When it comes to high school kids, these students undergo a drastic change when they make the jump from elementary school to high school.

Elementary private tutoring is all about enabling a young child to explore their areas of interest and to develop a learning attitude. For more insight into this topic, you can check our guide on elementary tutoring.

However, for high school students, there are various factors involved - a change of curriculum, growing ages and exposure to various elements have a drastic impact on how they learn.

While they learning more and more each day, this overexposure to the rest of the world has adverse effects on their academics. Learning can become difficult for high schoolers, not because they can’t concentrate, but because they are inundated with new ideas and have to study several different subjects.

A student carrying books and a bag
A high-school student carrying her books. Source: Unsplash

High school students engage in various on and off-campus activities to build a better profile and get into a good school and this can surely up your chances of getting into your dream college!

However, their grades might suffer as a consequence of these extracurricular activities that make it difficult for students to focus on studies. It can cause grades to plummet, which makes it hard for them to get into a good school. This is why many students in the United States now opt for private high school tutoring to keep their grades up and get into the right school.

Having a dedicated teacher to help out in studies can be beneficial in many ways.

As a student, you can make use of the additional academic support from professionals, allowing you the time to bag more trophies and build a strong profile.

It can make you a strong contender for Ivy League schools, here’s how:

  • Hiring tutors in high school can also help ace honor classes where the coursework is often challenging
  • Private tuition can help with entry tests for college and university.
  • A private tutor can help you prepare for SAT and ACT
  • A personal tutor can help you maintain a good GPA in high school, strengthening your academic career
  • Students that opt for a personal tutor in high school can also take up university tutoring to continue their winning streak

The right tutor can help you cultivate confidence in your abilities as you learn more, recall better and use this new-found guidance to pass exams assertively.

Identify Your Strength And Weaknesses

Hiring a personal tutor can give you an edge in academia by helping you secure better grades, building your strong profile, and preparing you for college.

Another reason for private tuition is that it helps you excel in subjects that you’re weak in.

Tutors analyze your strengths and weaknesses, so they can help you choose a field of study as you move to college.

Choosing the right career path in college is probably the most critical decision for every high school student in the US.

With a thorough understanding of your core abilities and interests, a private tutor can assess the areas you need to work on and excel in high school.

Elementary tutoring and private tuition can help you find strategies to counter your weakness as a student.

Get Better At Selective Subjects

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Private tuitions allow you to get better at the subjects you struggle with. Source: Unsplash

You don’t have to get private tuition for every course you take in high school. Suppose you’re doing well in all classes, but mathematics is becoming a problem – count on a math tutor to pull you out of your misery.

Experienced teachers often employ advanced tutoring techniques to develop the skills of a student.

Personal tutors can also identify the optional courses a student can take up in high school to expedite their path to college – for instance, biology is an essential subject if you plan to go to med school and a tutor can help you get it right.

Benefit From The Undivided Attention

Competition in the academic world is getting fiercer with each passing year, and students are always on the lookout to gain an edge in the competitive corporate world - one surefire way to do this is to hire private tutors.

A recent study conducted by the US Department of Education found out that a vast majority of students in high school are at risk of failing, which could hinder their graduation.

Teachers at a school do help students, but they are bound to treat each student equally because they simply don’t have the time to give individual attention to each and every one of them.

So students are left to master a lot of the material by themselves.

Private tuition, on the other hand, allows the teacher to invest their time on you so they can help you understand concepts, practice, and get the overall hang of the subject.

This is a core benefit of private tutors that extends across all skill and proficiency levels. We have elaborated on this in more detail on our guide for private tutors according to your skill level.

People hire private tutors for a majority of subjects, ranging from languages to theoretical subjects like Biology, History, and Chemistry, among many others.

With a private tutor, it becomes a lot easier for students to concentrate precisely on subjects where they need the most attention. The best aspect of hiring a personal tutor is that you get to study at home with no distractions.

Personal tutors are also ideal for help in areas like thesis writing, revising study material, consolidating knowledge acquired from multiple sources, preparation for your undergrad interviews, and a lot more.

Desk writing
Private tutors provide students with the individual attention required to boost learning. Source: Unsplash

Find The Right Private Tutor

Whether you're looking for a private tutor at university level or high school, in finding the right tutor you first must identify what exactly you need help with.

For example, if you’re getting private tuition for history, then first figure out your own learning needs. Do you lose focus because you find it annoying? Is it difficult to remember dates and names of historical figures? Is your current teacher unable to convey concepts easily?

When you have the answers to these questions, you’ll be able to explain your learning needs to your tutor adequately.

Besides, an efficient tutor can identify the source of the problem and identify alternative teaching methods that are best suited to your learning style. Perhaps you are good at understanding visual content but can’t stand long and tedious lectures that don’t include images.

Your personal tutor will make sure to include visuals to help you make sense of the material and fill in the knowledge gaps that keep you from an all-star status at the school.

Remember, no academic challenge is too big for an excellent tutor – you can count on the right one to help you achieve your goals in high school and then go on to bigger better things in college.

Count On Superprof For All Your High School Tutoring Needs

Superprof is a renowned tutoring service that helps high schoolers in trouble areas like math, writing, science, and history, to name a few.

Whether your skills are below grade level or require expert guidance from a pro to make up for a few deficiencies, Superprof can help.

We put students in one of three groups: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

If you are a newbie in the course and want to be taught everything from scratch, consider yourself a beginner.

Students who already have an excellent grasp on a subject but need expert assistance are categorized as ‘advanced.’ This segmentation allows the tutor to understand where to begin and what pace to maintain while tutoring.

Finding the right tutor for high school can be challenging, and that’s where Superprof comes in – we maintain a database of the best tutors in the United States for you can hire from elementary to university level and beyond.

The search tool at Superprof is also quite easy to use. Simply enter your location, the subject you want to study and browse through the search results to find your tutor.

You can find a detailed profile for all our tutors, where you can learn all about their qualifications, experience, and expertise. There are also comprehensive reviews and comments left by other students to help you choose a tutor that’s right for you.

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