Drawing is not a gift from God. It is actually a skill that can be learned and developed by training. When we talk about drawing we are primarily talking about the way an artist uses lines to create an image. The definition of drawing can be further expanded to include how color and shading add and complement the line itself. It helps you to put your ideas on paper and show your creativity to the world.

There are many classes available to learn drawing across the USA to help you become an expert artist. These classes help students to work with basic drawing materials and become experts in creating finished works of art.

Choosing Your Drawing Lessons in Philadelphia

Whenever you learn a new skill it is important to pick someone with the right knowledge to train you. When it comes to drawing classes this is just as true if not more so, as drawing skills translate into many other forms of art. Choosing the right instructor, not matter if you're in New York or Houston, is simple as long as you consider these elements:

  1. Location - You need to look at where the instructor is based in relation to yourself.
  2. Training - If you prefer a certain style of instruction, it's best to find an instructor with the right method.  Different instructors often have different teaching styles.
  3. Cost - Cost is always a consideration so it's important to find this detail out as early as possible. Also, try to understand and learn what is included in the fees. For example, do you get drawing supplies or are these extra?

The City of Philadelphia

Founded by William Penn in 1682, the city was named Philadelphia which is actually Greek for brotherly love. The name is actually derived from philos - love or friendship and adelphos - brother. Known colloquially as Philly it is the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia is one of the most diverse cities in the USA and also one of the top cities to see and experience art.

With some of the best universities and colleges in the USA, Philadelphia has a large number of drawing schools, academies, and studios available to choose from. You can easily select drawing classes in Philadelphia to polish your artistic skills.

Philadelphia hand drawing
Learning to Draw in Philadelphia - Image by HeatherPaque from Pixabay

Classes at Fleisher Art Memorial

Fleisher Art Memorial is located at 719 Catharine Street with parking for students available on the south side of Catharine street. Fleisher Art Memorial is a non-profit and community-based arts organization and one of the oldest art school in the country. It was founded in 1898 by Samuel S. Fleisher as Graphic Sketch Club. Its main mission is to guarantee access to art education for everyone especially for the poor. Since its foundation, they have also offered a program named as “Community Partnership in the Arts”. That helps in placing the young artists in public art schools in South Philadelphia. In 1944, when Samuel Fleisher died, its name was changed to Fleisher Art Memorial.

More than 17,000 students join these art classes annually. They offer diversity classes for both kids and adults. That includes drawing, sculpture, painting, photography, ceramics, and dance.

The drawing classes teach the students how to draw from life in a realistic style. The student will also learn from still life drawing to all other types using pencil and charcoal. All the art classes take place for 90 minutes twice a week.

Courses at Blooming Artist Studio

The Blooming Artist Studio was first established in 2004, by Nora McCloskey in her home but soon it developed. It is located in Fox Chase very near to the station at 7971 Oxford Ave. and is one of the best places for drawing classes in Philadelphia. It is fun to learn in a welcoming and friendly environment for all students from ages three to adult. The group settings help to create drawing masterpieces and encourage each other to do their best.

The instructors teach drawing lessons in such a way that the students develop their own personal style. They help to draw still life, landscapes animals, portraits and others. The classes are specially designed to learn about famous artists and follow their styles while discovering their own.

The studio also offers summer camps and special need courses every year. And group options like after mommy-n-me, after-school program, and family art classes. The also arrange an art shows to display artwork of new talented artists. It is a perfect place for young artists to learn artwork.

Philadelphia landscape drawing
Gorgeous Landscape at the PAFA - Photo credit: hannibal1107 on VisualHunt.com

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Located between Race St and Cherry St, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts is at 118-128 N Broad St. The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA) was established in the year 1805. It was initiated by a painter and scientist named Charles Willson Peale and a few other artists.

It is the oldest art school and museum in the United States and its home is a historic Victorian museum. It is famous for its wide collection of paintings, drawings, and sculptures from the 19th and 20th centuries. The academy promotes artists and the power of art-making by leading in arts education.

Besides its degree programs, the academy offers studio art classes and workshops. These classes are open for both beginners and advanced artists. It has committed faculty of working artists to provide top art lessons.

At PAFA, drawing encloses all the other programs. All art students are encouraged to learn drawing including figure drawing, landscape and still life drawing.

They make unique art pieces using abstract methods and a wide range of drawing media. The life model provides the basic skills to help enhance the interpretive drawing. The life drawing classes take place in a breathtaking hall of the historic building.

Art in the Pod

Art in the Pod is a little bit outside of downtown Philadelphia and is an art studio located in Churchville established in the year 2013. It is designed to encourage young artists and enhance their artistic skills.

The environment of the studio is warm and friendly. Students learn the arts and convert their talents to beautiful art pieces. The studio offers a variety of courses for the students to enrich their skills. Such as drawing and painting, printmaking, sculpture, and many more.

The classes teach the students about well-known artists, styles and techniques. What motivates them to create their own masterpieces? The courses are taught by experienced art teachers in a friendly way.

The drawing classes at the studio are offered for both young and old children. For very young students, they teach about how to use the materials before basic drawing.

Middle-Level children can learn how to draw and can grow their drawing skills. And the older children will be able to create and display beautiful artwork in their own style. All the children have the choice to pick their favorite drawings and evolve it into a special piece.

Interior of the PAFA with an angel
PAFA interior - Photo credit: Onasill ~ Bill Badzo on Visual Hunt

Philadelphia Sketch Club

The Philadelphia Sketch Club was launched in 1860 by George F. Bensell and his fellows. All of them were former students of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. It is the oldest club for artists at present in America. It is located at 235 S Carmac St and is housed in a historic building having several floors with the main gallery.

The club aims to help visual artists and promotes art education. It is always used as a community for sharing ideas between the creators and supporters of art.

Since its foundation, it provides low-cost drawing classes to help local artists and arranges workshops and exhibitions to display their artwork.

The lessons in the workshops are taught by professional instructors in a friendly environment.  Besides this, it offers a variety of art classes for students to enrich their artistic skills. The club is open to the public and all the artists are welcome to be its members. The workshops run weekly and are open for artists of all skill levels.

Allens Lane Art Centre

Located in the scenic Allens Lane Park, the Allens Lane Art Center is in the northwest of Philadelphia outside of the downtown core. The Allens Lane Art Centre was established in the year 1953 to increase access to arts and to unite the people through arts as well as grow individual talents.

The community offers many programs and events to encourage both kids and adults. That includes a theater, summer art camps, art classes, and gallery exhibitions. The art classes are of drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, dance, and music. It also has a special “Vision thru Art” program for blind and visually impaired people.

The drawing classes are offered for artists of all levels to use their creativity. The instructors teach basic drawing and design skills in a warm environment.

They provide all the required materials and give individual attention to every student. The drawing lessons are taken in the form of weekly sessions to help beginners.


As you see, regardless of where you live in Philadelphia whether downtown or uptown you have options available to in selecting your drawing class. Make sure that you choose one that you are close to and pick a tutor you like so that you can really become an expert! Also, check out drawing classes in Los Angeles and Chicago.

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