If you want to have a flat stomach, develop your glutes, pectoral and dorsal muscles, or if you want to burn fat to become leaner or even bulk up. You can do all of it with female bodybuilding especially if you are willing to create a program and incorporate that program into all parts of your life.

To build a bodybuilding program for yourself, you will need to consider what it is that you want to get out of your practice. As the outcome that you aim for will change the program that you should follow.

Of course, a stricter program will get the best fastest results; however a more casual program will build muscle more slowly. You should think about what you want to achieve with your bodybuilding and weight training, fat loss, get fit, build muscle mass or maybe become a fitness model, are all possible for you.

But you should tweak any advice to create your perfect plan. Because what is excellent for one person may not be the best way for someone else. But despite the differences in results, some small tips will be useful for when you decide to build your muscles and body sculpt at home. Here they are right now, tips to build muscle at home as a woman.

A woman can become muscular
Many women have gone on to win figure competitions in female fitness. Photo Source: Unsplash

Dedicate A Place Within Your Home To Practice Female Bodybuilding

The house has so many possibilities; the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom, the garage, there are so many places that are perfect for a full body work out and the practice of bodybuilding at home. Practising at home has one big benefit in that you can train at any time. If going to the gym to do push-ups, lift dumbbells, practice the bench press, or even skipping rope isn’t convenient for you, you will love the freedom that working out at home brings. But to do that effectively we need to create a space so that you can follow your bodybuilding at home as simply as possible.

Don’t be tempted to miss this step, having a designated workout area is very powerful and it also ensures that you will follow through. A bodybuilding program at home starts with the place that we will practice these same exercises every day. Like a gym, where every exercise works a different part of your body, your house should have different zones where you do different things. You already have the other rooms set out in this way. The living room is for relaxation, the kitchen for cooking and so on.

To strengthen your body, to gain volume, or to lose weight, we will need space. In this space you are going to practice your cardio, aerobic full body exercises, biceps defining, CrossFit, weightlifting and resistance training. In your workout space, you will be able to move without breaking anything or getting in anyone’s way.

Define Your Workout Space

  • For small apartments – You may have to use a space in multiple ways, for example maybe you have to use your living room as a few spaces and move furniture around. While this isn’t ideal is better than nothing. Just push the coffee table out of the way, and you have some floor space to do your workouts. Everything is a matter of imagination and will depend on your motivation to get results.
Being a successful body builder is being aware of what you eat.
pro bodybuilders and women lift heavy weights and excel in bodybuilding fitness. Photo Source: Unsplash

What Equipment Do You Need To Practice Bodybuilding At Home

Doing bodybuilding at home, whether you are a woman or not, require some kit and you must prepare yourself before beginning for the best results. Pumps, barbells, dumbbells, squats, muscle group definition and bicep curls all correspond to a specific part of the body. As a bodybuilder, it is necessary to be able to target your muscle groups and work on them sometimes individually.

Of course, practice without equipment is possible, but after some time you will run into a barrier with your results. The absence of equipment will affect our progress, but the collection of body building equipment doesn’t have to be expensive.

The bodybuilding accessories that are the most adapted and useful for the female bodybuilder and the most indispensable for shaping we find:

  1. The abdominal wheel - which will allow us to work the abs in a targeted way.
  2. Dumbbell sets – Are tremendous and cheap for working on the bicep, and building muscle.
  3. The floor mat – It is the most basic element for most exercises, especially when it comes to lying on the floor or sitting down.
  4. You can also get full bodybuilding machines with a treadmill, weights and pulls like at the gym, but this will be big and expensive, so it will depend on the space you have and the budget we have.
  5. Small accessories that can be very useful when it comes to cardio training, losing fat or developing an athletic build. Such as the skipping rope, ankle weights, a smart scale to track your progress, a kitchen scale to measure your food intake, protein powder to make a protein shake (like whey protein), supplements and so on.
  6. Having good nutrition and a protein-rich diet is the best tool you can have.

Having bodybuilding equipment seems to be an excellent base to start bodybuilding for women. All it takes is some inexpensive accessories, which will allow you to perform the maximum amount of exercises, and progress quickly.

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If you cannot afford equipment you can be creative to get similar results, a carpet or blanket could make a substitute mat, full water bottles could be your weights etc. Be creative but start.

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Our tips for female bodybuilding
Dream to become a muscular woman then don’t let anything stop you. Photo Source: Unsplash

Need A Home Sports Coach Or Personal Trainer?

Following a women's bodybuilding program at home may leave you feeling lost at times. How do you know if you are doing the right thing for your body to maximise your muscle growth? Of course, you can do some research, or you can hire a professional to prepare your foundation for you.

When doing strength training at home, an additional expense could be a weight-lifting fitness program. There is no shortage of women's bodybuilding programs available which can help to highlight specific exercises and guide you to significant progress.

There Are A Number Of Options For You To Get Help Working Out At Home:

  1. You could buy a DVD program for high-intensity cardio workout routines
  2. You could buy a game console and a fitness game
  3. You could do research and create a PDF
  4. You could buy a program from an expert in women’s bodybuilding
  5. You could sign up for an online program
  6. You could pay for access to virtual classes
  7. You could hire an online personal trainer
  8. You could hire a personal trainer to come to your home.

The Benefit Of An Online Personal Trainer When Starting

When you are starting a new habit, it can be hard to find the motivation especially when your body will hurt from all of the new moves. It can also be a challenge to get the technique right, It must be said that doing the exercise is not the primary goal but doing the exercise right is. Performing the exercise wrong leads to injury and lack of results. It is better to do the exercise in perfect form 5 time than to perform 20 repetitions incorrectly.

Your personal trainer will also be able to explain to you that the importance of changing your diet, which does not mean dieting but optimising it for the results that you want. You can also learn how to track your results. This leaves you to just follow the advice and practice without worry as you will be able to develop your muscle groups in a balanced way.

However, if you are not a beginner and have done body building before then maybe you can try one of the other options. In short, doing bodybuilding at home is about finding what is best for you and what give you the best results.

Adapt The Domestic Space Into A Female Bodybuilding Space

Whether amateur or professional, female bodybuilding is an activity that often requires equipment, as well as a dedicated space. As mentioned earlier, when you decide to improvise or recreate a bodybuilding space at home, you may not have considered how you will be storing dumbbells, weights and other bars or pulls. However, having an organised well-equipped space it is an element that must not be neglected for muscular development. If you don’t want to hit your toe on a dumbbell while in the kitchen then you have to know How To Organize Your Space.

While cardio routines need barely any equipment, when you move onto lifting weights you could find your living room looks like a bomb has hit it. On top of that, you do not want to spend 20 minutes searching for the powerlifter or barbell to build your quadriceps or oblique muscles, your fitness routine and life routine will need some organization.

Female bodybuilding can be a hobby, a passion, or even a job. Many female body builders go on to become contestants in bikini competition after bikini competition. They challenge the idea of what women can do even with onstage aerobic workouts, that show the work that they have done to change their bodies. Come on get fit female body builder, you can do it!

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