"Se puoi sognarlo puoi farlo"

"If you can dream it, you can do it".

If you dream of learning Italian, you can do it!

The first step in accomplishing that dream is finding someone capable of teaching you the ins and outs of this beautiful language and in Boston, that's pretty easy.

English speakers can find Italian and other language courses at local language schools, universities, and even cultural centers in the city. You'll be able to read, understand the grammar, and level up your speaking skills in no time with the right instructor.

Superprof can help students in the Boston area find the lessons that will work best for their budgets and schedules. We have listed below the top schools and programs for aspiring Italophiles as well as where and how to get in contact with private teachers.

On Superprof's platform, you'll be able to connect with a dedicated group of people providing tutoring services in the city of Boston as well as other cities across the US.

Once you find the perfect instructor, it just takes some dedication and time to reach fluency in Italian.

Learning a Romance language like Italian, French or Spanish will take hours of practice, however, being multilingual can open doors for both your personal and professional life.

Boston’s Italian Cultural Centres

Some of the best places to acquire a new language are in local cultural centers. Boston residents are lucky to have not one, but two cultural centers dedicated to Italian culture, history, and language.

italian culture
These cultural centers help connect English speakers to Italian history. (Photo by Christopher Czermak on Unsplash)

The two best-known institutions include the Friends of the Italian Cultural Center of Boston and the Dante Alighieri Society of Massachusetts.

Friends of the Italian Cultural Center of Boston (FICCB)

This center aims to preserve Italian heritage and create a bond between the Italophiles in the area. The FICCB puts on yearly events which include:

  • Public lectures
  • Concerts and art shows
  • Social events
  • Language exchange events
  • Food and heritage celebrations

With these events they hope that they can create stronger ties between the Italian and New England communities since so many New Englanders can trace back their roots to Italy and other parts of Europe.

The FICCB encourages all those interested in becoming Italophiles. They can help you get in contact with native speakers in the community that provide tutoring services. 

Dante Alighieri Society of Massachusetts

The Dante Alighieri Society is a non-profit organization that has been around since 2012. Their objective is to

“promote and foster Italian language and culture”.

To accomplish their objective, the Dante Alighieri Society strongly supports the study of the Italian language, fostering a spirit of understanding through arts and other cultural activities. They hold a deep appreciation for literature, science, industry, and of course, languages.

At the Dante Alighieri Society, you can also enroll in Italian classes for adults. They have classes for all levels of Italian. You can check out their website to see which class suits you best. For those students with a couple of years of experience with the Italian language, there are seminars available where you can practice your Italian as well as learn the history and cultural aspects of Italian society.

The Society even offers Boston residents the opportunity to join their classical chorus that sings music from the Italian language repertoire. This is a great chance to practice your Italian as well as a fun way to meet other people with similar interests in Italian and music.

If you happen to live in Chicago or Philly and still want to be able to participate in similar events, there are also fantastic opportunities to get involved with Italian cultural centers in those cities.

Enrolling In Italian At A Boston University

Boston’s universities are known to be top tier. With schools like Harvard in the mix, it's no surprise that Boston’s universities have a huge variety of classes to offer its students, including multiple Italian courses.

university language courses
Your school will require you to take an exam to define your Italian class placement. (Photo by Mikael Kristenson on Unsplash)

Here are a couple of universities that offer Italian programs to their students.

  • Harvard - Harvard has Italian focused degrees for undergrad, grad, and Ph.D. students. Their courses are listed under the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures and include classes for students of all levels. Typically students start with beginner-level classes but if they have previous knowledge of Italian they are allowed to place into higher levels. Harvard students can also choose from two different study abroad options including one in Milan and another in Siena.
  • Boston University - BU offers over 20 Italian course options for their students. They have everything from first-semester Italian to more specialized classes like 20th Century and the Italian Film. Such a wide range of credits allows BU students not only to learn the grammar and vocabulary of a new language but also to be able to explore new fields using their newly acquired knowledge in Italian. If you are interested in Italian literature, this is where you should take your courses, BU offers 3 different courses in Italian literature.
  • Boston College - The Italian Language Program at BC is three years long by which the last year most students are fluent in the language. The program promises to teach essential skills like speaking, listening, reading, and writing, all while developing the student's knowledge of relevant socio-cultural and historical aspects of Italy.
  • Northeastern University - Through their World Language Center, Northeastern rigorous yet lively curriculum is provided by experienced instructors. The courses are available for all levels of Italian and even the opportunity to add Italian as a minor once you complete the required credit hours.

If you are enrolled in any of these programs and feel as though you need some extra help, there are plenty of tutoring services that you can use to supplement what you learn at school. Private tutors can provide reviews for courses and help prepare you for exams.  

These aren't the only universities that offer Italian courses, if you are attending college anywhere in Los Angeles or New York, there are plenty of universities that offer similar classes.

Learn Italian Online

If you’re hoping to learn Italian from home, you have a couple of different options. Some students take the self-taught approach where they use a multitude of tools found online to teach themselves the basics of the Italian language. Other students choose to learn online but through guided instruction from an experienced tutor. Both options are typically cheaper than attending in-person classes, making it more accessible to a larger community of students.

You can find free tools and resources for learning Italian online. Some of the best courses are found on YouTube.

YouTube has great content for those who want to learn to read Italian. (Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash)

If you’re hoping to learn through a guided course, there are a variety of tutors, even right here on the Superprof, that are willing to teach virtual classes. Virtual classes have the benefit of individualized attention at a reduced cost. 

You can find Italian tutors in the Boston area using Superprof. On the site, you can compare both local and global teachers and check out reviews left behind by past students. You’ll also be able to look at qualifications such as years of experience and any certifications listed on their profiles.

Some tutors even offer a free trial lesson so that you can test out the tutor's teaching style before committing to multiple classes. This allows students to check in with a couple of teachers before making their final decision.

Being able to find an Italian tutor online means that you don’t have to look for tutors in your immediate area, rather you can check out tutors from around the world even some currently living in Italy.

Superprof's virtual language tutors can help native English speakers learn Italian, Spanish, and French. 

Average Price of Italian Classes

The average price of an Italian class in Boston is $20 per hour-long session. The price of a lesson varies depending on the length of time of each session, the teacher's experience level, and the location of the class.

online tutoring
Each tutor profile will note the tutor's services, including virtual teaching. (Photo by Bram Naus on Unsplash)

Typically, tutors' prices will go up if they have a higher education degree or if they have any other kind of teaching certification.

If you are looking to learn Italian for a specific purpose, such as a job, you might want to reach out to Italian instructors who focus on business. You could enroll in a more specialized program that will not only teach you basic Italian but also get into technical terms commonly used in business.

The location of your Italian lessons will also alter the price. Online lessons are usually the cheapest as neither the student nor the tutor has to account for transportation costs. Meeting in person, either at a mutual location or your home, makes the price of each session go up slightly.

Plenty of tutors also offer discounts if you sign up for multiple sessions at once, so make sure to ask any prospective teacher if this is something that they offer to.

The price of a lesson depends on where you live in the US. Cheaper cities like Houston will have cheaper options for language classes.

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