Prior to considering where and how to find the best vocal coaches, the burning question behind a prospective student requiring any type of additional support is the cost!

Regardless of the topic area, whether it is singing lessons or mathematics tutoring, requiring help from qualified and specialist tutors can often be pricy.

The price range of singing lessons can vary considerably depending on the area, the age, the experience and the requirement of specialized coaching.

Parents who are motivated for their children to start vocal coaching often begin their lessons as early as 3-4 years old. Yet, starting at such an early age does not necessarily mean that they will be partaking in one-to-one sessions with trained coaches.

Although this is, of course, a possibility, several established voice coaching platforms offer group-based services in which children are supported alongside those of similar ages.

At such a young age, children are usually not categorized in terms of their vocal capacity and this can be a great opportunity for them to develop friendships, enhance their social skills as well as learning the fundamental techniques to effective singing.

Group-based vocal coaching is often much cheaper than one-to-one tutoring. This is because the higher frequency of students means that vocal coaches can earn more by reducing the prices whilst accommodating more students per session.

It is therefore important to establish if you wish for a more personalized experience or if you don't mind taking part in singing lessons with additional students.

There are multiple benefits when it comes to taking singing lessons and a number of these points are highlighted in 15 great reasons to take singing lessons.

Below we have also listed a number of factors which can influence the overall price as well as providing suggestions of how to approach looking for the best services at the most respectable prices.

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Buying bulk lessons can often result in you saving money. (Source: Visualhunt)

How Location Affects The Price

Usually, someone living in a city location would be expected to pay more for such services. But when it comes to singing lessons, this expectation may not always be true.

From San Francisco Conservatory of Music to The New England Conservatory in Boston, a number of the most revered music establishments across the United States are based in the most central areas of the largest, most populist cities.

Due to this, there are several undergraduates and postgraduate students embarking upon musical courses with several programs tailored toward aspiring vocalists.

As some of us may know, students often utilize their studies and areas of interest to earn an extra buck through their college/university years. Therefore, multiple music students offer a range of services from guitar, piano, brass and vocalist training.

Due to the high concentration of students offering such services, prices can be more competitive to help attract more business. Therefore, if you live close to a university which offers music-based programs within their syllabus, it is certainly worth enquiring if any of the students or faculty (although the latter will generally be more expensive) offer vocal coaching to external parties.

Making the Right Choice: Approaching a Company or an Individual Coach

Upon your first search online, you will begin to notice a theme. Firstly, companies with a proven track record and a high volume of customers often dominate the front search pages on google.

However, a flashy website boasting the most up-to-date facilities may come at a hefty price and you certainly need to have a gage of how much you are willing to spend before embarking upon your search.

Take the company New York Vocal Coaching as an example. The company offers a range of services from well-respected voice coaches that are recognized across the country. Justin Stoney, the founder, and CEO of the company also upload regular content on The New York Vocal Channel which highlights some effective techniques to develop your singing.

Although this is considered to be one of the most respected companies in New York, the level of quality and reputation reflect the hourly rate. Depending on which associate level (associate/senior) you wish to begin lessons with, the prices range from $75-$175 per hour.

If this is within your weekly budget then there needn't be any issues, but if this is far out of your price range it is best to explore some more alternative options which are out there.

A different approach to searching for a voice coach within your locality is by looking for individual's which offer exclusive services.

After a bit of perseverance, you will see that some voice coaches set up their personalized website and offer a list of their services and experiences as well as availability and location.

Some of these coaches may have their own studios whereas others may conduct sessions at their home. An example of this would be Erikson Voice Studio based in Philadelphia. The owner offers a range of services from voice coaching, specialist lessons, and audition preparation.

Some of these selected services come from as little as $30 per hour and they are conducted by a coach who has over 15 years experience, sufficient background checks, customer reviews, and various testimonials.

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Vocal coaches that offer their services in their homes can often reduce the overall price. (Source: Visualhunt)

Quality vs Quantity

Whatever the reason is for your recent interest in seeking out vocal coaching, you have to acknowledge that consistency will help to fast track your development as a singer.

To save money, companies and self-employed vocal coaches offer bundles in which the more singing lessons which are purchased after the introductory session, the more money you can end up saving in the long term.

Many people opt for weekly vocal coaching sessions and some may go as far as one per month - it entirely depends on your circumstances and the reasons behind requesting for vocal classes in the first place.

Top Tip: Practicing singing outside of your singing lessons is a great way of noticing improvements at a quicker rate!

A number of individuals that require such a service are often preparing for a special performance or auditioning for a role which requires singing. Therefore, it is important that the company/individual coach you choose has an element of flexibility within their schedule.

If this is not the sole reason behind your decision to approach a vocal coach, then it is better to organize lessons in advance on a similar date/time to ensure that consistency is being met.

If you opt for a more expensive company, ensure that they are providing useful resources for you to practice whilst you await your next lesson. This allows you to harness the various vocal techniques you have learned so the following lesson can be focused on identifying new strategies and techniques.

Similarly, if you are looking for more regular (1/2x weekly) vocal sessions, yet you are still looking for a low/average price range, it is important that you contact independent vocal coaches directly.

The more options you discover the better chance you have of securing vocal sessions in a price aligned more to your preferences.

The quality of a vocal coach also cannot be determined by the price in which they offer. A specialist may well offer a standard $175 fee per hour but this does not necessarily mean that they will provide you with the best service in alignment with your preferences.

The companies which request the highest fees often have to consider the many implications that come with owning a business with various employees. Inner-city studios have to pay astronomical fees on rent and the specialist equipment and hiring of external coaches makes the hourly rate naturally and understandably higher.

This is why independent coaches who work from their own homes are mostly cheaper. They do not have to pay fees on studios and specialist equipment, yet they are still known for giving you direct insight into important vocal coaching techniques.

A standard vocal session comprises of the student, coach and a piano for additional support. Advanced sessions may still only require the most basic of resources. So, if you are looking for more generalized singing tuition, you do not have to pay considerable fees to experience high-quality results.

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The more experienced voice coaches will generally offer more seasoned and valuable advice. (Source: VIsualhunt)
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