We've all dreamt about becoming big music stars but what is considered particularly cool is becoming a professional drum player. The drums are indeed very cool but they can also be a very difficult instrument to learn as a beginner. However, playing the drums is a great way of channeling stressful energy and getting fitter. 

We all have the natural ability to listen and recognize different sounds, process them and form a melody. Using that information is a good place to start when playing the drums. You have to keep that beat alive!

Drumming is the capacity to coordinate hands and feet in controlled movements. Drumming also helps us to enhance and develop new musical aptitudes and psychomotor skills.

It is said that the best way we can get the things we want is step by step or beat by beat when it comes to learning the drums. Prepare your drum sticks and get ready to take classes in Los Angeles.

LA Drummer
Drummer at a live concert in Los Angeles, CA (Sourse: pixabay.com)


"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however, measured or far away". - Henry David Thoreau.


Drum Schools in Los Angeles

Fuentech Drum School - Musicianship and founder of this music school in 2003, John Fuentes is very known across Los Angeles music scene. He started playing drums as a child as part of various Jazz and Latin ensembles as well as orchestral percussion and received a major in music from Pasadena City College.

You can find the music center in 3981 Pacific Coast Highway, Torrance. Whether you just want to prepare for an audition, a concert or just want to learn how to play drums, there are lessons for beginner to advance level.

School of Rock Fairfax District LA - Everybody is talking about this school of music. Located at 7801 Beverly Boulevard, you will feel great vibes practicing drums here. There are summer camps, percussion ensembles, one-on-one classes and group classes for all skill levels and ages. You will learn or improve your drum skills in just one week integrating solid concepts and techniques.

You will be part of school musical history with the best music programs and music instruction. Learning music has never been so fun. Learn to groove and get ready for a live performance!

Drum Lessons with Mike Papagni - You can learn to play a lot of musical instruments here. Prepare your drum kits and learn how to play drums! You will also learn music history, music notation, music composition and get loads of fun and action while playing a drum solo or in a band.

These step-by-step programs are customized for everyone that has the will to learn drums. From kids to adults and for all skill levels. You can even book a free music coaching. Find Mike at 2626 Humboldt Street, Los Angeles.

Rhodes School of Music - Located at 215 N Larchmont Boulevard. You will find not only drums but a variety of percussion and other instruments, too. Open to all levels and ages, you will find everything you need to know about learning drums. You can also be part of a rock band and perform in multiple live music shows throughout the year for a great learning experience.

drum set
A complete drum set in an LA Music Studio (Source: pixabay.com)


Playing drums feels like coming home for me. Even during the White Stripes, I thought: 'I'll do this for now, but I'm really a drummer.' That's what I'll put on my passport application. - Jack White.

Drum Studios in Los Angeles

Red Pelican MusicIf you don't know anything about playing the drums, you can start taking drum classes here. This music studio offers private in-home, teacher's studio or live video lessons via Skype. With a comprehensive, tailored and fun program, you will feel comfortable alongside professional music instructors. You can take drums classes for beginners, intermediate or advanced level musicians.

Brian Robbins, the founder, has had a long music career and has a lot of experience teaching and coordinating groups. The studio is located in 10845 Lindbrook Drive, Suite 209. 

Drum Lessons Los Angeles - You will learn a lot of music concepts with Ivo Nakov, the founder of this center. The basic premise with Ivo is if you don't see results, your class will be free! He can also advise you for free if you mail him through his web page. Choose between private lessons, master classes, drum camps or rock camps for both children and adults. All levels and ages are welcome! Ivo will teach you:

  • How to learn and focus;
  • Time management;
  • How to read music;
  • Technique;
  • Rudiments;
  • How to develop your own style.

You can visit the studio at 2575 N San Fernando Road.

Melissa Drum Lessons - Melissa is simply one of the best drum teachers in the area. She is from Buenos Aires, Argentina and covers different rudiments and techniques, including double bass, blasts beat techniques. You will find only good reviews about her.

Beginners, intermediate and advanced levels from all ages are welcome. You will be pretty satisfied with her music lessons from the very beginning. You can find her studio at 1623 Allesandro St. Just give it a try!

Los Angeles Drum Lessons & Hand Percussion - If you want to learn to play drums with an easygoing and passionate music teacher, Brian Russick is another great option! He has been playing percussion and drums for the last 20 years and was a part of numerous bands that played around the world playing various music styles including Rock, Soul, Metal, Jazz/Fusion, Funk, Soul, Hip-Hop, Folk.

He offers private drum and hand percussion lesson in a variety of styles and techniques, for all levels and ages. You can find him at 2155 E 7th St.

Other Music Centers For Taking Drum Lessons

You can also opt for some other music centers for taking drum classes and professional music formation in LA and surrounding areas like Joe Ferrante Music Academy, SoundLife Music Academy, Green Brooms Music Academy, Santa Monica Music Center, Angeles Academy of Music, or the French Conservatory of Music.

Different options for different people. Online classes are also available. Whatever option you choose, get ready to enter the LA drum circle and become a percussive beater!

Superprof also offers the best connection between drum tutors and students. It's never been easier to find lessons that suit you best. Just take a look!

Drummer playing the drums on stage surrounded by green light
Drummer doing its best at a live music concert (Source: pixabay.com)


"As a drummer, you're always fighting for a level that you never quite attain". - Damien Chazelle.

Advantages Of Learning To Play Drums

Drumming is a physical and mental activity that helps you to improve coordination. It is also good for your brain and can improve your cognitive learning. When playing drums, you access your entire brain to increase your capacity to develop more sensorial connections and boost your immune system. It synchronizes your mind and body with your own natural environment.

The President and neurologist of the Yamaha Music & Wellness Institute, Barry Bittman, has shown that drumming increases natural T-cells helping the body combat various viruses.

That being said, just relax and put some effort to become who you want to be!

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