Strength in life is the fountain of youth, strength in keeping the muscles strong and building them, strength in what you choose to eat, strength in your character - it is the absolute secret to a long life. - Terri O'Hara

Building strength, whether it is physical or mental, is important. According to personal trainer Terri O’Hara, it is “the secret to a long life”. And she is right. Time Magazine reported that a study from the British Journal of Sports Medicine “shows that small bouts of light physical activity are enough to increase lifespan”.

Building strength through exercises and workouts is not hard for the average New Yorker. There are plenty of gyms to accommodate those who are willing to put in the time for their health.

New York has 2,111 registered health clubs and 4,383,454 residents visiting these locations. Alongside the yoga and pilates classes, most of these health clubs may also provide personal training options for their clients, through fitness instructors.

A certified personal trainer is an expert in exercise science. Their main objective is to help clients reach their fitness goals through fitness training. Those goals range from a general desire for a healthier lifestyle to specific intentions such as running a marathon.

A trainer will provide their clients with individualized fitness plans that help them achieve their objectives. Fitness professionals may be able to provide their services in a variety of locations such as your apartment or preferred gym.

If you haven’t done so already, take advantage of the personal trainers provided at your gym or find a trainer online that can help you build your strength. The same applies to other cities, such as Chicago or L.A.

Where to Find a Personal Trainer in NYC?

Personal trainers work in a variety of areas. As the personal fitness industry grows, the options of where you can find a trainer grow, too. The variety of spaces available to trainers makes it easy to find one that accommodates different areas of New York City neighborhoods.

personal trainers at gyms
Personal trainers can be found in gyms and fitness centers throughout NYC. (Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash)

Here are some options where you and your trainer can meet up to complete your training sessions:

  • private training studio;
  • club gym;
  • your office building;
  • your home;
  • sports complex;
  • public park;
  • community centers.

These physical locations are means there are plenty of options available to move and train in, but there are some fitness trainers that may also be able to coach remotely.

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Questions for Personal Trainers

Before buying a product online, you usually do a little research. You check the reviews, you compare it to similar items, you might even double check with your friends before putting in your credit card information.

Buying time with a personal trainer shouldn’t be any different. You should be prepared to do sufficient research before saying yes to a particular trainer.

researching your personal trainer
When looking for a personal trainer, it is important to research all of their qualifications(Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash)

When evaluating your potential personal trainer it is important to keep in mind the following questions:

  • Ask them about their qualifications. Do they have a personal trainer certification or accreditation from a reliable institution;
  • Do they have basic training in AED or CPR? This is key in case anything goes wrong during a session;
  • Find out how much time they have worked in their profession;
  • Look at their websites or profiles on personal trainer forums and platforms.  Take note of their specializations. Do they conduct group fitness? Do they focus on fat loss? Do they hone in on muscular strength?;
  • Request that they provide you with their professional liability insurance or that of their employer;
  • Inquire about their knowledge in fitness industry standards and ethics codes in relation to fitness coaching.

Asking the right questions and feeling like your instructor is the perfect match for you can help you avoid headaches in the future. When evaluating a trainer, take their years of experience, philosophy, and cost into consideration.

Most personal trainers provide the first session/consultation free of charge or at least at a discounted price. Take the opportunity to engage with the trainer and clearly evaluate if their knowledge and guidance is worth investing in.

Finding Time to Work Out

Nobody is too busy, it’s just a matter of priorities

Stereotypically New Yorkers are very busy people. Everyone in New York is there to hustle, which leads to extremely busy schedules. Making sure that your health and fitness is a priority will help you to make time for a workout. This goes for other busy cities such as Austin or Philly.

Busy New York
Making time for a workout means scheduling a fitness session as a priority. (Photo by Aaron Sebastian on Unsplash)

Here are some ways that you can incorporate a little bit of fitness into your everyday routine:

  1. Make a plan - intentionally schedule in a little time at the gym, the same way you make time to watch Game of Thrones on a Sunday evening;
  2. Limit your screen time - the amount of time you spend scrolling through Instagram can be time spent going for a quick jog;
  3. Be motivated to save money - booking a session with a personal trainer and paying in advance pushes you to make time for your exercise;
  4. Find a cheerleader - find someone that is willing to motivate you to hit the gym, possibly a co-worker or a friend who shares a similar fitness goal.

Personal trainers allow you to make the most out of your workouts, mostly because you are paying them, but also because a trainer will help you change your ideas about fitness and health. Making your physical and mental health a priority in your hectic life can be monumental for your future.

Personal trainers are not necessarily bound to gym opening hours and can even arrange to meet you in your home. Finding the right time to exercise might be easier if you have someone that is able to adapt to your schedule.

A Typical Workout with a Trainer

When going into a session with a fitness trainer, it is important to be aware of what you will be asked to complete during your class. Your coach should give you a basic outline of what your workouts might look like during the initial assessment.

Personal trainer motivation
Your personal trainer will schedule different activities based on your goals. (Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash)

Typically a workout with a trainer will consist of the following components:

  • Warm up and stretching - this will help increase the range of motion of your muscles and decrease the possibility of a fitness-related injury;
  • Aerobic Exercise or Cardio - if the times allows for it, your trainer will incorporate a short portion of high-intensity cardio. Longer forms of cardio like running or swimming might be added as supplements to do outside of the time with your trainer;
  • Resistance Training - this is the longest part of a workout. The exercises completed during resistance training will be adjusted to your goals:-
    • If your goal is weight loss the resistance training will be back to back compound exercises that involve multiple muscle groups;
    • If your goal is to build mass, then a combination of compound and isolation exercises will be conducted;
    • If your goal is to improve speed, compound exercise will be done with intensity. These tend to be dynamic and will change time to time in order to keep your body from adapting to one single pace;
    • If your goal is muscle strength, your coach will be instructing heavy lifts with rests in between sets;
  • Post work out stretching or a cool down will round out the workout. It is important to always cool down in order to aid recovery and prevent lactic acid from building up and causing damage to your muscles.

Depending on the techniques used by your trainer, these components might differ. Fitness trainers will try to spice things up by introducing new units to the workouts throughout the program in order to keep you on your toes.

When looking to get fit and in shape, you don’t have to look far in NYC. A personal trainer can be found quite easily. The faster you book an exercise program the faster you will begin to achieve your fitness goals and in turn, feel more confident about your health and wellness.

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