In China, the number of American expatriates continues to increase: today, it is estimated that more than 110,000 of our compatriots settled permanently in the Asian country.

And Chinese culture has many appealing aspects: martial arts, calligraphy or cooking, the cultural springs of China attract many Americans.

Only one barrier: the language!

Yes, few of us choose to learn Mandarin, thinking that it is impossible to easily find a qualified teacher in the language of Lao Tzu.

However, many resources are available to you: if you have the chance to live in Miami, you can open yourself to a new culture regardless of your age!

To find Chinese classes in Miami, follow the guide!

Learn Chinese at a School in Miami

In the southern city, you can learn Chinese during your preschool years.

In Miami, Chinese lessons are taught to young students with a passion for Asian culture!


China has the largest population in the world, with over 1.3 billion people (1,343,239,923) as of July 2012.

At Global Connection Preschool, they aspire to nurture young children in a multicultural environment globally connecting the worldviews to them through languages.

Through stimulating environments, technology and hands-on learning, students will become respectful, contributing, knowledgeable and critically thinking global citizens. Their respect for diverse people will naturally evolve as they are daily immersed in English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese language and cultural experience.

Friendly and meaningful relationships with peers and staff will provide a safe foundation for each child to build self-confidence and independence. The curriculum includes:

  • group times for music and movement;
  • literature arts;
  • mathematics and science;
  • storytelling;
  • wide range of art media and creative materials in the indoor and outdoor classroom environment.

Global Connection Preschool is proud to offer young students an opportunity to master a second language while receiving an expansive education.

Their Mandarin Chinese immersion program provides students a chance to obtain a second language - with the purpose of becoming bilingual by their kindergarten year - and thus preparing students to become respectful, contributing, knowledgeable and critically thinking global citizens.

As for high school students, learning the Chinese language can be very beneficial if you can find a program offering the language.

Indeed, at many international high schools you will be able to study Chinese culture, thanks to courses such as the history of China, for example.

Note that to learn as soon as possible, it is also possible to take these types of Chinese classes in New York or other American cities!

For American or Chinese speaking university students, you have several choices:

Florida International University is one of few institutions in South Florida to offer a range of courses in Chinese.

The Department of Modern Languages does not currently offer a degree in Chinese. However, the credits earned will fulfill the requirements to receive a Certificate in Chinese Studies, a Certificate in Asian Studies and/or Bachelor’s of Arts in Asian Studies offered through the Institute for Asian Studies.

China is Florida's largest trade partner in the world outside of Latin America, and Florida is the biggest transshipment base for Chinese products to Latin America.

These business activities have naturally stimulated need for local professionals to learn Chinese.

Dade College has a partnership with Jiangsu Normal University in China and generous funding from the Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban), their Confucius Institute counts on a wide range of academic services to shape you into a global citizen.

Whether you want to advance in the global marketplace, prepare for study abroad or are simply seeking personal enrichment, the Confucius Institute has a solution for you.

If you're looking elsewhere in the United States, you can take Chinese classes in Boston!


Study Chinese in a Language School in Miami

If you want to speak Chinese in an impeccable way, have a Chinese accent and master Chinese writing: then foreign language schools are for you!

Open to children, students and adults, language institutes offer language courses for all levels, from beginners to advanced speakers.


China is the 3rd largest country by area at 9,706,961 sq km (3,747,879 sq miles).

Instead of learning the language of Confucius alone thanks to a Chinese-English dictionary, why not trust qualified and experienced teachers?

In Miami, you can reach the following structures:

  • Miami Chinese Language School -  Their curriculum is designed to help students understand, speak, read and write Chinese as used in daily life. Their program also includes cultural courses.
  • WuKong Chinese School - Aims to teach Chinese like it's 2016. No dull text or out of touch dialogues, but rather straight into the hot pot of it all.
  • Chinese Learning Center of Miami - Their curriculum is designed to help students understand, speak, read and write Chinese as used in daily life.

If you are of Chinese origin, you can also improve in the language of Shakespeare thanks to many language schools throughout the city!

To go through a language school is, of course, advantageous but at a cost: this is why most language institutes offer discounted rates for students in special situations (students, job seekers, etc.).

Language schools organize an annual trip to China for students interested in a language exchange: this is an opportunity for you to practice your speaking and to introduce you to Chinese culture directly on site!

Chinese painting, Chinese cooking or Chinese proverbs ... There is so much to learn!

Discover also where to take Chinese classes in San Francisco ..


Chinese Associations in the Southern City

Founded in 1985, The Chinese Cultural Association of South Florida in Boca Raton (CCASF), has educational, social and cultural resources providing cultural activities, learning and community support. CCASF is a non-profit charitable community corporation with IRS 501 (c)(3) status.

Currently, CCASF serves several hundred families from north Broward County to North Palm Beach County. Most of them are Chinese American families seeking Chinese language and culture education. Approximately 10% of the families involved with the school have adopted children from China and wish to have them learn about their Chinese culture and heritage.

The goal is above all to develop the bonds of friendship between America and China!

To progress in Cantonese or Mandarin and to develop your language skills, why not put yourself directly in touch with the natives of the Asian economic power?

Instead of going to study in China, you can register for free at an association and develop your Chinese conversation skills.

Don't forget to check out these Chinese associations in Florida:

  • The Coral Springs Chinese Cultural Association (CSCCA)
  • The Chinese Culture Club at Miami Dade College - students’ weekly portal to Chinese traditional arts and culture.

Whether the meeting is at the Confucius Institute or at one of Miami Dade’s campuses offering Chinese language courses, the Club brings faculty and students together for an afternoon of games, films, arts and crafts, calligraphy, reading, singing, story–telling, performing arts or anything fun which members and guests would like to explore.


China is about the same size as the continental USA but it only has one official time zone. Continental USA has four.

By learning Chinese directly with natives, you can learn how to speak Chinese perfectly: pronunciation, phonetics or even dialects, you will know how to manage alone if you decide one day to go and visit the forbidden city!

The aim of these associations above all is communitarianism.

Instead of staying with your American friends, you can decide to reach out to your Asian neighbor who just wants to learn more about American culture! Who knows, maybe one day you can go live in China thanks to a Chinese host family?

Discover also where to take Chinese classes in Los Angeles ...

Reach Out to a Private Chinese Teacher in Miami

If you do not want to spend a fortune on a Chinese course and have missed the mark during your studies, you can always catch up!

Today, in just a few minutes, you can find your happiness through home classes.

In the Miami metropolis, many possibilities are available to you:

  • Take Chinese lessons through private tutoring agencies: based on a flat rate system, the private course via agency also generates registration fees. The lessons cost between $20 and $40.
  • Take Chinese lessons via classified ads: while walking around Miami, you can find classifieds for private teachers or deposit your own hoping to attract the eye of a qualified teacher.
  • Take Chinese courses online: video libraries, online exercises or applications ... Digital educational resources are multiplying.
  • Take private lessons of Chinese via online platforms: without moving from home, you can find the teacher of your dreams on a specialized website (Superprof, for example ...).

In Miami, Superprof offers Chinese classes according to your level and your place of departure!


Fun Fact: One in every five people in the world is Chinese.

You can, for example, take classes with Chui, a Master's graduate who has Chinese for a mother tongue: and with decreasing rates, you can study ancient texts or revise the colloquial Chinese vocabulary.

Thanks to the Universal Service Employment Check, you will benefit from a 50% tax deduction and reduce your cost by half!

Why not learn Chinese in a fun and educational way?

If you happen to be up north, why not check out Chinese classes in Chicago!

BONUS: the Chinese Community in the City

Renowned both for its sea salt, but also for its education, Miami attracts many foreign students.

Chinese students use their voice to encourage other Asian students to study in Florida, but also to develop friendships between Americans and Chinese: that's how the Chinese Ch'ti Association was born!

Each year, the Chinese community of the southern city organizes operations to share their culture.

Every year, you can celebrate the Chinese New Year in Miami!



China is often considered the longest continuous civilization, with some historians marking 6000 B.C. as the dawn of Chinese civilization. It also has the world’s longest continuously used written language.

In an interview given in 2016, Yun Shi, an LEA student from Beijing, explains:

"The Chinese New Year is a family celebration: we are all together, we eat in a restaurant or at home. This year, as my family is far away, I will celebrate it with friends [...] The fact that China is celebrated culturally throughout the month of January made me feel a little important ... and I really had the impression of living Chinese New Year on campus! "

In the pursuit of communitarianism, the population of Asian origin is present everywhere in the Miami metropolis: there are nevertheless many Chinese shops and restaurants.

What is certain is that the love story between China and the bustling city of Miami is not ready to end!



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