you’re interested in learning where classes are held, upcoming classes and employment opportunities, check out their college catalog for more information.

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Private Cooking Classes

There are many different reasons why you might be interested in taking cooking classes that go beyond your passion for home cooking. You might be looking for private cooking courses for team building or want to have a dinner party or weeknight learning to cook some awesome tapas!

Philadelphia is one of the best places you can book private events for cooking or simply take part in intimate classes for cooking parties and dates. Here are some of the places you should check out.

La Cucina at the Market

Looking for a taste of Tuscany, amazing wine pairings and seasonal ingredients? La Cucina hosts about four classes per month on everything related to Italian cuisine.

If you’re curious about the class schedule, whether they offer gift certificates, and what their classes include, make sure to check out their website online.


From Creole tastings or French cooking to family-style summer cooking and breadmaking – you may be interested in a wide variety of private classes for cooking. If you want to experience cooking in multiple locations around the city, look no further than Cozymeal.

The online platform lists cooking classes for home cooks that are offered by your local cooking professionals.

If you’re not interested in cooking with professionals yourself but are thinking about giving a cooking class as a gift certificate, you can browse through almost 60 courses offered in the Philadelphia area alone.

You can also search for cooking classes for kids if you want to get your kids cooking and baking through a variety of cooking camps and programs.

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Getting guidance from a professional can take the stress out of learning to cook new things Photo credit:  Jason Briscoe via Unplash)

Cooking Classes, Events and Workshops

Want to reserve a spot at a wine tasting event, take part in a three-day workshop learning pastry-making skills or simply want to get some farm to table eating – turning to local community events and workshops can be a great way to achieve your cooking goals.

Whether you’re in a cooking studio making caramelized walnuts or making street food in a park, finding events near you doesn’t have to be difficult.

If you don’t want to worry about the hassles of being on a mailing list or about the intricacies of a cancellation policy, local events can be the perfect way to get some engagement-free learning in. Here are some of the best places you learn how to cook with local chefs, cooks and more!

Culinary Literacy Center

Offering information and classes on everything related to nutrition, cooking basics, and more, teens and children will be able to take part in classes ranging from butchering to food photography. With over 350 classes a year, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for!

Greensgrow Community Kitchen

The self-proclaimed, educational urban farm offers a wide variety of events that allow the community to connect with food. From Sunday brunch and holiday cooking to community potlucks and bazaars, you can take part in creating a greener city.


Listing workshops and events across the US, you’ll be able to pick from dozens of cooking and drinking events near you. Whether it's a free wine festival or paid workshop, check out their selection of diverse cooking events.

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Kids cooking classes

Cooking with kids can be difficult – they tend to care less about Tuscan grapes and more about icing, chocolate, and more chocolate.

While family trips to cultural hubs like Eataly or foreign embassies can give your kids a taste of food from around the world, sometimes the best way to instill in them respect and passion for the creative process of cooking is to get them in the kitchen themselves.

Cooking courses for kids come in a number of different options: summer camp, cooking workshops and more. If you’re not joining your kid during the cooking class, always make sure you’re leaving them in the care of trusted professionals. Do your research and take the time to find out a bit more about the place if needed.

Here are some of the places you can start looking for a cooking class that can suit both you and your child.

Ella Vanilla

A decorating cake supply shop, Ella Vanilla offers children’s courses in decorating a wide variety of desserts. The team at Ella Vanilla is available for private classes as well as for parties and events.

Sur La Table

If you’re looking for a summer camp, cooking class or private events for kids, Sur La Table has some great options that are highly customizable to the types of dishes you want to make and events you’d like to host.

North Light Community Center

This community center holds classes on Saturdays for children in a workshop dubbed “Kids Can Cook.” If you’re interested, the cost per class is 30 dollars and each week covers a different, new recipe!

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Learning about wine can also mean understanding the best food combinations Photo credit: Andy Chilton via Unplash)

Taking a Cooking Class Online

Taking a cooking class online might sound like a peculiar idea – sort of like teaching yourself how to read. Without understanding the proper cooking methods for particular dishes or the technical know-how, realizing your dream of creating the recipes you see in restaurants or online can seem far out of reach.

However, learning from a professional doesn’t have to be limited to a professional kitchen. If you have some basic ingredients, tools and time, you can start to learn cooking online.

Taking cooking courses on the web can be particularly useful for those who want to go at their own pace or have a schedule that conflicts with most opening hours. Another reason might be that you just can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in Philly. Regardless of the reason, there are plenty of online cooking schools at your disposal.


Hosting a diverse range of online tutorials for courses such as math and sewing, Udemy also offers a wide selection of cooking courses for those looking to learn online. From breadmaking to Thai curry, check out their course catalog for more info.

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