Sewing is a hobby with many followers. If you are not yet part of the world of sewing, it might seem intimidating at first, especially with all those knobs and buttons on a sewing machine. But with the right guidance and a good group of sewing friends, you can learn how to sew in no time.

Like any art, sewing is a skill that can be perfected through dedication, determination, and practice. If you have never used a sewing machine or threaded a needle before, you might be at a loss as to where to start. And making that dream piece of clothing can feel like a long and distant goal.

Luckily, being in Los Angeles, you are surrounded by many talented sewing enthusiasts. Like in Philadelphia, Chicago, you can easily find sewing classes near you. There are many opportunities to get together to enjoy sewing as an art. Check out online forums to find sewing hobby groups and places where you can meet up.

You can also find sewing courses that you can attend to enhance your skills.

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Basic Sewing Supplies

Before you begin sewing, you will need to stock up on supplies. Like with every art, having the right equipment can help you make it or break it as a student. In the same way that artists need quality brushes to make their paintings come to life, a student of sewing will need the appropriate materials to build their first sewing project.

One of the most important supplies you will need is a sewing machine. That’s because mastering the art of using a sewing machine can help you speed up your projects.

Instead of making each stitch by hand, you will get evenly-spaced stitches in as little as five minutes.

Other sewing supplies that will help you succeed include small tools such as seam rippers, pins, sewing scissors, sewing needles, different colored thread, and a tape measure.

Some optional sewing supplies you can consider purchasing include tailor’s chalk, embroidery needles, a pin cushion, and a point turner. You will find figure out more about which supplies work for you and which don’t as you move along in your sewing journey.

Sewing Classes in Los Angeles

There are many opportunities for you to learn sewing in large cities like New York, Houston, and of course, Los Angeles as a beginner. Start off by doing a quick search online for sewing classes near you. You will be surprised at how many different results there are to choose from!

Of course, online forums are a great way to ask any questions you have about sewing as well as look for meetups with other sewing enthusiasts near you to share sewing tips.

The best way, however, to make lifelong sewing friends is to sign up for sewing classes. That way, you will get to learn and grow in your sewing journey together. You can even consider signing up for sewing lessons with a friend or family member as a way to spend more time with each other!

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Sew Arts

Come to Sew Arts to complete your sewing supply list. This boutique sewing center carries sewing machines, fabric, accessories, threads, and everything you will need to start your sewing journey.

Once you grab your sewing materials, you can sign up for workshops or classes depending on your needs. One class you can take is Sewing for Fashion, which is separated into three different skill levels.

Another class you can take is the Handwork class, which is separated into embroidery, quilting, applique, and sashiko lessons.


With a fun name, Sew FYI is a studio that aims to help sewing enthusiasts achieve their best work in an environment that’s both resourceful and supportive. A variety of services are also offered such as industry meet-ups, fittings, team building sessions, and general classes and workshops.

Classes are split into different types, include Sewing Techniques and Design, Pattern-Making, and Fitting Techniques. The Sewing Techniques class includes an Introduction to Home Sewing course that is great for beginners who are just starting out.

Other interesting classes to consider include the Two-Hour Personal Sewing Workshop and a Pattern Making Workshop.

Baron’s Sewing Center

Come to this studio to find the latest sewing technology. Baron’s Sewing Center is home to Bernina sewing and embroidery machines as well as Juki sergers that are built with the most advanced up to date technology.

Numerous classes are also available to meet all your sewing needs. A special Adult Sewing Camp offers a camp-style retreat for adults to get away from the stresses of everyday life and spend a week working on your very own sewing project.

Another fun class you can take is called the Easy Travel Pants, which lets you make an easy pull-on pant using one of the studio’s high-tech sergers.

Sew Together

This is your neighborhood fabric store and your one-stop-shop to complete your sewing kit for sewing lessons. One popular class you can take for only $50 is the Sewing Machine Introduction course. This course teaches you basic skills such as how to thread a sewing machine, how to wind the bobbins, and how to make your first little project on the machine.

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Why Learn to Sew?

There are many useful things you can do with basic sewing knowledge. For example, socks with holes on them can be mended using a simple needle and thread in under five minutes, saving you the cost of having to buy another pair.

With basic sewing knowledge, you can even tailor your own clothes to save you a trip to your local tailor’s, which can cost upward of $100 per visit. You can also customize your clothes to make them fit your style or purchase items at better prices in thrift stores and tailor them to fit your body better.

Another reason to learn to sew is to participate in the latest trend of slow fashion, which has become an attractive alternative for those looking to boycott fast fashion. That’s because fast fashion companies are now known to be one of the worst environmental polluters in the world, and their race to make dirt-cheap clothes have put many human lives on the line. Making your own clothes can help you avoid shopping at fast fashion retailers.

And lastly, when you make your own clothes, you can decide what type of fabric you use. This means you can choose the highest quality fabric you can find and design it to meet your lifestyle needs.

This can save you from spending money on tailoring pieces to fit just right as well as for buying high-quality pieces which can cost a fortune.


Sewing is a fun hobby that can even be turned into a full-time career. But no matter how serious you are about it, it is a great way to relax and reconnect with the things you wear, giving them your personal touch.

When you enroll in adult classes for sewing, you will make many friends as there are numerous sewing enthusiasts in every city, especially in an artistic city like Los Angeles. Signing up for a class with a friend or family member can also strengthen your relationship with each other.

So what are you waiting for? Numerous classes are available for beginners and advanced skill levels. Put your motor skills to good use and unleash your creativity by signing up for a sewing class today!

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