Beaches, the Hollywood strip, and movie stars.

These are the words that come to mind when someone thinks of Los Angeles. Health and fitness aficionados might also come to mind! Los Angeles is a very health minded city, which might come from living so close to the A-list celebrities, but Los Angeles residents are also some of the healthiest people in the country.

How do so many people gather the courage to go to a gym and work out every day all on their own? The answer to that is not as many as you think. Those who do, have great motivation and energy to make it to the gym, but unfortunately, we can’t all be like that.

Thousands of Angelenos find that motivation and accountability through others. The fitness professionals that serve as personal cheerleaders at the gym are also known as personal trainers and they aren’t as inaccessible as you may think.

If you are looking for someone to help you feel better, physically perform at a higher level, or simply to be more confident, a personal trainer might be the right choice for you. Whether you're lucky enough to live in LA or other cities such as New York or Austin, you will be spoilt for choice.

In order to achieve those health and fitness goals, dedication to workouts, nutrition, and support all have to work together.

Fitness professionals in LA are well versed in providing the tools and knowledge for those goals to be achieved through their personalized exercise programs with clients.

Why Hire a Personal Trainer in LA?

The answer isn’t because all the superstars do it, everyone, not just famous A-listers can benefit from personal trainers.

the Hollywood sign
Personal trainers are not just for the Holywood elite, there are affordable trainers throughout LA. (Photo by Nathan DeFiesta on Unsplash)

Here are some reasons why every Angeleno should hire a personal trainer.

  1. Fitness instructors are inexpensive. J. Lo’s trainer might not be in your budget, but there are plenty of trainers in LA that offer reasonable prices for their fitness programs. The average price for a fitness trainer is between $60 and $80 per session. These small investments can payout later, though better health down the line;
  2. To reduce injury risk. Constantly working out does no good if you are ignorant about the common mistakes that can lead to an injury. An experienced personal trainer will be able to deflect the risk of a fitness-related incident because they have the knowledge to help you improve your exercise technique;
  3. Motivation and guidance - This is one of the main reasons that people choose to hire a fitness specialist. Getting yourself to go to the gym and workout every morning can be a hassle if you don’t have the correct motivation and support system to reach your fitness goals;
  4. Personal trainers provide accountability. Personal fitness training will help grow your dedication to getting fit.
  5. If you are constantly bored with your health and fitness routine, maybe it is time for a trainer to bring in variety and creativity. Trainers are skilled in making exercise dynamic and fun. Changing it up by adding pilates, strength training, and high-intensity movement, will lead to better progress;
  6. The personal part of personal training is the most important. Your fitness trainer will devise an exercise program just for you. Taking into consideration your body composition, muscle endurance, and health limitations.

How to Find a Trainer?

The professional fitness industry is a steadily growing industry. According to IBIS World,

The personal trainer industry in the US has grown by 1.0% to reach revenue of $9bn in 2019.

This growth makes it easier for you to find an instructor in whichever corner of LA you're in. Deciding that you want to hire a certified personal trainer is the first stop followed by finding one in your area this includes other cities such as Philly or Chicago.

Begin by asking around, your friends, family or co-workers might have suggestions about trainers that they have used or that people have recommended. By asking someone you know, you’ll be getting information that you can trust.

group fitness classe
To lower the costs of a personal trainer, try a group fitness session at your gym. (Photo by Geert Pieters on Unsplash)

If any of your friends are currently using a personal trainer, ask them if they have thought about the possibility of splitting a class. Group training will not only bring down the cost of a fitness program but also allow you to start training in good company.

If you are already a member at your local gym or health club, take a moment to ask the gym staff about their personal trainers. Most gyms have in-house trainers, which you can sign up to have sessions with. If you are not yet affiliated with a gym, look for one that has special offers for a discounted training package or a free session in return for new membership.

If your schedule for working out is tight and you would prefer someone to come to your home for private training, you can look to hire an independent personal trainer. You can search for these trainers online and check out their websites for a list of their services.

Looking for virtual or online personal trainers is also an option. In the digital age, more and more trainers have come up with ways to rain their clients remotely. These options lack personal interaction but tend to be less expensive.

Face to face and online fitness professionals are also available right here on Superporf!

The Average Cost of a Personal Trainer?

Fitness instructors are not only for the rich and powerful. Like in most fields, there is a variety of options with a variety of prices. The number of years of experience, certifications, backgrounds, and demand are all factors that determine the price that a fitness plan will cost you.

Holly Perkins, a certified strength and conditioning specialist, based in Beverly Hills says that “unless you’re a Kardashian and are just feeling charitable, there’s no reason to pay more than $200 or $300 on each training session", and even that is a hefty price. You get what you pay for with personal trainers, but even one that charges $60 can be just what you need.

cost of personal trainers in LA
The average cost of a personal trainer in LA is $70 per hour. (Photo by Vladimir Solomyani on Unsplash)

When looking at trainers through a gym, the cost for a personal trainer can be an additional fee to your membership. Most gyms at least have suggestions of trainers that are eligible to work in their locations or are affiliated to the gym.

You can start by asking at the front desk of your gym to see if they have any special deals that come with the membership.

There are also options outside of your gym, independent trainers who can come to meet you at your home or may even have their own personal training studio. The price range for an independent trainer in the LA area ranges from $70 to $150 per session. Self-employed trainers tend to be a little more expensive than those found at gyms, but they are not restrained to the opening hours of a facility and therefore can accommodate your schedules a little better.

Stay Motivated During Your Workouts?

Apart from the correct knowledge in exercise physiology and certifications, a great fitness instructor will know how to properly motivate you to achieve your goals.

Since we all respond differently to types of motivation, it is important to find a personal trainer that understands the techniques that you prefer.

fitness motivation
Look for a personal trainer that positively motivates you through your fitness journey. (Photo by Vladimir Solomyani on Unsplash)

Some trainers might act like drill sergeants and that is because some people respond positively to more aggressive techniques. If that form of motivation does not speak to you, there are those who aren’t going to yell but rather reinforce your work in other ways.

Trainers should make you feel better and not worse about yourself, so it is important to find someone that understands what dynamic works with you. Make sure that the trainer you choose is someone who you feel satisfied with.

A fitness journey can be a rollercoaster of success and failure, so having someone who you can feel comfortable with, regardless of your shortcomings, is key for a positive trainer experience.

Whether your goals are to increase muscular strength, build core strength, or have the endurance to run a half-marathon, the right personal trainer will help assess your needs and set a personal training program to help you reach your goals.


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