Tutoring isn’t just helping a student with homework. It is a supplemental instruction for the student to truly learn to master certain subjects that they have not been able to succeed in alone.

One-on-one tutoring has become extremely popular in the US and accounts for a $7.37 billion dollar market.

The subjects taught by tutors are varied and of a large range. Here are some of the topics you can find tutors for:

  • Social studies (History, Psychology, Sociology)
  • Math (Calculus, Algebra, Geometry)
  • Science (Chemistry, Biology)
  • Languages
  • Test preparation (SAT, ACT, GMAT, PSAT)

To learn more about the diversity of what tutors are teaching make sure to read about the diversity in the tutoring profession.

Students can help find academic support in private home tutoring, learning centers, or through online tutoring companies.

Keep scrolling to find out how to find the best tutors in your area and how much tutoring programs might cost.

How Much Does Tutoring Cost?

On average, tutoring runs from $25 to $80 an hour.

There are various factors that define the cost of a tutoring session. A tutor might differ in cost from another based on experience, subject taught, and location.

price of a tutor
The average price of tutoring varies throughout locations. (Photo by Josh Appel on Unsplash)

Tutors with more experience and accreditation will tend to cost in the higher range. If you choose a peer tutor, the price will go down considering they do not have as much experience.

Tutoring for younger children is also cheaper. As the child grows up and enters more difficult subjects in school, the tutoring prices will also increase. For example, SAT, GRE, MCTA and other test prep tutoring begin at an average of $45 an hour and can go upwards of $100 per hour.

The cost for tutoring centers is generally around $150 to 200 per month; however, they may not receive as individualized support as with a private tutor.

Another more cost-effective option is to hire a tutor through online platforms. With online tutoring, the tutor does not have to charge for the amount of time and money spent driving over to a mutual location. By simply having to log on to a web called tutors will generally decrease the cost per hour of each session. A lot of peer tutors are also switching to work through virtual learning networks.

Make sure to always ask if there is a possibility for a free trial session, this will save you the cost of the first class and give you the opportunity to analyze the work of the tutor without having to pay.

In addition, tutors might also offer discounts to a family that enrolls multiples students. You might also want to research if there are options for reduced-cost or free tutoring services provided by nearby schools or the Department of Education. There might be student services available for those currently registered for classes and not excelling in standardized tests.

The price of tutoring might also differ on where you are located. The global tutoring market varies its average prices throughout different regions.

Where Can You Find Private Tutors?

If you think that your student needs a little extra help or a boost in their grades, it might be time to start looking for a tutor. A tutoring program can bring a variety of benefits to the life of students through academic support. 

Private tutors can be found in a series of places. The most commonplace for tutor listings are online but sometimes there are additional options found at the child’s own school or community center such as the YMCA.

tutoring in Classrooms
Tutoring services can be found in some public schools. (Photo by Feliphe Schiarolli on Unsplash)

Tutoring Center

The history of tutoring reaches centuries. In the past, tutoring centers have served as the basis for the school system we have now, but in today's world, it can also be a place to find a tutor.

A private tutoring agency will have options for individual and group tutoring. You can find information about tutoring agencies in parent publications, TV commercials, or the radio.

They offer a large selection of tutors that can take turns helping your student with the different subjects they need to improve on. The goal of an agency is to connect a student with the tutor within their network that meets the needs of the student as best as possible.

They serve as the point of contact for the parent and hold the responsibility for the child. These types of centers might also offer group learning lessons that go past the curriculum taught at school in order to help kids get ahead of the curve.


By typing, “tutor in my area” on Google, you are sure to find hundreds of potential tutors within your area. You will likely see endless lists of tutors available but make sure you do a thorough run-through of all of your options. Don’t forget to read their reviews and ask about free trial sessions.

Feel free to reach out to a tutor and ask about prices, possible discounts, meeting locations, and their credentials. You want to make sure that the tutor you chose is one that is certified to work with your child on a specific subject.

Ask about their qualifications and look over their resume, if possible. Do not feel pressured to pick the first one that shows up, take your time and do the research needed. You are going to be investing money into a tutor so make sure that it is an investment on someone you truly believe will be able to help your student.

You can also find an online tutor. The ability to log onto a web call with a tutor is a huge advancement and it's all thanks to technological progress. The digital revolution has had a huge impact on the tutoring market.


A student school or university will have information regarding tutors. For younger students, a school's office might refer you to a list of certified tutors that have worked with other students before or they may also refer you to private companies.

Make sure to ask if the school or teacher offer any after or before school study sessions. Most teachers are available for short sessions if all the student needs is a bit of clarification. The US Department of Education also offers free tutoring services to those students who qualify as needing improvement.


Peer tutoring is beneficial when the student does not need an explanation but rather a friend to study with. This could be a fellow student that has shown that they have mastered a set of theories. It can also be someone who has previously taken and excelled in the course.

Many schools have peer-tutoring sessions; all you have to do is find out when and where they are held. You may also be able to ask teachers for a recommendation of the student that they feel has mastered the subject and have a little extra time to peer tutor.

When looking for a tutor, the subject you would like tutored in will also determine where you can find your private tuition. 

When To Look For A Tutor?

There is no defined calendar in which you have to enroll in tutoring with a teacher. The best part about tutoring is that you can take lessons, as you need them.

tutoring timeline
There is no set time for when or how long tutors should be hired for. It is up to the needs of the student. (Photo by Eric Rothermel on Unsplash)

Tutors are available even when school is not in session. They are actually very helpful during summer and winter breaks because they can help the student retain the information they might otherwise lose during these long periods of no mental exercise.

Students go through what some people call “summer learning loss”. If young students are not kept actively engaged they can lose up to a month’s worth of learning. In order to prevent this earning loss, many parents and students opt for tutoring sessions over the summer.

These sessions can help students not only retain the information they have previously learned but it can also help students advance in the curriculum for the following year.

The same can be done for both summer and winter breaks.

Tutors can also be called to help during the school year to give more individualized attention to help students that feel like they are falling behind in the classroom.

Tutors are also available for students that are studying for standardized tests. High school students usually hire tutors to help with SAT and ACT testing.

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