Wherever you’re currently at with your acrylic painting, there’s always room for improvement. If you’re looking to brush up on your technique, and take your painting to the next level, then you’re in luck.

We’ve gathered some of the best acrylic painting tutorials and resources out there, to give you the best chance of success in your painting endeavours, whether you’re just starting out, or proficient in the craft.

Before we get stuck into the resources that will prove invaluable in your quest to become more adept with acrylics in your work, we’re going to briefly go over the basics to get you up to speed.

Master the Basics

A messy painting scene.
What’s painting if not a little messy at first?

Like with any skill or hobby, with acrylic painting you’ll need a solid grasp of the basics in order to reach any level of proficiency. To learn the basics you might find luck in a variety of sources, ranging from beginner video tutorials online, to lengthy written guides, or a good old-fashioned instruction book to take you through the paces.

We all have our own unique learning styles, so the efficiency with which we can pick up a new skill or hobby can often depend on the type of resources we consume. Some thrive off consuming multimedia sources like videos and audio, while others prefer understanding the material cognitively through text and written guides.

With that being said, let’s dive into some of the different approaches to picking up the basics in acrylic painting.

Multimedia Sources

One of the most popular ways to acquire new skills in this modern age of technology is through multimedia sources such as the huge video sharing platform YouTube, or online course websites like Udemy, or Skillshare.

Being able to see a skill demonstrated visually through the form of video is hugely helpful when it comes to replicating it yourself. For some people, myself included, written instructions are far more difficult to act upon than an instructive video.

Will Kemp Art School Free Videos

One such source for acrylic painting tutorials is the Will Kemp Art School. Established by award-winning, English-born artist Will Kemp, the art school has plenty of videos to get you started out in acrylic painting, and help you get the basics down from the get-go.

The astounding library of free video tutorials covers everything from still life painting to landscape painting, so whatever it is you enjoy painting, you’ll find a class for you.

Udemy: Acrylic Painting for Beginners Course

Another way you can dip your toes into the world of acrylics, is by investing some money in a prestigious online course like this one on Udemy.

Although some of the courses on Udemy can seem pricey, there are frequent discounts and sales throughout the year, and you are getting great value for your money. In addition to an extensive video library, you’ll also have an established art teacher talk you through the basic supplies you’ll need to get started, various techniques, and the many applications of acrylic paint.

This more thorough approach will see you making great strides in no time, provided you put the work in. This is definitely one of the best ways to get a head start in acrylic painting should you wish to become proficient in the field within a relatively short period of time.

Written Guides

If your preferred method of learning is through written word, then you’ll likely be best served seeking out a through online guide which can talk you through the basics of acrylic painting so you can wrap your head around the core concepts.

Will Kemp Art School Written Guide

Proving to be a great resource for all styles of learning, the Will Kemp Art School is home to a fantastic written guide in PDF format.

This 50 page guide will lay out the fundamentals of acrylic painting in a clear and concise manner; perfect for those who want to sit down and get a clear idea of what’s involved in the craft before getting started.

Covering basic supplies, core painting principles, and some of the best paid painting courses out there, this guide should have plenty of content to get you off the ground.

Jackson’s Art Acrylic Paint Guide

A lengthy online article, the acrylic paint guide from Jackson’s Art (a large fine art supplier based in the UK) provides plenty of value to the reader and the beginner acrylic painter.

Nicely laid out, the article details the history of acrylic painting, the science behind why they dry so quickly, as well as some of the techniques you can use.

This guide can serve as a nice introduction into acrylics, and give you a great starting point, or helpful refresher.

Illustrated Books

A woman reading a book with a mug of coffee in hand.
You just can’t beat a coffee and a good book.

Lastly, there are those of us who like nothing more than to sit down with a nice hardback book and a cup of coffee before diving into a new hobby.

Learn to Paint in Acrylics with 50 Small Paintings

Available for purchase on Amazon, this well-rated acrylic painting book for beginners is a fantastic way to get up and running and figure out the basics of the art medium.

Taking a hands-on approach, this book by Mark Daniel Nelson will have you attempting to recreate 50 impressive acrylic paintings. Perfect for anyone who enjoys following along and practising the new skills they’re learning on the fly, this book provides an entertaining introduction into working with acrylics.

See popular artistic acrylic paintings.

Step Up Your Acrylic Painting Game

An outdoor scene with someone painting on a canvas.
Working on the finer details.

After getting the basics down, you’ll probably find yourself wanting to challenge yourself further. It’s often the case that after working hard at a skill for a long time, we reach a plateau, or a stage in which we feel that progress is coming much slower than before.

It’s at this point that many people choose to tap out or begin to lose interest as progression seems so difficult. For that reason, it’s important to enjoy the hobby of painting without worrying too much about the end result, since this can be discouraging at times since we’re very critical of our own work.

If you’re still plugging away at it though, then here are some handy resources and tutorials that could re-invigorate your progress and give you some extra motivation.

Intermediate and Advanced Video Tutorials

The following video tutorials take a more in-depth approach to acrylic painting with a view to helping you make the jump from intermediate to advanced, and beyond.


YouTube is a true goldmine for acrylic painting, with a wealth of video tutorials and step by step guides which will give you plenty of material to work with.

If intermediate and advanced acrylics tutorials are what you’re looking for, this YouTube playlist from fine art painter and experienced art instructor Angela Anderson contains over 60 videos falling in the intermediate and advanced levels of difficulty.

If your acrylic painting is good, but you want it to be great, then these lengthy video tutorials can help you step up your game and master more advanced skills and techniques.

Before long, you’ll be painting everything from boldly coloured Cardinals, to intricate flowers, and floral deer with these videos.

There are plenty of other great YouTube channels out there too offering so much free value that can take your acrylic painting to the next level.

ColorByFeliks does incredibly detailed step by step tutorials so you can impress your friends with amazing landscapes or other nature scenes using acrylics.

Another channel of note is Acrylic Painting Techniques, which, as the name suggests, demonstrates many different techniques in the medium.

This channel will familiarise you with a variety of techniques which could be just what you need to break through the plateau and make progress with your acrylic painting work.

Skillshare Acrylic Painting Courses

I won’t single out a specific acrylic painting course on Skillshare since there are a variety of great courses to choose from on the popular online course platform.

Depending on your interests, you could take a course in everything from modern acrylic painting techniques, master abstract painting with acrylics, or become proficient at painting flowers and floral designs.

These courses are great for zeroing in on a niche within acrylic painting and truly honing your skills.

SuperProf Online Classes

For something a bit more personalised, you can use the find a tutor near me function on our website to see if there are any art tutors able to help in your area.

Even if there aren’t, you can learn from our fully qualified and experienced tutors online, which can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and work towards making solid progress in acrylic painting.

Written Word Material

There are plenty of great acrylic painting books and guides that will provide you with a solid knowledge of how to improve in the medium.

Complete Guide to Painting in Acrylics

This book is a comprehensive guide to everything related to acrylic painting and working with the medium.

Any question you have about the medium will be answered in this book, along with step-by-step guidance to help you master the techniques that can prove so difficult to grasp.

Invaluable: 14 Acrylic Painting Techniques Used by the Masters

This simple guide of advanced acrylic techniques will give you a good idea of some of the effects you can achieve when you get to a more advanced level.

Complete with illustrated examples, the article makes for a great read for anyone looking to up their game by exploring the many techniques accessible through the use of acrylic paints.

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