The Chinese love wine a lot, did you know?

The People's Republic of China has become today the largest consumer of red wine in the world!

The first spoken language in the world, Mandarin can be learned in many American cities, including San Francisco where viticulture and enology training courses attract many Chinese!

Superprof gives you all the tips to learn Chinese in the San Franciscan Bay Area!

The Chinese Community in the City of San Francisco

Many Chinese people reside today in San Francisco.

In particular, a large student population attracted by university courses in various fields of study ...

San Franciscan and Californian courses in wines and spirits are indeed of great interest to the Chinese because the Middle Kingdom is today the largest consumer of red nectar in the world with an increase of + 136% over the last 5 years!

The Chinese flock to San Francisco to learn all the secrets of making this precious beverage, but also come to the west coast of he United States to study in many other fields and a number of prestigious universities and learning institutions.


San Francisco was huge on the mid-century treaty circuit. In 1951, the Treaty of San Francisco officially ended Japanese hostilities from World War II.

Back home, these enlightened amateurs then engage in trading activities (wholesaler, distribution, retail ...) or organize discovery and tasting courses, with a relatively golden fringe of Chinese society.

As explained by Laurent Bergeruc, director of INSEEC, Bordeaux business school specializing in wines and spirits, quoted in this article of Figaro Student:

"Ten years ago, it was original for a Chinese person to work in wine. Today, it is for them a sector like any other, more mature in terms of business. "

In his school, Chinese students accounted for 13% of the workforce in the wine marketing sector in 2014 and this proportion is in "regular growth since the middle of the 2000s, with a refusal every year of candidacies", as the director of INSEEC.


Nowadays, speaking Chinese in the middle of Californian vineyards has become a common phenomenon!

Another American city where the Chinese community is strong: the City That Never Sleeps! So do not hesitate to inquire to take Chinese classes in New York ...



Learn Chinese at a School in San Francisco

If you want your child to learn Mandarin in San Francisco, it's possible to start as early as high school!

San Francisco's population of 805,235 consists of 35.8 percent Asian Americans, up from 32.6 percent 10 years ago. The largest subgroup by far is of Chinese descent, at 21.4 percent.

Because of this, many academic programs in San Francisco include Chinese courses and language courses in their curriculum.

Here's a small sampling of San Franciscan schools offering Chinese:

  • Central Chinese High School in America
  • International High School
  • Phillip & Sala Burton Academic High School

What a way to satisfy language lovers or multilingual parents! Gift idea for parents before high school entrance: a quality English - Chinese dictionary!

Learn how to find a reputable Chinese tutor here.


In September 1859, San Francisco’s favorite eccentric resident, Joshua Abraham Norton, declared himself America’s emperor.

Motivated students can then continue to learn Mandarin at the university level!

At the University of San Francisco Students who minor in Chinese Studies benefit from USF’s prime location. Uniquely situated along the Pacific Rim, San Francisco is home to the largest Chinatown outside of Asia and its population is 34 percent Asian.

Complete immersion in Chinese culture and traditions starts by simply stepping through the front door.

Classrooms extend into the city, which serves as a living laboratory with its unrivaled array of academic, linguistic, and cultural experiences.

A sequence of structured language courses helps students hear, speak, read, and write Chinese while gaining a comprehensive understanding of Chinese culture and contemporary society.

The University of San Francisco also offers two Chinese study abroad opportunities:

  • Loyola University Chicago The Beijing Center
  • Hong Kong Baptist University

The Chinese Program at San Francisco State University provides comprehensive degree programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

For all major and minor options, the Chinese Program offers electives taught in both English and Chinese which provide insight into one of the world’s oldest civilizations and inspire the student to view the modern world from alternative perspectives.

Courses on modern literature and film, taught in Chinese, reflect the dynamic transformations of contemporary Chinese society and culture. Training in the fundamentals of linguistics complements program goals by revealing the underlying structures of language.

To prepare students as fully as possible for future challenges, the Chinese Program balances traditional academic offerings with practical courses such as Business Chinese, Media Chinese, and Web Chinese, which equip students with career-related language skills.

Schools and universities are often the most effective institutions at which to learn a new language, do not hesitate to turn to them to take Chinese classes in Boston or Chinese classes in Chicago!



Study Chinese in a San Franciscan Language School

Many language schools are present in the Bay Area!

You will be able to take Mandarin lessons, whether you are a beginner, with introductions, or a more advanced practitioner with intensive Chinese classes.

Whether you are planning a language study trip to China or just want to prepare for your high school, Oriental module with a Chinese specialty, here are some good addresses recommended by Superprof:

  • KaiXin Language School
  • California Chinese Culture Learning Studio
  • Huada Chinese Academy

If you're busy, take advantage of programs that offer evening classes in Chinese. The majority of teachers are Chinese mother tongue speakers.

These courses are open to all audiences, whether you are a student, employee, job seeker or retiree.


Pass the HSK in San Francisco to Validate Your Level in Chinese

The HSK is a Chinese test designed under the authority of the Ministry of Education and serves as a reference at the international level to prove your level in Mandarin, like the TOEFL or TOEIC in English.

Since November 2009, a new version of this test has been implemented. It totally supplants the old version since March 2010.


China is about the same size as the continental USA but it only has one official time zone. Continental USA has four.

The new version of the HSK is a test composed of 6 levels in writing. Level 1 is the easiest, level 6 the most difficult. The higher the level of HSK, the higher the number of Chinese characters to master to pass the test.

The HSK may be required in your admission file, if you want to join a Chinese university. Keep in mind if you are planning a university or even language stay in China.

Discover how you can find a Chinese tutor anywhere in America!


San Francisco Associations for Learning Chinese

Some associations also offer the possibility of taking free Chinese classes or at least may offer much more attractive prices than those offered by language schools.

Through songs, nursery rhymes and other handicrafts, children can become aware of Chinese characters and quickly pronounce a few simple sentences. They will also have a glimpse of Chinese culture.

Perhaps you'll give rise to vocations such as translator or teacher of Chinese!


The bear on California’s state flag is modeled after a California grizzly named Monarch, who was held at Golden Gate Park.

The Chinese Culture Center (CCC), under the aegis of the Chinese Culture Foundation of San Francisco, is one of the leading and most prominent cultural and social centers in the city of San Francisco.

The mission of the CCC is dedicated to elevating underserved communities and giving voice to equality through education and contemporary art.

Founded in 1965, Chinese Culture Foundation opened its primary program site, Chinese Culture Center in 1973. Their work is based in Chinatown and San Francisco’s open and public spaces, and other art institutions.

Discover also where to take Chinese classes in Miami ...



Learn Mandarin in San Francisco: The Solution May Be Private Instruction

If you want to learn Mandarin fast, think about the organizations that put you in touch with private teachers.

Just on the Superprof website, you will already find more than 20 Chinese teachers ready to give you private lessons:

  • phonetic,
  • alphabet,
  • pronunciation,
  • as well as notions of civilization to discover Chinese culture.

This is particularly the case of:

  • Pawinee ($30 / hour),
  • Ysee ($18 / hour),
  • Sixiang ($24 / hour),
  • Or Ying ($30 / hour).

Note that the national average for a Chinese language lesson is $25 / hour.

If you speak a foreign language, you can try to offer English, Spanish, Italian or other courses for free Chinese lessons, a good exchange of great practices in the end!

Finally discover where to take Chinese classes in Los Angeles ...


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