When you’re looking for dance classes in Houston, whether you’re in the mood for classical ballet or hip hop or even pole and fitness, this city has a dance studio for you. There are several great locations with dance instructors that teach a variety of levels from kids and beginners to adults and pre-professionals.

Several styles of dance at a variety of affordable rates can be found in Houston regardless of your interests. Zumba? You’ll find it. Tap or Swing? Definitely an option. Tango, Barre, or Waltz? It is available right now.

Here’s a list of the best dance studios in Houston, TX that offer a number of dance classes and some fantastic adult and kids exercise programs.

One of the fastest growing dance studios in Houston is the Houston Dance Factory. It was created in 2008 and was voted “Best Dance Studio in the City” by the Houston Press in 2012. In 2017, Mommynearest also placed it in the “Top 10 Best Dance Programs for Kids in the City.”

It is designed to help people of all ages stay healthy and enjoy a shared love of dancing. They try to offer classes at very affordable rates and provide an excellent learning environment for all students. They host several special events, like dance night for couples, teach introductory classes, provide group and private dance lessons, and have classes in ballet, hip hop, Merengue, Bachata, and Salsa.

When you’re looking for more classes that your kids can enjoy, check out The Little Gym. The facility focuses on education through active play. They offer parent and child classes, gymnastics, dance, and even karate. The Tap Your Toes class is for ages 3-12 and focuses on introducing them to ballet, tap, and hip hop.

Children performing on stage in costume
The joy in dancing (Source: Visualhunt.com)

They even complement their dance classes for kids with gymnastics work.

If you’re looking to start your child in ballet classes that’ll take them into adulthood or you’re looking for ballet lessons yourself, try out Houston City Dance. They offer dance classes for pre-school children through adults in ballet, hip hop, jazz, modern, and tap.

They were established in 1994 by Sherese Campbell and is a nonprofit dance school and performing arts organization seeking to reflect ethnic diversity found in the Houston Metro area.

More Dance Schools in Houston

When you’re looking to master a dance for a special event like a wedding, then The Dance Whisperer has you covered. This school and dance studio focuses on ballroom dancing and is committed to offering affordable rates for couples dance lessons.

They provide instruction in the Waltz, Swing, Salsa, Rumba, Cha Cha, Texas Two Step, Foxtrot, Samba, and Argentine Tango. Plus, you can work with them to help you learn and choreograph your wedding dance. They teach private lessons for couples as well as small groups where you get to choose who's going.

They offer an introductory special for a set of private dance lessons and reduced rates when you sign up for the group classes.

Serious dance students will also want to check out METdance. The Houston Metropolitan Dance Center offers classes taught by a professional teaching facility in order to train a lifelong dancer. Classes include several dance styles and are open to students of all levels.

Teen and adult classes are ongoing, and you can start at any time. You can sign up for a class card, get a discount as a college student, and you’ll find classes in ballet, hip hop, jazz, Broadway tap, cheer prep, modern, contemporary, and jazz funk.

Ballet Schools

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When you’re looking for a ballet studio in Houston for children to adults, check out the Academy of City Ballet of Houston. This dance school offers a full class schedule and early childhood classes for those looking to seriously pursue ballet. Their goal is to teach the highest quality of dance to the Memorial, Katy, and Spring-Branch areas.

They teach children of age three on up to adults. They also welcome those looking to take classes to help them with their professional career or those taking them for fitness purposes. The school has large studios which include specialty equipment like dance floors so that the environment is both safe and professional.

The dance curriculum and available classes include contemporary, adult ballet, tap, jazz, preschool, modern, and ballet levels A through C with Intermediate.

Another very good choice is the long-standing Houston Ballet Academy. This school provides the highest quality ballet training and was founded in 1955. There are several programs and on average they train over 1,000 students a year.

Classes start with an introduction to ballet and proceed to movement and ballet course study. The ballet instructors at this school have performed for prestigious companies throughout the world. The four programs include preschool, pre-professional, professional, and adult.

They also offer summer programs. Plus, the Academy offers financial aid and give regular performances through the year.

Dance for Fitness

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Spice up your dancing with a pole class (Source: Pixabay.com)

When you’re looking to get your blood pumping and want an excellent workout, check out HeartBeat Houston Dance & Fitness. The studio has two main goals to empower youth through classical and non-traditional dance and to help you conquer your fitness goals.

For kids, they work to foster and develop self-esteem, dance technique, and provide a solid foundation where the children can discover their strengths and reach their personal potential. The adult fitness classes focus on being fun, engaging, and supportive. Classes here can help you increase strength, flexibility, and endurance. Plus, you’ll be confident in your abilities that you’ve worked so hard to master.

You’ll find classes in ballet, beginner hip hop, advanced acro, jazz, musical theater, tap, breaking, contemporary, and more. Plus, they often have special camps going on with special course programs.

Inner Me Studios is another great place to get a workout and improve your dance skills. They offer classes in Zumba, Kickboxing, Belly Dancing, and Pole Aerobics. They provide a small class size to help ensure everyone receives instruction and affordable rates.

They have classes for all levels and profess that any age, size, or shape can participate, enjoy, and do well in their classes. They have special introductory rates for pole classes, and they’ve been ranked in the Top 2 Gyms in Houston in 2019 by the Houston Chronicle.

If you’re looking to amp up your ballet, try cardio barre classes at Define Body and Mind. Then, you can cool it down with a nice yoga class.

Find a Class in Bellydancing

If you’re looking for multi-cultural dance classes or Bellydance lessons, you can check out Dance from the Heart.  This Houston nonprofit dance studio uses inclusive dance education and performance to show that we all have a common ground to stand on.

They provide contributing dancers an opportunity to learn through Artist in Residence Programs, ongoing classes, and workshops. They often have special dance class events where they host an instructor whose well-known in their field of dance.

You can also try out, Dauntless Dance. This studio provides dance classes for adults in fusion belly dance, classical belly dance, ballet, Latin, and Flow. There are also classes in yoga and fitness. One of their most beloved classes is the Improvisational Tribal Style offered at two levels.

There is even a class in Oriental Dance Technique. You can also book the performers for special events and celebrations.

Hip Hop Dance Classes

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For hip hop classes in Houston, check out Soreal Dance Studio. Established in 1988, this studio has grown rapidly in the Houston dance scene. They offer 24 classes a week in a range of levels. Urban choreography instructors offer training for several styles as well.

There are three competitive teams from seven years old to 18 and up. Walk-ins are welcome for all dance classes, and you can also sign up for private lessons and an unlimited membership. Classes are broken down into age and level and are then taught by a specific instructor who can master that choreography’s demand.

Break Free Houston is another fantastic place to learn as one of the city’s premier hip hop learning centers. Founded in 2011, the school has operated as an arts education center, worldwide artist collective, and youth outreach program with the goal of providing positive hip-hop culture education to its students.

They provide training in breakdancing, DJ’ing, poetry, and graffiti art. They have four recitals throughout the year, provide a progress report, and your first class is free.

Sign up for an incredible dance class in Houston today, and you’ll be signing up for fun, fitness, and community. Enjoy movement and the benefits it brings. Get on the floor and make your body work!

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