Taking up any foreign language can be a challenge. French, Spanish, and even Italian can be complicated to learn for native English speakers. This is because English is a Germanic language and French, Spanish, and Italian are all Romance languages.

Romance languages are modern languages that evolved from Vulgar Latin. Romance languages are spoken by almost 670 million people across the world.

Although it is a bit more complicated for an English speaker to learn a language like Italian, it is not impossible, after all, Italian is one of the easiest of the Romance languages. Italian pronunciation is very logical, and the grammar rules have very few exceptions.

Speaking Italian can help you better connect with the other 67 million native Italian speakers across the globe. It is a fun language to know and can even help you in your travels.

It might take you some time to reach full fluency, but the journey is definitely one worth the effort. Even taking a couple of hours of tutoring sessions can make a great difference in your progress. All it takes is a little dedication and time. Within some years, you'll be able to experience the benefits of being multilingual.

For those in Texas who choose to take on Italian lessons, there is no better place to look for a fun and knowledgeable teacher. Here on Supeprof, we have a full guide about where and how you can Italian tutors in your area.

Private Italian Lessons

Hiring a personal instructor to teach you Italian is one of the most effective ways of learning the language. More individualized attention can cut down the hours you spend trying to comprehend grammar and vocabulary lessons.

one-on-one teaching
A lesson with one-on-one attention can make a bigger impact than a group class. (Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash)

Private teachers can accommodate their teaching to your skill level, your preferred form of learning, and at your pace.

Lessons with a personal tutor offer a lot more individualized attention than that provided in a class with multiple people. Although in group classes, you can meet other people with similar interests, you also receive less attention from the instructor because they need to answer to multiple students.

If you are interested in taking private Italian lessons, make sure to thoroughly look through all of the prospective tutors in your area.

Superprof offers you the opportunity to book Italian tutoring services with the best tutors in town. On Superprof’s platform, you can directly contact Italian tutors in Houston and across the US.

Using Superprof, you can look through reviews, certifications, and areas of specialty.

Reviews can be quite helpful when you are selecting from a multitude of options.

Another indicator of a good tutor is their certifications. Tutors should be able to present a list of their accreditations including a resume with years of experience and any education certificates they might hold. Certifications can include Italian study degrees from a reputable university or a language certification from a cultural center.

Make sure that you specify to your potential tutor any goals you may have. If you are hoping to learn Italian so that you can travel to Italy, that might be something you can mention. That way, the teacher will be able to adapt the curriculum to include more vocabulary and gestures that you would use while traveling.

Another area of expertise that you may look for in a tutor might include a business-oriented teacher. Some students hope to learn Italian to work in Italy or to orient their business to the Italian market. This type of student needs a teacher that will be able to teach business terms and more appropriate phrases for the workplace.

No matter your reason for signing up for an Italian course, you’ll be able to find the right tutor for you. You might even find them right here on Superprof!

Italian Courses At Houston’s Universities

Most universities in Houston offer their students at least some foreign language courses.

The University of Houston and Rice University offer classes for French, Spanish, and Italian education as well as programs in other languages.

large university class
Students in Houston's universities can earn a major or a minor in Italian. (Photo by Mikael Kristenson on Unsplash)

The University of Houston offers its students a Bachelor in World Cultures and Literature with an Italian track. The goal of the courses is to give each student a “comprehensive and coherent vision of Italian civilization in its various aspects and manifestations”. UH offers those enrolled in the Italian track up to a $2000 scholarship for a study abroad opportunity in Siena. Students interested can also join Il Circolo Italiano, which is the Italian club here at the University of Houston, Texas. They host social events throughout the year.

Rice University offers classes through the Rice Foreign Language Program. Students are taught basic language patterns and practical vocabulary so that they may develop conversation skills useful for future business and travel. The classes offered at Rice are divided into Beginner-level, Intermediate-level, and Advanced-level students. Each level consists of two semesters of classes. Students can enroll in the program through an online application form found on their site.

One of the biggest perks of studying a foreign language in college is that you can partake in study abroad programs. Through these programs, you can earn college credits while living and studying in another country.

If you are hoping to learn Italian, one of the best ways to do so is through immersion. If you are interested in studying abroad, make sure to contact your school and ask about possible options.

Study abroad options and college credits in Italian are available for students across the US. Universities in New York and Philadelphia offer similar programs.

Learning Italian At Cultural Centers

Houston is home to the Italian Cultural and Community Center, located in Museum Park.

The mission of the Italian Cultural & Community Center is to advance, celebrate, and preserve Italian culture and heritage.

Their community is made up of:

  • Italians who have relocated to Houston
  • Americans of Italian descent
  • Italophiles, those who are interested in Italy and its culture
italian cultural events
Cultural centers offer Italian culinary events. (Photo by Heather Gill on Unsplash)

The Center sponsors and hosts a multitude of events, all geared to promoting Italy and Italian culture.

Some of their events include:

  • Film screenings
  • Wine tastings
  • Cooking classes
  • Lectures
  • Concerts

The Italian Cultural and Community Center offers classes for both children and adults.

The Italian classes for kids focus on basic language skills. Teachers hope to build strong foundations so that students can explore more advanced levels in high school or college.

Group classes are also offered to adults in two major groupings. The Basic User classes include levels A1 and A2, and the Independent User classes include levels B1, B2, and C1.

Apart from general in-person group classes, the center also offers a course called Italian for Travelers which is a mini crash course oriented to those looking to travel in Italy.

Similar to their traveler’s course, they also work with business professionals looking to expand into the Italian market, offering corporate courses.

If you happen to live outside of Houston, Texas but would like to participate in a local cultural center, there are plenty across the US. For example, both Chicago and Boston have Italian cultural centers with similar programs.

What To Expect During Your First Italian Class

During your first day in Italian class, you should expect to receive very basic instruction.

Although the first couple of classes might seem intimidating, there is no need to worry. Each lesson will get you closer and closer to being able to read, write, and speak confidently in Italian.

first day of class
Make sure to bring the right supplies to your first day of class. (Photo by Mike Tinnion on Unsplash)

You’ll probably learn introductory phrases like the following:

My name is ...
Mi chiamo ...
I am __ years oldHo __ anni
PleasePer favore
Thank youGrazie

Most beginner lessons are taught in a mix of English and Italian. As you enroll in more complicated classes, the instructor will likely only be teaching and speaking in Italian.

Depending on the tutoring services you choose, you’ll likely be provided with material to learn before your first lesson. This might involve a small overview of the lesson plan.

Make sure to read through any prerequisite material you are provided. Additionally, if you would like to get a little more ahead, you can check out some of the free online resources available for beginners on platforms such as YouTube.

Those looking for Italian lessons, in West Coast cities, like Los Angeles can check out our blog on Italian Classes in LA.

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