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Tutors generally give private lessons from their homes or visit the student at their homes to teach.

But why not break the mold? How about giving math, trigonometry, English, and even guitar lessons in a location that inspires your student and gets them to do the best?

This article will give you a better understanding of why changing up the learning environment can be beneficial for the tutors, students, and improve the overall quality of the tutorials.

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll be brimming with creative ideas about new places where you can hold your private lessons.

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The Benefits Of Not Holding Your Lessons At Home

As a private tutor, you need to make sure your tutoring benefits your student. Your goal is to help them develop in the best possible way. This is a theme that should be of utmost priority in the teaching approach you decide to adopt.

For example, your student does not adjust well to the typical school arrangement, they have problems keeping track of lessons, and they’re falling behind. What do you do?

Conduct your tutoring jobs in unusual places and devise different study strategies for them to keep them engaged.

Of course, this isn’t a magic solution- you will still face challenges with your student. But this will go a long way in breaking the monotony of “study time.”

We may have started with an “extreme” example, but this technique will work on regular students. Who doesn’t want to break the monotony of study time? Holding your tutorials somewhere other than their intended place can have many benefits:

  • Fun: Students of all ages are much likelier to enjoy studying when it’s “fun.” Don’t hold lessons someplace else just for the sake of it, but keep them where your students are likely to enjoy them.
  • Attentiveness: Taking your students out of their familiar learning environment is likely to engage their senses and pique their interests. The new arrangement will help keep their attention from straying elsewhere.
  • Novelty: A break from the usual routine will keep your students motivated. A new location will give them a different perspective- a paradigm shift of sorts. Also, this way, you are less likely to view your online teaching jobs as a chore
  • A new setting can help make your student more confident – a typical environment can be stressful and reminiscent of the time they spend at school
  • It can lead to a fresh new perspective for you and your student. People learn better when they are calmer. A change in their environment can help your student break out of their rut.
  • You can also plan tailored private tutorials for them.

Holding Private Lessons At Home

The most common setting for private lessons is the student’s home. And it would be unwise to underestimate this setting.

For many students, their home is a place of comfort. This is especially true for introverted and socially anxious students.

As the famous saying goes, home is where the heart is.

Not to discount the fact that home lessons are convenient for all parties involved. You don’t have to hassle yourself with the task of finding and arranging a study place.

The student doesn’t have to make arrangements to get there. It’s also easier for your student’s parents to communicate directly with you.

You’re also more likely to have a set routine at home. You do not have to worry about outside distractions or seek permission from any authorities before holding a lesson- overall, it’s more convenient and comfortable.

On the flip side, a home can often be too noisy, the student might be distracted easily with stuff going on at home, or maybe it’s too difficult for you to get there.

The home dynamics may not be conducive for the student or you- he may face too many pressures from home, the environment could be toxic, or you feel you need to compromise your teaching patterns to fit the parent’s whims.

In that case, it’s time for you to brainstorm new places away from home.

Hosting One-On-One Private Lessons Outdoors

Can I tutor maths outdoors?
Why stay confined behind walls? Take your students to study in the park or any open space that allows them to think creatively. Source: Pixabay

Hosting private lessons outdoors should not just be restricted to subjects like art and designs.

Studying outdoors is proven to have benefits for both students’ and teacher’s overall happiness levels. Being outdoors, especially in nature, can boost your serotonin levels and make you grasp information quicker.

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So the next time the good weather hits, why not take your lessons outdoors for a nice change?

French tutors can use l’environnement to help students pick up the language quicker, and biology tutors can help their students explore their town’s local wildlife. The possibilities are immense.

Let the grass be your bench and desk; just bring your notebooks and pens, and you’re good to go!

Bask in that vitamin D and make use of mother nature. It’s bound to be a stress reliever. If the noise gets to you, choose a secluded spot like an empty park or a lakeside.

Outdoors doesn’t just have to be restricted to nature. If you’re teaching history, take your students to a museum. If you’re teaching architecture, take your students to vintage Gothic churches and Art Deco theatres.

After all, that is what makes a good tutor: adaptability. You must keep your students engaged at all times. What better way to help them connect them to their subject matter than by actually taking them to a similar place?

Giving Private Lessons At A Café or Bar?

Some places are better suited for particular kinds of subjects- a Venetian style café to learn about 19th-century European history.

Or a coffee shop or bar for learning languages where it’s essential to have interactive sessions.

You could engage in a real tête-à-tête with your students in a rustic café or plan for a fiesta with your class in an interactive discussion at a tropical bar.

Coffeehouses and bars are excellent places to learn new languages and explain grammar and syntax to your students. Language learning needs to be interactive and real-time, and the more fun it is, the faster your students learn.

Suppose you’re teaching French – the café can serve as an excellent reference point to drill in vocabulary; ask your student to call le serveur and ask for un café. You can even hold interactive online tutorials in a café setting. Many of our Superprof tutors love coaching their students virtually while sipping coffee in their favorite cafes.

Do you see the potential of a good environment in raising the quality of your service? Your tuitions will be more engaging and the students will get a better result from this immersive experience.

Is It Okay To Conduct Your Private Lessons At Your Local Library?

Can I teach Spanish in a café?
“What did you do last week?” is a great way to start an informal discussion in any language and teach a certain grammar point.

Could there be a better place to learn than a library? After all, libraries and learning go hand in hand, don’t they? Also, If you plan to put up advertisements for private tutorials, a library is the ideal place to put them.

Libraries bring to mind those long nights during your undergrad times, where you spent hours cramming before exams and completing your assignments. Ring a bell?

However, this is not a place for lively, animated discussions. Libraries are supposed to be quiet, tranquil places. The good news is that many modern libraries have separate dedicated areas for the sort of exchange we are talking about.

You can even set up a treasure hunt for your students to find certain things in the books to make the lessons more interesting. In a library, you will also have at your disposal a vast amount of material to reference and consult for your studies. This will be of help to you as a teacher.

If your students need a calm place to revise and cram for their tests (SATS, college entry, or GMATs), this is the place to be.

In short:

  • You should pique your student’s interests by suggesting new places. Remember, novelty aids in learning
  • The student’s home could serve as a default base and be used intermittently for more formal lessons. Keep in mind your student’s strengths and weaknesses so you can make them feel more comfortable depending on the time
  • Libraries offer a great study environment and help set the mood for learning
  • For outdoor lessons, go wild with your imagination. Come up with creative out of the box ideas. Do remember, though; the places you choose should be suitable enough for your students
  • Don’t forget- unusual places stay unusual only for so long. Otherwise, they become routine and lose their chance.
  • Pique your student’s interest and keep breaking the monotony. Keep in mind their learning style and requirements

Try it yourself! Let us know about some of the unusual places you’ve kept your tutorials. Happy learning!

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