Elementary schools set the foundation for critical thinking and learning in young children – two fundamental skills that have many academic and practical applications later in life.

During these initial years, students develop their learning abilities as new subjects are introduced –clarifying difficult concepts on time is vital to their success.

Private tutors can induce motivation and build confidence to succeed in classrooms and beyond at all levels.

Tutoring elementary school students can be a very enlightening experience when private tutors act as role models — making the process of learning fun and interactive.

Some students struggle to grasp the basic learning concepts, while others require extra motivation to achieve good grades.

These reasons compel parents to explore private tutoring options for their children.

Private tuitions allow students to have a personalized learning experience to expand their knowledge.

But it’s imperative to note that all students have different requirements, and they should not be expected to fit in with just any personal tutor.

Therefore it is essential to choose a private tutor who gets along with the student and understands his/her requirements.

What is Elementary Education

Students of elementary school sitting in a classroom
Elementary-level private tutoring helps build a strong foundation. Source: Visualhunt

It is the perfect place for children to learn new concepts as they play and share with their fellow students. The schooling at the elementary level instills the notion of individual success in the child and helps develop their personality.

In the United States, five to six-year-old children go to elementary schools to interact with others their age. They also learn the basics of life – this results in an attachment with other students and teachers that aid in the child’s intellectual growth.

But sometimes, the curriculum can be challenging for their young minds as they rely on their parents for guidance and instructions. Unfortunately, the grownups don’t always have the time or the technical skills to help the young ones.

A personal tutor can give personalized and interactive sessions to prepare the child for future academic success.

Private Tutoring Strategies For Elementary School

In elementary schools, children learn using a variety of methods. Their writing and reading skills vary to a great extent — it’s quite common for teachers to find some students reading fluently, where others have issues forming words with more than to consonants.

Here are some strategies that private tutors use when working with elementary school children:

A tutor helping a child learn on a tablet
Private tutors can help a child reach their true academic potential. Source: Visualhunt

Read Aloud Together

This has been a vital part of our learning experience for generations. Reading out aloud not only allows a kid to overcome their fear of speaking up but also allows them to correct any mistakes as the tutor is accompanying them in this activity.

To promote reading skills in children, personal tutors use a variety of techniques. One such method is choral reading — in which the tutor reads the sentence out loud and the student reads along with him in a softer tone.

Another method is echo reading — in which the private tutor reads one sentence and the student takes the cue to repeat the sentence after him. When the student becomes comfortable enough, he is asked to read aloud on his own.

Develop Decoding Strategies

Some children grasp the meaning of new words with almost no directions, while others need one-on-one sessions. Personal tutors enable such students to focus on the meaning of the term by putting it in the context of a story or by breaking compound words.

These decoding strategies can be applied while reading with the child to help him understand an unfamiliar word or concept. An advanced understanding of words continues to help a child way into their high school, where private tutors are more focused on building their concepts instead of correcting their pronunciation.

For more insight into how high school private tutoring works, read our blog on high school tutoring.

Engage With Writing

To develop writing skills, tutors help the child decide on a topic he or she wants to write about. Then they are encouraged to make several drafts until they write the perfect piece with minimum grammatical, spelling and punctuation mistakes, all with the help of a tutor.

The student discusses the draft with the private tutor to gain feedback and confidence in his writing skills.

Benefits of Elementary Tutoring

Private tutoring has become popular due to its effectiveness in improving the learning abilities and grades of a child. Following are the ways by which private tuitions can have a positive impact on your child:

Personalized Lessons

Some students require exclusive focus on the entire course, while others need more attention from their teachers in understanding a concept here or there.

This is where customized learning helps students. The private tutors adjust to the pace, abilities, and goals of the child. This ensures maximum learning due to the uninterrupted attention a student gets from their personal tutor.

One-On-One Attention

Everyone is born different - and while many parents do believe that, they forget that this also has implications on how a child learns. Not every kid can learn at the pace at which school teachers teach. Instead, Private tutors give individual attention to each student.

When compared with a classroom of twenty to thirty students where a teacher cannot provide undivided attention to a student, private tutoring poses a considerable advantage.

With fewer distractions, the tutor can work on all the shortcomings and limitations of a child with special care.

Option To Choose The Most Suitable Teacher

Unlike schools where a student has no say in the selection of a teacher, private tuitions allow parents and students to choose a tutor who better suits their requirements.

They can find tutors with diverse talents, qualifications and capabilities, as well as distinct teaching styles and that, can make a world of difference for the student.

An excellent tutor will engage the student throughout the session to help them process all the information they need to be better at a subject.

Confidence Building

A one-on-one private session with a tutor also helps build a child’s self-reliance and personality.

That’s because tutors usually take their time to get to know the student better and encourage conversation. This reassures the student of his or her self-worth and also builds up their skills at school.

Studies show that private tutoring can improve self-confidence among children, which can be seen in their grades.

A Different Perspective

In elementary schools, children often struggle with subjects like mathematics.

Parents find it hard to familiarize themselves with such concepts and this is where private tuitions can help by providing out-of-the-box solutions to complex problems. Their interactive approach and outlook can help tutors ensure better understanding and acceptance of the issue.

This habit of providing solutions to complex problems is a key highlight in favor of private tutoring - highlighted throughout a student's career. Particularly in advanced studies at college where students opt for university tutoring.

For a detailed article on how advanced tutoring works, check out our guide on private tuitions for university students.

Maintaining Skills During Summer

One of the most significant issues parents struggle with is forcing their children to study during summer breaks.

They want to make sure that their child does not fall back. So one of the biggest advantages of private tutoring is that it becomes a regular part of the routine, which can be continued during summers.

An elementary school child reading a book
Individual attention helps a child overcome his limitations. Source: Visualhunt

Our Advice

Hiring a private tutor can help parents ensure that their child has all the help they need to learn new subjects and skills.

Personal tutors offer many advantages when it comes to building skills and ensuring an in-depth understanding of the subject matter at hand.

If your child in elementary school needs help, a customized SuperProf tutoring program can help them scale new heights of success later in life.

Here at SuperProf, we understand that even the smartest students sometimes struggle with focus and organization – which ultimately leads to ineffective study habits and poor grades.

Our private tutoring services work with your child’s curriculum and homework to help them improve their grades and be confident in the classroom. From elementary to high school level.

Our elementary school tutors are handpicked to deliver according to your child’s learning needs and personality – so rest assured that with us, your child will get the individual attention they need to succeed.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our private tutoring program for elementary school children.

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