Drawing is an ancient visual art – perhaps the oldest visual art known to humanity. As Greek legend has it the first drawing originated from outlining the shape of a shadow on the ground – something we all did as kids.

In this guide, we're going to help you learn where you can go for drawing classes in Los Angeles and which art class would be best for you. Before we get to that, let's talk about where drawing came from and how it influences us especially within the USA.

Drawing has changed throughout history, with new styles growing from the ones that preceded them.  In a drawing, somebody uses different tools to create impressions on a medium – like a paper, stone, wall, fabric or any other surface.  Cave drawings scratched and painted on walls have led over thousands of years to digital images crafted with computers.

The definition of drawing is the rendition of objects, thoughts, concepts, attitudes, emotions or fantasies in the visible world. This definition also applies to paint from watercolor to acrylic. Painting is different from drawing in that drawing focuses on form and shape while painting focuses on mass and color.

Many times, other forms of artwork begin with a drawing before they are actualized making drawing the foundation of art. In the modern-day, many art schools have popped up, especially in cities such as New York and Chicago, offering drawing classes due to the pivotal role drawing plays in the arts.

What Makes for a Good Drawing Class?

Art is very much in the eye of the beholder so regardless of your starting skill, it is possible to become a good artist. However, like most things in life, skill does not come without time and effort. Choosing a good drawing class depends on several important factors.

Firstly, location matters because if you are unable to visit the academy regularly you will not get an opportunity to practice what you are being taught. Try to visit the gallery or workshop in advance to ensure that you understand the commute.

Secondly, you need to understand the qualifications of your instructor or art teach teacher also. Review some of their published art and get an understanding of what they like to do. If your teacher is primarily a sculptor they won't have the same skills as someone who is used to working on canvas.

Do they have a gallery you can visit or are they showing their work at a local art fair? Try to understand where they learned their skills. Are they past students at the academy? What sort of program is being taught and how structured is it? Do they cater to beginners or do you need to have some skills before you start?

Where can you learn to draw?
Drawing Class - Photo from Stocksnap

If you have a family, you want to ensure that kids classes are available or perhaps you are more interested in art workshops the whole family can attend? Alternatively, you might want adult classes where they go into more detail about drawing techniques and art history.

Finally, consider the tools themselves. Do you need to buy your own equipment before the class or will you be supplied with the basics? Is this free or does it cost? What are the actual costs for the lessons themselves and are you tied into a commitment?

When it comes to drawing there really is no one specific drawing technique that must be followed. You can expect that art education will cover the basic drawing skills like how to draw a portrait or still life to landscapes and everything in between. Expect to learn what tools are most useful for a budding artist as part of the process. Understand the difference between pencil and pastel. What easels are for and how to use a sketchbook.

Where to Take Drawing Lessons in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is the third most affluent city in the world after New York and Tokyo. It is the second-largest city in the USA behind New York and is a dynamic city well known for its art, shopping, food, and culture. It has almost anything you could ask for including art instruction. Other great cities to take art lessons are Houston and Philidelphia.

Here is a list of some of the best places for you to go to for drawing lessons in Los Angeles.

Kline Academy of Fine Arts

Kline Academy of Fine Arts offers some of the best drawing classes in Los Angeles. Located at 3264 Motor Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034, USA, Kline Academy works with students at all skill levels.

The Academy was launched in 2007 by Cheryl Kline with just ten students. It now has daily classes and over 100 students that are educated by 12 instructors from around the world.

Cheryl's motto is "your frustration ends at our front door", and this has become the school's creed also. The walls of the academy boast all manner of artwork to excite the senses.

The Kline Academy focuses on teaching real skills and not just the conceptual art that is currently being taught in universities. This strategy has worked for Cheryl and her students. In fact, many of her students have progressed to successful art careers from graduation.

The Animation Academy

Located just blocks away from some of the major studio houses, they are also very close to the Animation Guild.  Animation Academy’s address is 847 N Hollywood Way - Suite 204 - Burbank California 91505. Previously, it was at W Magnolia Blvd. They moved to the current location in January 2019.

The Animation Academy was found in 1998 by Charles Z. and is currently celebrating its 21st birthday. With a focus on animation and cartooning, it teaches a different style of drawing lessons in Los Angeles to some of the other academies mentioned.

The Animation Academy counts among their alumni animators currently with Pixar and some of the other major studios. In addition, many students return to the Academy to pass on the knowledge they've learned to the next generation.

If you have time after your lessons you might want to see if you can get a tour of Warner Bros. Studios or even visit Universal City which are both close to the Animation Academy.

Los Angeles drawing lessons downtown
Los Angeles drawing lessons - Photo on Visual Hunt

The Wizard of Art

The Wizard of Art is located at 1947 Hillhurst Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90027. The school was founded by Paul Eventoff – also known as the Wizard -  in 1996. This academy offers something for every member of the family. It has separate adult classes and children's art classes.

Their classes are small – a maximum of 11 students and two teachers per class. Classes are offered daily and last an hour. Saturday classes, however, are longer. The classes consist of students of all ages. New students may join any time and progress at their own pace. The high teacher to student ratio ensures no student feels left behind. It offers one of the best Los Angeles drawing lessons.

All students start with drawing classes until their skills advance to the level that they can take up painting. At this stage, they expand their skills into oil painting and acrylic painting. It's a strategy that has worked well for Paul and Donna, the owners of The Wizard of Art.

Pasadena Art Studio

If you're located in the Pasadena area, this might be the best option for you. Open Monday to Saturday the Pasadena Art Studio is located at 1068 N. Allen Ave Pasadena, California 91104.

They offer classes for children and adult art classes across all skill levels. In addition, students get an opportunity to explore and experiment with different tools and techniques in the drawing course.

Drawing Lessons in Downtown Los Angeles

Ann Bridges Art Studio

Ann Bridges Art Studio is located at 3875 Wilshire Blvd 1401, Los Angeles, CA 90010, USA in an area known as Koreatown. Ann Bridges launched it in 2008.

She teaches her classes in studios and art workshops rather than traditional classrooms. Ann states that she finds traditional classroom settings restrictive and believes that students benefit from working in a studio environment. Classes are kept small to allow personalized instruction.

The academy offers drawing classes, painting classes, figure drawing and painting, introduction to acrylic painting, and on Saturday afternoons, drawing and painting for young artists. Also available are life drawing classes on Saturday mornings. It is one of the best academies for drawing lessons in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Academy of Arts

You can’t talk about drawing classes in Los Angeles without mentioning the Los Angeles Academy of Arts. It is located at 4157 W. 5th St. Suite 207 Los Angeles, CA 90020.

This academy offers a mix of classes to all ages regardless of skill level. The Los Angeles Academy of Arts also offers free classes to new students.

The academy was founded by K.L Britton and offers an innovative schedule with classes available weekly. Courses are offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

Drawing lessons Los Angeles
Drawing lessons Los Angeles - Photo by Viviana Rishe on Unsplash

Drawing Lessons in West Los Angeles

Raminfard School of Arts

Featured by CBS Los Angeles News as "One Of The Best Fine Art Classes in Los Angeles"  Raminfard School of Arts is located at 10604 Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064, USA. Daniel Raminfard established the Raminfard School of Arts in 2000.

The school is centrally located in Santa Monica allowing you to take classes without having to travel too far. It offers both group and private drawing classes in Los Angeles for teens and adults.

Also, you have the option of online instruction through Skype or Facetime if you are unable to visit the location in person. The Raminfard school encourages art at all ages and skill levels and offers supplies and equipment for purchase or rental.

The school also offers different workshops based on skill levels in addition to corporate and special events. The art lovers couples date is a real treat with classes, food, and wine in a special bundle.

Mission: Renaissance

Inspired by the 1960s action show, Mission: Impossible, Larry and Sheila Cluck founded the first Mission: Renaissance in 1975. Now comprising 16 studios across southern California they have been in the business of educating artists for 40 years.

The Los Angeles location is at 3055 Overland Ave. Los Angeles, California 90034. Mission: Renaissance offers classes across all age groups in a program structured around the Gluck Method. The Gluck Method itself was developed by Larry Gluck, and it has proven successful with thousands of students to date.


As you can see, regardless of your skill level or age you have many options available to you in Los Angeles. There are schools distributed all around the city, so you do not have to travel far. If you are unable actually to make it to the location in person, you also have the option of online instruction.

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