Are you trying to get back into shape with a fitness app on your phone? Looking for one that is specialised in running? No problem! There are so many great interval training apps available to download which allow you to hone in on your fitness and practice regulated rhythms.

Interval training lets you alternate between phases of slow and fast running to really boost your fitness levels and endurance when it comes to running.

It’s an ideal way to train for those who want to work on their stamina and practice different kinds of running and for varying lengths of time, so it’s great for the 100m sprint and marathon training!

Experiment with different places and terrains
Coaching apps mean you can run wherever the wind blows you. Photo by BMcIvr on Visual Hunt

With an interval training app your intervals will be determined for you, so that you have a varied and disciplined workout. If you can't afford an online personal trainer, and the other online training possibilities are not for you

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We’ve put together a list of our favourite interval training apps!


With over a million users, Sportractive Running and Fitness improves health and fitness with a particular aim of fat-burning with its intense interval workouts. The personal trainer provides analysis of your performance and lets you establish clear goals to reach for both the short- and long-term.

Apps can tailor a training program to your fitness level
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App features:

  • Over 25 indoor and outdoor activities
  • A GPS tracker
  • Analysis of speed, rhythm and heart rate
  • A calorie-burning counter
  • Graphs of your personal data
  • An audible coach
  • Performance statistics
  • A BMI and body fat calculator

As well as practising interval training, there are also loads of health and fitness apps to help you work on other activities such as walking and power walking, cycling, and stretching, for example.

The personalisation feature of this app gives you the option of different interval intensities, so you can gradually build up to new levels of fitness without straining yourself, and it also provides recuperation exercises to make sure you adapt and relax properly.

The pros of Sportractive:

  • The colour-coded mapping system to help you follow your course easily
  • Its Bluetooth compatibility
  • The import and export of data so that you can share it with other fitness apps and software
  • It’s a completely free app with everything you need for a great workout
  • You can sync it to Google Chromecast
  • It has a really accurate distance tracker

The cons of Sportractive:

  • It’s not compatible with ANT protocol
  • It doesn’t have an auto pause option

So why not work on your MAS (maximal aerobic speed) with a free running up that has loads of great perks?


With a simple and concise display, Ripit interval app is great for outdoor running aficionados on their daily sessions. The app is available free on Android and iOS, for phone, tablet and computer.

App features:

  • Repetition training methods where you can choose the intervals, distance and intensity of your session
  • Great HIIT training methods
  • Freedom in choice of exercises
  • An audible coach to guide you
  • A timer to keep an eye on your interval timings
  • A GPS tracker
  • Speed and pace tables
  • Good balance between intervals of high intensity and slow rest phases

For beginners it’s advised to start off slowly at a steady pace before integrating more intense intervals into your workouts, which can be added about two or three weeks into training.

For experienced runners, you can jump straight into the more intense interval training if you feel confident and comfortable doing so, but be careful not to damage your legs or knees with a sudden burst of new activity.

The pros of Ripit:

  • It’s a practical app, great for organising interval workouts
  • It’s simple and easy to use
  • There are three different methods for fitness training
  • It adapts to all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced
  • It has an accurate GPS tracker
  • You can see your progress and data in graphs 

The cons of Ripit:

  • There is no exportation function
  • GPS activation is necessary to use the app
  • Your workout sessions don’t save automatically

Decathlon Coach

Decathlon is the go-to for all things sports and fitness – so why not give their app a try?

This retail brand has shops in 28 different countries worldwide, and now they’ve developed their own fitness app to help its customers put all their kit to good use! Whether you’re preparing for a marathon, or simply discovering new fitness hobbies, this app is could be the solution for you.

All you need for a run is your trainers and your app!
Apps are a great way to prepare and guide you. Photo on

This app intuitively adapts to all levels of fitness, letting you follow a program that helps you improve and progress as the weeks go on.

App features:

  • Simple exercises for beginners, for a minimum duration of 4 to 6 weeks
  • Sports walking and Nordic walking exercises
  • Cycling exercises
  • Workout sessions aimed specifically at weight-loss
  • Short and long interval training sessions, along with breathing exercises
  • Analysis of exercise rhythm, which can be further evaluated on the official Decathlon website
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Various jogging and sprinting challenges

The Decathlon Coach app offers you a real coaching experience: you’ll be accompanied by a real personal trainer in your ear to encourage you during your session. The coach provides detailed explanations of the exercises you embark on, and guides you as you carry them out.

The pros of Decathlon Coach

  • High-quality vocal coaching
  • A pleasant and easy-to-navigate display
  • The option of using a heart rate monitor as you work out
  • It’s not full of adverts, even though the app is free
  • Your weight is analysed and divided into fat, muscle and bone mass
  • An accurate GPS tracker

The cons of Decathlon Coach 

  • It’s not compatible with Android Wear
  • There have been issues with bugs in the past
  • It uses up a lot of battery power

So overall, a great app to help you get to and stay on top form!

iSmooth Run

The iSmooth Run app is great for people who love speed and getting out in the open. The app lets you set custom intervals before you set off on your run, so your workout session is perfectly tailored to you.

And once you’ve set up your intervals, the app will count for the rest breaks that you need to balance out the effort. It cleverly also has a weather-logging feature to let you know how weather might be affecting your performance, and it reminds you of this whenever you use it.

App features:

  • Various training programs
  • Works for all levels of fitness: beginner, intermediate, advanced
  • An accurate GPS tracker
  • Custom-set intervals
  • A break counter during your session
  • Weather-logging feature to analyse your performance and remind you for future runs
  • Precise data collection and display of statistics
  • Calorie and distance calculator 

iSmooth Run boasts so many useful features, and connects up to your Apple HealthKit too. Benefit from a built-in metronome and heart rate based training to help you keep your pace and breath properly.

The pros of iSmooth Run: 

  • A helpful in-app coach to guide and encourage you
  • Cadence tracking and built-in metronome
  • Maps, graphs and statistics of your activity and progress
  • Accurate GPS and pedometer for both indoors and outdoors
  • Custom interval workouts

The cons of iSmooth Run:

  • It’s not free, costing around £5
  • There isn’t an enormous choice of varied exercises


This app is fairly basic in its running and interval training features – its speciality, however, is its built-in DJ. This app seamlessly syncs up your pace with your music, so you’re never bored or lagging behind.

Use apps wherever you run for guidance
Whether you prefer running in the gym or outdoors, coaching apps are there to help! Photo by MilitaryHealth on Visual hunt

The app analyses the music on your phone by detecting its tempo, genre and mood, and then creates a playlist to match your speed.

App features:

  • An original ‘DJ’ feature to match your music to your pace
  • A distance and speed tracker
  • Goal setter
  • Self-designed weekly workout plan
  • Workout schedule tailored to your fitness level and progress
  • Built-in weather forecast
  • Virtual races, challenges and rewards
  • You can compare statistics with other Runkeeper friends

This app reminds us just how important music can be for exercise! The right playlist setting a good rhythm will enhance your activity and improve your pace, boosting the overall effectiveness of your workout.

Music can be really helpful during interval training too, and it’s easy to find songs that contain long sections of different beats to help you take measured intervals and breaks. And thankfully, Runkeeper does this for you!

The pros of Runkeeper:

  • It tailors a workout schedule to the individual
  • You can design your own exercise regime
  • It shows the weather forecast to help you plan
  • The built-in DJ keeps you pumped and motivated, connecting up to iTunes and Spotify
  • You can set goals and compete
  • You can compare statistics and celebrate progress with other users
  • It’s free!

The cons of Runkeeper:

  • There isn’t a huge choice of different exercise activities
  • It’s quite simplistic compared to other running apps
  • It doesn’t have many show-stopping features besides music syncing

So now it’s up to you to decide which app will suit you the best. Think about your fitness goals, whether it’s endurance you want to build up, or maybe you just want to focus on weight-loss. Whatever your objectives, the perfect app is waiting for you! Or why not look at the other online training options available to you?

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