You may be hesitant in learning French as a new language due to a limited budget, but lucky for you, the year is 2019 and the options are numerous!

There are multiple methods that you can consider and each with a different price point that can suit you:

- Signing up for French classes near you

- Hiring a private French tutor

- Purchasing French lessons online

As much as budget is a definite factor in your decision making, you have to remember why you are choosing to learn French.

If you have a specific deadline, let's say for a university entrance exam, then maybe you'll have to consider what will be the quickest and most successful method of learning versus finding the cheapest way.

If you are learning French because you're taking a month-long trip to France, then maybe you need to learn a more conversational type of French, where grammar is necessary but not crucial.

This reason may allow you to be more picky with your price point. Once you have established why you wish to learn, then you can move on to what will be the best way of learning French.

Learning French in a Classroom Setting

Empty classroom setting
Some people still prefer the traditional approach in learning a new language like French, in a classroom, face to face with the instructor and working with other students. Source: Jeffrey Hamilton on Unsplash

If classroom face-to-face learning is more your style, then signing up for a French class near you may be your preferred choice.

One very useful resource that can be found nationwide is the Alliance Française. Did you know that there is at least one Alliance Française chapter in every state in the United States? They offer a variety of French courses such as regular or intensive lessons. They can also be your connection to French culture!

As far as pricing goes, intensive lessons at the Alliance Française can cost you around $490 for a period of four weeks whereas regular lessons can cost you around $430 for a period of six weeks.

This may seem pricey but classroom learning can have its perks. By being in a classroom environment, there is more interaction between your French tutor and your classmates who are in the same boat as you.

Learning French in a classroom environment also allows you to form friendships with people who have similar interests as you. Meeting other people with the same goal as you, to learn French, can be motivating.

As if these weren’t good reasons already, learning French in a classroom setting will also be fun.

When you sign up for lessons at a French institute you are not only receiving your weekly French lessons, you will also benefit from the institute's event calendar. These events usually incorporate the lessons that are being taught daily to students.

Because you will be at a French institute, the events being organized by the school can introduce its students to French culture, cuisine, history, art and much more.

In your case, the school where you’re signed up for French classes may have events related to the French culture such as, wine and cheese pairings, French movie night or museum visits.

These types of events can expose you more to the French culture rather than just the language.

When you learn a new language and get exposed to its culture, it definitely adds more to your overall experience, thus motivating you to continue with your studies.

The Alliance Française may be one of the most popular French-language institutes worldwide but it certainly isn’t the only one.

You also have private institutes that can be found all over the United States in a city near you. We tested out our search skills and just in Los Angeles alone, we found over 100 results! We are sure you’ll find many near you.

Personalized French Lessons with a Private Tutor

Hiring a personal french tutor
At Superprof, there is the perfect French tutor for everyone! You also get your first French tutoring session for free. Source: Helloquence on Unsplash

If classroom learning seems overwhelming or you just want a more personalized approach to learning French, then maybe looking for a private French tutor is your way.

Do not let the word private make you feel like having a private French tutor is a thing of royalty. With the rise of demand for wanting to learn new languages, there has also been an increase in language teaching companies.

This also means that not all companies are the same, they all offer different approaches on how you can learn and practice French and that can suit your budget.

Take companies like Superprof for example. They are an online community of tutors worldwide. This includes language tutors and this includes French!

In cities like Los Angeles for example, their pricing can range from $20 to $70 an hour. In cities like New York, pricing can range from $20 to $100 an hour. All you have to worry about is finding a tutor that fits your schedule!

One good point we should mention is that by using a Superprof tutor, their first class will always be free. Both of you will have a chance to meet and you’ll have a chance to evaluate if this is the right tutor for you.

There are other benefits to learning French with a private tutor such as personalized lessons.

When your French lesson consists of just your private tutor and yourself then your French tutor will only be assisting you at all times.

By hiring a personal French tutor, you are planning when you want to have your French lessons, so they will fit perfectly with your schedule.

Working with a French tutor to learn French will also be beneficial for you because the classes will be adapted to your level, your strengths, and weaknesses.

Not only will your questions be answered as quickly as possible but also your lessons will be customized to your learning pace. If there are certain topics that you may need extra time on there definitely won't be others to hold you back.

French Lessons Online

Person sat at a laptop
Signing up for French classes online can give you the flexibility to study anytime and anywhere. Source: Christin Hume on Unsplash

Maybe you’re someone that has a tighter schedule or you simply are always traveling for work. Well, there is also an option for you!

Just because you cannot attend a traditional classroom setting lesson doesn't mean that you won't get the same out of your online classes whether you're learning for fun or for the DELF exam.

Online classes are just as effective, but you should always keep in mind that with any type of lesson dedication and practice is important.

Online classes give you the flexibility you need in order to continue with your career and personal life.

Just because your someone who has a tight schedule doesn't mean this is the best option, you have to really consider what it will take to succeed with online lessons.

People who decide to take online French lessons have to know how to manage their time, be organized, know to how to motivate themselves and have the ability to work alone anytime anywhere.

Taking French lessons online can also allow you to work at your own pace. If you are an organized person, you can still create a classroom-type environment by setting deadlines each day.

There are many other reasons why people choose to learn online.

There are many online learning software programs such as Rosetta Stone that may interest you.

Their online learning programs may work on a monthly or yearly subscription and you can take your French lessons on the go! Pricing can vary anywhere between $80 a month to $180 a year.

Whatever website you choose to learn French online, just make sure it’s the right one for you and that you start at your correct level.

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