The art of sewing, like any other art, can only be perfected through practice and dedication. If you would like to start to learn how to sew, you might feel like there is too much to learn. After all, what’s with all the tools, equipment, and fancy fabrics? And how do you even start to make a dress, anyway?

Like with every craft, sewing comes with its own lexicology, otherwise known as a dictionary of terms connecting every sewing enthusiasts no matter where they're sewing.

These terms range from the names of the tools, such as a thimble, appliques, and embroidery thread, to the names of the different stitches available to you on a sewing machine.

From New York to Los Angeles, no matter where your starting point is, you will eventually get used to the art and find your own niche in the craft. Philadelphia is a great starting point for that, as there are numerous classes available for beginners who have only just started to learn to sew.

Believe it or not, with enough patience, dedication, and determination, you could be designing and making the next party dress of your own!

Sewing Lessons

Philadelphia is a great city to learn sewing as a beginner. Being a large metropolis like Chicago or Houston, numerous adult classes and kids sewing classes are available. If you have no idea where to start, the easiest way is to do a quick search online of sewing classes near you in Philadelphia so you can do practice some sewing techniques at home.

Being in Philly means you have access to a variety of sewing courses where you can pick up some basic sewing tips.

Enrolling in a sewing class near you is also a great way to socialize with other sewing enthusiasts as well as make new friends if you are new to the city.

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Different colored sewing thread is a fun material to have. (Source:

Butcher’s Sew Shop

Looking for a place where you can meet sewing enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds? Well, the Butcher’s Sew Shop is the place to be. Founded by Amalia in 2014, the school aims to provide a place where students aren’t limited by the types of projects they can make at reasonable prices.

The school has humble instructors who are excited to share their knowledge and love of sewing with the students. Both adults and youth classes are offered here, so parents can learn alongside their kids and discover the joy of sewing together!

Some popular classes for adults include the Sewing 101 Class that runs over the course of four weeks. In this class, students are taught the basics of how to operate a sewing machine, as well as how to pick the right textile and layout patterns for their creations.

Another fun class you can take is the Bra Making class, where you can learn how to work with lace and mesh materials and even make your very own bra!

Made Institute

If you are interested in a professional take on sewing, come to the Made Institute for advanced and beginner sewing classes. Owner Rachel Ford began teaching couture sewing classes in 2012 and has expanded her sewing school to teach sewing enthusiasts how to fulfill their fashion design goals.

A Designer Development program is available for those interested in earning a fashion designer diploma. This is a one year program where students are taught sewing skills, fashion illustration, material studies, and other classes to help them with the art of making couture. For casual learners, open classes and workshops are available.

Madalynne Intimates

If you have a love for lingerie and interested in creating your very own, come to Madalynne Intimates for lingerie making lessons. Founder Madalynne has been sewing since the age of eighteen. Her love of sewing began when she had a two-and-a-half-year apprenticeship with a neighbor tailor who had worked for Christina Dior.

After specializing in art and design, Madalynne went on to work for Urban Outfitters in a technical design position. Her collection, Madalynn Intimates, was soon featured as an exclusive collection by Urban Outfitters.

Today, she runs her own studio that offers workshops on lingerie sewing. Some classes you can take at Madalynne’s studio are Bra Making 1-on-1 and Bra Making with Madalynne. In these classes, you will learn how to run the sewing machines, improve your sewing techniques and the best stitches to use to make your very own special piece of lingerie.

Handcraft Workshop

The Handcraft Workshop is a modern sewing studio aimed for both children and adults of all skill levels. Machine sewing skills are taught on a project basis, and students will walk away with fun creations of their very own.

A unique, Open Sew option is also available for sewing enthusiasts to focus on their own projects with their sewing friends and family members. For only $10, you will get the full use of the sewing studio, including access to all the sewing machines, sergers, cutting tables, and other essential sewing tools.

No instructions are provided, however, so you must be an experienced seamstress.

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Learning how to use a sewing machine is a great way to start your sewing journey. (Source:

Reasons to Learn Sewing

Like with any craft, it can take numerous years of dedication and energy before you master the art. A big question that arises when you are just starting out with sewing is: why learn to sew and make your own clothes when you can purchase them from fast fashion retailer?

Well, as tempting as fast fashion might seem, it is also one of the reasons people are turning into sewing and making their own clothes. That’s because, in recent years, numerous questions have been raised about the sustainability and ethical practices of large fast fashion companies.

The way these large fashion companies disregard the environment and along with the human costs involved in making their products have led many to boycott fast fashion companies. This has made slow fashion an attractive alternative, resulting in many people turning to the alternative, making their own clothes.

One more reason to start learning how to sew is to make high-quality clothes that are unique to your own tastes and then tailoring them to fit perfectly. Once you become seasoned in the art of sewing, you might even find that sewing your clothes can be a lot cheaper than buying them at the mall for full price.

What’s more? You can tailor the clothes you make by using the best materials out there, you will also feel a sense of accomplishment at the completion of every project, and not to mention the pride and joy you may feel when wearing them.

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Sewing is a fun hobby where you can make new friends. (Source:

What Sewing Supplies Do You Need?

Getting the right sewing supplies is an important part when starting out with this hobby. In fact, one of the most important supplies you will need is a sewing machine. If you are unsure of how to choose one, check out this blog for some guidance.

Other supplies you will need for your sewing kit include colorful thread and different sized needles for hand sewing purposes. These can be purchased at most retailers such as Walmart, Target, or even Dollar Tree.

Getting fabric is a little tricky. Try visiting your local craft store first to complete your supply list, you can also try a thrift store to get better deals on vintage, good-quality fabric.


Well, after reading the whys and where to start your sewing journey, you might feel inspired to start your own sewing projects. After all, there is no limit to what you can create if you set your mind to it.

So what are you waiting for? Sewing is a great hobby that can change your life. Grab a friend, hit up your nearest craft store, and go out and have some fun trying the art of sewing in the city of Philadelphia!

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