When you start struggling in school, you get bad grades, and then it becomes a vicious circle as you lose your self-esteem, become demotivated and discouraged.

This dangerous feeling of academic defeat might lead students to drop out or fail as they fall further and further behind academically and struggle with assignments.

In order to avoid this situation and head for academic success, signing students up for some private tutoring might be necessary. And finding a tutor is nothing to be ashamed of - test prep and learning centers are a booming business, and many children need a bit of supplemental support in order to get great scores on the SAT ACT and succeed at school.

Catch up classes can also help students move to College Prep or Honors classes, do better on assignments, and bulk up their high school resumé before applying to colleges.

The US has one of the highest dropout rates in the developed world; about 25% of high school freshmen fail to graduate high school on time. Every year, about 1.2 million high school students drop out - or more than 2 students every single minute.

If you weren’t already making a beeline for your nearest learning center or tutoring program, recalcitrant teen in tow, those stats should convince you.

Does your child need a French tutor? Help with trigonometry? Are you searching for a Physics tutor?

Ok, but how much does private tutoring, one to one, at home cost?

In this article, Superprof will explain how much you should expect to pay for an hour of private tutoring.

The cost of tutoring depends on the subject where you need help…

First of all, you need to figure out what kind of academic tutoring your child needs. Do they need a math tutor? English tutor? Chemistry tutor? Help with geometry?

The cost depends on the type of tutoring - academic support at home, private tutoring, small group study, or online tutoring

Depending on what you need, there are several kinds of tutors and tutoring available, with different costs:

  • private tutoring at home - this generally ranges from anywhere between $25-50
  • online tutoring can cost anything between $10-40 for a membership, plus additional add-on costs
  • private classes at home - can cost from $15 for a class at middle school level or $20 per hour for a high school class.
  • distance learning classes - now migrated mostly online, there are still a few of these around and vary widely in quality and price, from totally free to several hundred dollars
  • After school help - programs for this are often run by organizations and non-profits and are very affordable.
  • small group classes - often held in a classroom or learning center, classes often have about half a dozen students and teachers deliver a level of teaching that is almost totally personalized. At a learning center, classes will probably cost between $100-200 per month, with two hours per class.

Of all these different kinds, we would recommend private, at home, one-on-one tutoring.

It seems a bit more practical to have a teacher come to your house to help you with the areas where you’re really struggling than to try and follow along in a group class or watching videos online.

For one thing, your private tutor will be monitoring your practice regularly as you grapple with the French plus perfect or complex calculus concepts. They can adapt their classes to your personal needs so that you reach academic success as quickly as possible, and can help you improve your study skills.

Not to mention, by choosing to have one on one private tutoring at home, you’ve basically guaranteed yourself academic improvement, and you can make sure you have an experienced tutor with a solid background and teaching experience.

Of course, paying at least $20 per hour of tutoring isn’t an inconsiderable cost.

For two hours of academic tutoring a week, it’ll cost at least $160 a month.

But if you’ve found the right tutor, your initial investment will pale in comparison to the joy at seeing your children succeed at school!

Get to take classes from the best tutors near me.

Academic support fees differ depending on the company you’ve gone to

Academic tutoring is a booming business in the US, now worth over $7 billion a year.

As evidence, there is a flourishing market with new learning centers, online tutoring services, and social businesses all jostling for a place.

You’re never too old to learn new things! Even retirees might enjoy a bit of tutoring.

Here’s a brief (non-exhaustive) list of the different learning centers and tutoring services in the United States:

Kumon Math & Reading

These learning centers aren’t just nationwide, they’re international. The chain of tutoring services takes its name from its Japanese founder, a math teacher who wanted to ignite his son’s passion for learning.

Today, the centers focus on math and reading skills and are great if your child is struggling with algebra or grammar. Learning generally follows a pattern of 30 minutes of daily assignments, 7 days a week. Two of those days would be at the learning center with a tutor; the other five are at home.

As with Sylvan and Huntington Learning Centers, Kumon is a franchise and prices differ locally. If you want to check prices, you’ll need to call up your nearest learning center.

Varsity Tutors

This nationwide provider offers in-home tutoring in 21 cities across the country, as well as extensive online tutoring options. Varsity prides itself on hiring tutors who are graduates of ivy league and top 40 schools.

Part of their model is that they do not run learning centers, and so are able to pass those savings on to students.

They also provide extensive test prep services, with tutors to help students study for the PSAT and SAT, as well as helping graduates and professionals with the GMAT, LSAT, and other standardized tests.


How could we talk about tutoring services without mentioning Superprof? This new online database helps potential tutors and students to find one another.

Already well established in other countries, Superprof has been growing rapidly in the US and offers a wide range of classes including guitar classes, math tutoring, academic support, and French teachers.

The range of prices is almost as varied as the subjects and will depend on what and where you’re studying. However, one hour of tutoring through Superprof will generally cost between $15-25.

Last year, the average price for an hour’s teaching on Superprof was $20.60. Check out the search box and see the prices near you!

Huntington Learning Center

This national company is now in its 4th decade and has plenty of experience teaching students and helping learner prepare for standardized exams. Huntington is a leading provider of academic tutoring and test prep and manages hundreds of learning centers across the country

Teachers are all certified and go through intensive training. Huntington uses Common Core standards to make sure tutors are following an agreed curriculum.

Instructors begin by conducting an academic assessment of students, and then craft an individualized learning plan to get them ready for their big math test or science project.

Sylvan Learning

This national powerhouse runs learning centers nationwide and works with students to improve their grades in math, reading, writing, and many other topics. Classes start from $95 for a month, and Sylvan also offers loans and payment plans to help make the cost more manageable

From Kindergarten right up through high school, Sylvan Learning can help any child get an ‘A’ grade.

Sylvan specializes on incorporating iPads, educational apps and other technology into tutoring sessions to make learning fun, and they also offer a range of payment plans in order to make tutoring an affordable investment for any parent.

Taking the cost of travel into account for tutoring

Just like a thermometer, the price of an hour of tutoring will go up with your tutor’s experience and expertise

Obviously, the price of an hour of tutoring, homework help, or academic support, whether private or in a small group, at home or in a learning center, will be linked to more than just the organization and type of class.

Would you pay $35 an hour for an inexperienced tutor? Of course not. In fact, you’ll almost certainly prefer a professional student instead of a junior at high school

The tutor’s background and experience also have an effect on the price for one hour of their time.

An hour of tutoring will often cost between $20 and $25 but this will change. A certified teacher will almost certainly cost more than a college student.

If you see someone advertising tutoring services at $30 an hour, they should be highly qualified and have lots of teaching experience.

Or if you’re looking for a native language speaker to help you move to the next level in a foreign language, whether it’s French, Spanish, German, Russian, or Italian, it might be both more difficult and more expensive to find your tutor.

Quality costs money! And while we’re talking about money, it’s worth considering travel expenses.

A private tutor who comes to you to teach lessons from your home will obviously have figured their cost of transport into their hourly fee.

If it’ll take them an hour on the road or on the subway to get to their tutee’s house, the price will obviously go up by a few dollars.

And finally, like most things, the price of tutoring varies widely across the country, depending on whether you’re in a city, on the coasts or in cities!

A bit of private tutoring at 6.30pm? Don’t forget your tutor need to come to you too.

Prices can easily vary up to $10 between the cities and rural areas, the north, and south.

And of course, like most things the cost of an hour’s tutoring in New York City will cost much more than an hour of academic support in Nashville.

If you want to become a teacher yourself, starting out by offering tutoring services is often a good way to start!

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