Circuit training - if you’re not an avid gym goer or athlete, this type of body workout probably doesn’t ring a bell. Relatively new and very efficient, this method combines the best of strength training and resistance training in order to deliver results such as lowering bodyweight, body fat and reinforcing all muscle groups.

Between weight lifting and cardio workouts, it can be hard to determine what kind of workout routine will help you reach your personal goals either at home or at the gym. While there are many other methods you can try, circuit training can leave you feeling toned in your whole body through a high intensity, dynamic program.

Superrpof invites you to discover what it’s like to train in a “circuit,” a method that can be great for those looking to toss out repetitive and boring training methods as well as those looking for a total body workout. Not only does circuit training allow you to increase your muscular endurance on the long term, but also to help you achieve the body of your dreams!

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individual and group training
Circuit training plans take your general fitness goals into mind

Circuit Training: A Total Body Workout

At this point you may be wondering, what exactly is circuit training? Chances are, if you’re doing research into the best methods for fat loss or to burn calories, you’ve probably come across HIIT, or high intensity interval training. A HIIT workout is similar to circuit training, except for the fact that the exercise moves done in circuit training are completed without a rest break in between each move but, rather, a longer rest break at the end of each circuit.

The objective of circuit training is similar to all types of interval training, which is using both your lower body and upper body to exert a large amount of force in short, intense intervals. Generally, each exercise move is completed one after the other where each move should be completed at about 30 seconds without rest time.

Comparing circuit training to traditional types of weight training or bodyweight exercises, you can see it has many advantages including:

  • A fitness program that is accessible to all levels
  • Getting a full body workout in about 30 minutes
  • Training exercises that improve your general health
  • Training workouts that are always varied and fun
  • Little to no gym equipment needed (like kettlebell, dumbbell, medicine ball, etc)
  • Great for combining with other sports activities (swimming, rock climbing, etc)

One rule you should always stick to, not just when you do a circuit workout, is to make sure to adapt the weight, cardio and strength exercises to your level. Also, keep in mind that circuit training will give you the best results when you define an objective for your own personal fitness goals beforehand.

What are you waiting for? Now that you’ve seen the workouts that circuit training has to offer and whether you’re doing aerobic exercises, squats or push ups - try some out today!

Losing Weight and Gaining Endurance

Circuit training is a workout method that works for three principal aspects of the body: to lose fat, gain muscular endurance and for weight loss. While circuit training helps to burn fat, losing weight through this method can also mean gaining flexibility and improving your cardiovascular health.

Weight is often something that people pinpoint when they start their fitness journey, whether that be through starting sports with a community team or through an exercise program with a personal trainer near me. Losing weight, however, should be associated with building muscle and improving cardiovascular fitness instead of just with beauty standards.

Circuit training allows you to lose weight because each session allows you to burn calories through cardio and weight exercises. This is the reason why many people turn to circuit training as a way to lose weight and, simultaneously, get fit. Achieving these fitness goals cannot, of course, be possible without also making sure you eat a balanced diet that is low in fat.

higher and lower intensity routines
While an intense workout, circuit routines are also highly adjustable to each person

Another advantage of participating in a circuit training program is that, in losing weight, you will also be able to increase your endurance - something that you use on the daily. Increasing your endurance in a cardiovascular exercise-based program doesn’t simply look like one that involves running. A cardio workout is anything that gets your heart pumping, which can mean exercises like lunges, pushups, biceps or bicep curls, and burpees.

Each session in circuit training will put your respiratory system to the challenge by working for your major muscle groups through a fat-burning, cardio exercise. Completing these body weight exercises in short, intense bursts with no recovery time in between them will help your heart get stronger.

Finally, the last benefit you can expect to gain through circuit training is toning your body by gaining muscle. Whether you use lifting weights, a barbell or just the weight of your own body, completing anaerobic and aerobic exercise moves in this interval style will lead to a gain in muscle mass as well as endurance.

Whether you’re working on your glutes, triceps or whole body, circuit training will allow you to become more athletic, have a better heartbeat and make your body feel like its functioning at its best. If you’re looking to be in great physical health in the long run, don’t hesitate to start trying circuit training!

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Toning Your Body and Metabolism

Engaging in a fitness program like circuit training will give you benefits that might lead you to believe that it’s only great for short term goals like getting your summer body ready or helping you lose weight quickly. However, this method is meant to be implemented to help your health on the long term.

In fact, because the workout involves repeating exercise moves in an explosive manner, it is a great way to train your muscles and ligaments. Contracting and expanding them rapidly can help you build up your endurance in everything from your shoulders to your hamstrings.

If you’re already the type of person that completes body workouts for weight loss or muscle gain, you can also integrate circuit training if this method interests you. This is a great way to add some variety into your normal workout routine and work more areas of your body.

If you’re at the beginner level, meaning that you have been leading a mostly sedentary life, here’s an idea of what a circuit can look like in a circuit training session:

  • Knee ups (or jogging in place)
  • Butt kicks
  • Pushups
  • Jump rope
  • Crunches

You can complete these exercises five times, repeating each move for 30 seconds straight and having a 45 second to 1-minute break at the end of each circuit. If you’re interested in introducing some other moves, you can try exercises like: plank, jumping jacks, burpees, lunges with weights.

If you’re at a more advanced skill level and you’re wanting to focus on gaining muscle, here's an idea of what a circuit can look like:

  • Bench press
  • Squats with weights
  • Deadlift
  • Shoulder shrug
  • Dumbbells shoulder press
  • Rowing

Again, you should complete 5 circuits in total by repeating each exercise for about 45 seconds straight, one after the other. Your rest break should be anywhere between 45 seconds to a minute, depending on your body. If you’d like to add some other moves to your workout, you can try rolling crunches, elastic pull-ups or standing push-ups.

There are many things you can do to make sure you get the most out of circuit training. One example is to make sure that you feel comfortable in your environment, completing your workouts either with friends or alone depending on your individual preferences. Another example is to find your motivation, in other words, what will get you moving each day.

One of the most important things you can make sure to do, besides practising good form and performing a cool down after each session, is to take up your exercise program at a regular and constant rate. Combined with eating right, working out at the right pace will help you feel better both inside and out.

recover after and during exercise moves
Vigorous workouts should always be followed with rest and plenty of water!

Circuit Training: Sessions that are Always Different

Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about circuit training, the only thing left for you to do is choose which type you prefer. If you’re objective is to lose weight, the kinds of exercises in your circuit will be more simple but efficient in burning a lot of calories. Boxing moves, cardio, squats and pushups, the outcome will most likely be the same: to sweat!

No matter who you are, all sides of the gender spectrum seek to tone their body with the help of sports activities. In-circuit training, you can be sure to accomplish this through exercises like triceps dips, squats and more. The great thing about circuit training is that, while giving you muscle gain and increased endurance, you’ll always be able to vary the exercises in your circuit - adapting them not just to your individual goals but also how you feel day to day!

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