Have you ever found yourself playing beats on the steering wheel, on your chest, lap, or any other hard surface? Well, then it's time for you to take the next step in music!

Start warming up your arms and legs, get focused, buy some drum sticks and start rocking! The process of learning, including time management, will create a habit and a wonderful music experience.

Maybe you have heard orchestral or marching bands. Maybe you want to sound a bit rockier. If jazz, pop, reggae, afro or any other music style is your thing, then we are going to help you find the best drum lessons in Houston and surrounding areas to get you in the music industry. Keep reading.

Learning To Drum

Through the process of learning to play drums, if you are a beginner, will be step-by-step not only how to play drums but how to read music, how to construct harmonies, how to create and recognize musical patterns, music composition as well as learn some music history, theory, notation, and much more!

We know for sure how hard is to take the first step in almost anything that we do or we desire to achieve. Once you are on the way, the process itself will define your needs, and with the help of a drum teacher, you will get a detailed idea of your current level so you can improve every day, taking advantage of the methods and techniques you will learn whilst drumming.

Below we have listed some of the best places to take drum classes near you.

Old man drumming
There is no age for playing some drum beats (Source: Pixabay.com)

"Seemed to me that drumming was the best way to get close to God". - Lionel Hampton

Drum Classes Houston: Where to Go?

We know how difficult is to find a place to learn the drums. It's hard to decide where will meet our individual needs or which music teacher will bring out the best in us. You only can get to know this by taking the first step, and that's why we are going to help you to find the best music centers and drum instructors to help you make the right decision.

Here's a comprehensive list:

Dynamic Sound Huston - Lead by its founder, Curtis Pettaway, Jr., “CJ”, this music school offers drum set, marching percussion, and many other percussion classes including Marimba, Xylophone, Bell kit, and Vibraphone, music production and editing. With a very complete music program, you can start as a beginner or at a more advanced level. All ages are welcome.

You can choose between private lessons and monthly package lessons. The school is located at 5201 Mitchelldale St. Ste. B8.

Dinky Drum Company - They cover many different aspects of music education! This is an amazing studio with a great group of music teachers and musicians in general. Suitable for children, but adult appropriated! The center focuses on providing quality musical services. Private and group lessons are available for children, adults, and seniors with any skill level. You can find them at 2213 Wichita St.

Drum Lessons Houston - Troy Nicar (founder) will teach you how to play drums perfectly. He has been playing drums since the 70s. Whether you are looking for professional music tuition or just want to jam around, you will find total beginners music instruction through to advanced level lessons here. Troy's home music studio opens Monday through Saturday in West Houston but can also be found at River Oaks Music School.

Vivaldi Music Academy - It offers three different center locations in the surrounding areas of Houston city. It also opens 7 days a week for busy music students! You will learn various styles of music including, jazz, blues, rock and more. A variety of technical exercises are customized for each student of any level.

High qualified percussion teachers with comprehensive drum lessons is the best mix for starting to play like a pro. If you think you have found your passion, here you will learn anything you need to know about drumming.

Person playing the drums
"Drumming was the only thing I was ever good at." John Bonham (Source: Pixabay.com)

Bach to Rock Memorial Music School - Located in a calm area at 9079 Katy Freeway, this community music school might become your second house. Besides guitar, violin, piano, clarinet, cello, and other musical instruments and teaching methods, you can also take drum lessons. Either private or group drum classes are available.

Affordable classes in a unique place. The very friendly owners and excellent staff will not let you down. You can get a recorded CD with your practicing at the end of a class to follow up on your learning.

CMLessons - If you want to learn musical time, rhythm, how to read music, drum set components, play drum beats, play fills and builds on the drums, among other related topics, you need to visit this music center. You can also meet the instructors in your area or nearby districts. Offering drum classes for kids, teenagers, and adults. Some of the drum instructors also teach in Spanish.

Located at  3402 Runnels St, and near to Buffalo Bayou, you will find the right place for learning drums at very reasonable prices for anyone who seriously wants to learn music.

Millennia Music School is one of the best institutions for learning music. You can take drum lessons starting from your expertise level an so on. Located in the Memorial area of Houston, they also provide music classes for other instruments like piano, guitar or vocals. Receive your first lesson for free!

They provide recitals every year for creating milestones or goals for all their students as well. The school of music is open from Monday to Saturday. Get your drumsticks and play on a real world-class drum set.

Virtuoso Music Academy - Visit them at their amazing and professional facilities located at 4003 Bellaire Boulevard, just in Southside Place. Through their outstanding music programs, they cultivate music creativity and master performance skill in students with any background.

The center opened its doors in New York City in 2001 after thriving in Houston. Tony Suero, the manager, studied at the Harbor Conservatory and was a member of the Berklee City Music Network when he was just 17 years old. He partnered with artist like Billie Holiday, Benny Goodman and YoYo Ma.

The Rehearsal Room - If you are looking for a band concert and open mic nights opportunities, this is your place. Students learn to play a full song in their first music lesson. You can also be part of the Young Artist group or Becoming a Band Program that pairs students in different bands. The music instructors follow the curriculum professionally.

Get your free trial lesson and start a drum program today!  Located in between Don Ramon's and La Madeleine at 5505 FM 1960 West - SUITE G, you can choose from four weekly private lessons, single lessons or Becoming a Band class at very affordable prices.

Red drum set
Rock and Roll drummer playing outdoors in Houston, TX. (Source: Pixabay.com)

Drum Courses: Find A Tutor Online

If you are a busy person or you find difficult to get to some music center, you can always take a drum course online. There are a variety of modalities and schedules to fit your needs.

There are some online lessons sites like Drumeo, Mikes Lessons, Drum Channel or 180 Drums that mean you can stay in the comfort of your home or wherever you want as long as you have an internet connection. If that is not enough, you can ask for live music classes through Skype or Zoom. 

That being said, Superprof also offers a connection between music students and drum tutors in your area or surroundings. You will not only find great and professional drum teachers but recommendations on them, too. Give it to go!

Keep On Trying

To sum up, no matter which music style you decide to practice, you can always add some more in the process. Ear training will add more value to your drumming skills, for example. By mastering your technique with a professional musician, you will learn a lot of musical concepts that may be unknown to you at the moment. But most importantly, don’t stop trying!

You don't need a drum kit if you don't have one and you want to start playing, but it would be great to build one little by little. You may get a snare drum first, then a hi-hat or a crash cymbal, then why not a high tom and then a bass drum. When you least expect it you will find yourself playing a full drum set in your room or garage.

We want to see you performing live soon. Be part of this music community!

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