Both teachers and tutors prepare a student to build their knowledge base and strive for academic success. They follow a pre-set curriculum to ensure that they achieve their academic potential in one or all subjects.

But teachers often can’t give individual attention to students who need extra help to enhance their skills and better comprehend a particular subject. This is because a classroom is filled with distractions, and teachers are expected to complete the curriculum. They simply don’t have to tailor the lessons to the learning needs of the two or so kids in their class at any given time.

This is where private tutoring comes in. With personalized learning and special attention, a student feels motivated to work on their weaknesses.

If you are wondering, “how to become a tutor?” we are here to tell you that you will have to develop excellent soft skills and a professional attitude in all your tutor jobs.

A private tutor differs from a classroom teacher as they offer a service to their student, which is why you have to tailor your teaching methods according to your student’s requirements.

If you plan to become a private tutor, know that there is a vast difference between classroom teaching and giving private tutorials.

Whether you are offering private tuition for Mathematics or teaching music, a personalized lesson plan will help you and your student achieve what you aim to.

And you can only accomplish this by building a relationship with your student – listen to their preferences and gauge their learning style to personalize the lessons.

Importance Of Tailored Private Lessons

Students and parents believe that classroom tutoring is not a comprehensive solution for building a strong academic base.

This is because the teachers have to follow a set curriculum according to their pre-determined pace to cover all the topics within the given time.

Also, they cannot offer individual attention to a particular student who is struggling to keep up with the lessons or faces difficulties in understanding new concepts.

With no special consideration for a student’s strengths and weaknesses, the lessons fail to spark curiosity in a student and diminish their enthusiasm to learn something new.

Not being up to speed with the class shatters their confidence and stops them from asking questions. This inevitably results in a drop in their class participation as well as grades.

How do I customise one on one classes for my students?
Just like a tailor measures their customers to make a suit, you should measure your student’s abilities in order to provide classes adapted to their learning! Source: Pexels

But private tutoring helps them to improve their knowledge from the ground up. If you want to become a private tutor, you have to understand the comprehension abilities, strengths, and weaknesses of your student.

Only then will you be able to design a customized lesson plan that can help your student to overcome their difficulties and gain new knowledge.

Regardless of the subject that you choose to teach, you need to craft a tailored learning plan to:

If you are interested in offering private tuition, you need to establish your presence out there. Once you are done with creating an appealing personal advert for private tutorials, you are ready to take the next step towards becoming a tutor.

Schedule A Pre-Course Interview

Before getting a student on-board with you, you need to schedule an interview to assess the student’s strengths and weaknesses. This will help you to create a perfectly tailored study plan so that you can offer practical lessons and guide the student to success.

To conduct a successful interview, you need to keep some things in mind. You need to observe the problems that your student is facing with a particular subject. Interview them about their opinion on online tutoring and what they expect from it.

Look at their scores and help them understand their mistakes and the reasons why they failed a test.

You can even create a practice test for the student to determine their knowledge and aptitude. Once the pre-course interview concludes successfully, discuss where the tutorials will take place with your student.

Team Up With The Parents To Come Up With An Effective Study Plan

Should I work with my student's parents for peer to peer tutoring?
Tutoring is a lot like a partnership - you need both; the tutor and the student to understand each other in order to make the most out of it. Source: Unsplash

It is important to note that parents are more in tune with their child’s strengths and weaknesses. If they see that their child is experiencing problems with his/her homework or are lagging in class, they tend to resort to private tuition.

Hence, parents are your most important resource to tap into to gain insights into the students’ academic performance.

To work hand in hand with the parents and leverage the information they hold, you need to interview them after the student.

Give your opinion on the interview with the child and explain how you plan on helping him/her to catch up with the rest of their class and improve the grades.

You will have to reassure them about the success rate of your child in understanding a particular subject. Also, involve them in designing a tailored study plan for the child that focuses on improving his/her weak points.

These elements constitute some of the essential qualities of a good private tutor.

Customizing Private Tutorials To Align With The Student’s Requirements

Before you start tailoring the student’s study plan, you need to account for his/her strengths and weaknesses.

But it is important to note that strengths and weaknesses go hand in hand. A particular focus on one of them will make the student lose interest or motivation in their studies.

So, you need to craft a plan that highlights and improves their strengths as well as their weaknesses. For example, you are a math tutor, offering private tuition to a student who is really good with mathematical operations but struggles with algebra.

You need to devise a study plan that incorporates tests and assessments on algebra and mathematical operations, both. This way your student will enjoy doing mathematical operations that will in turn increase their motivation to understand algebra.

Also, motivate your students to set achievable goals and achieve them by making them more aware about their shortcomings. Once they are completely in tune with their strengths and weaknesses, they can work on their learning gaps while striving for their goals.

But, you need to make sure that these goals have a clear deadline and they are realistic so that your student can easily achieve them.

Go For Tutoring Jobs At Home

To make the most out of your private tutoring sessions, you need to offer quality services so that the students are inclined towards working with you for the long term.

The longer a student stays with you, the better you can understand them as they move forward in their academic lives. Not only this, you get to enjoy several benefits from opting for tutoring jobs at home. Some of these include:

  • A credible track record with boastful testimonials
  • Better guidance in their future academic endeavors
  • Detailed information on their learning styles
  • A boost in productivity for you and your student

And you can only achieve this by offering tailored study plans that are customized according to the individual needs of each student.

How Personalized Learning Benefits Your Students

How can I improve a student's progress with one on one tutoring?
Personalized tutoring can go a long way in improving a child's ability to learn and grow - which will surely reflect in their grades! Source: Pixabay

For a student struggling with their class, a teacher who focuses on their learning needs can make a significant difference in their learning style leaves a substantial impact on them.

The biggest benefit of tailored private tuition is that they increase the self-esteem of a student and make them more self-directed. These coveted skills are highly sought after by high profile recruiters out there.

Also, it piques their interest in studies by developing meaningful connections that increase engagement and make the entire experience an enjoyable one.

Now, since each student is unique in their own way, personalized learning takes accountability for that as well. Personalized learning is the perfect solution for students who struggle to go with the flow. It does not rush a student who has special needs or slow down a gifted person.

With personalized learning, you can even prepare your students for succeeding in their future academic lives with the skills and knowledge that they need to succeed in the professional world.


If you are on the road to becoming a private tutor, you need to understand the importance of tailored lesson plans that align with the student’s weak spots and requirements.

Working with one student at a time helps you in offering undivided attention that can lead to instilling confidence in your student as well as assists you in achieving your tutoring goals.

But before going for personalized lessons, you need to carefully assess the student’s strengths and weaknesses so that you tailor the plan accordingly.

Crafting a lesson flow that focuses on magnifying your student’s strengths and improving on their weaknesses will establish you as the best private tutor out there.

But to make an effective study plan, meet the parents if your student is a youngster, and take them on board. Be candid with them and make sure that you are on the same page about their child’s shortcomings and strengths.

You need to ensure that their parents are just as involved at each step of their way so that the student feels valued and motivated to strive for more.

Also, make sure that you offer such quality services that the students are compelled to study with you for the long term.

All of this does not mean that you will not hit a few roadblocks along the road but making your student a priority can be just the push they need to excel in their respective fields.

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