Whether you love it or hate it, English is an essential part of the national curriculum.

And you can’t deny the necessity for good English skills as a native speaker.

Having a good command of English is essential to so many aspects of life, and this is exactly why no one can afford to miss out on studying English.

Of course, some students find English easier than others, who could do with a little more encouragement to help them alongside their studies in school.

One to one tutoring in English can offer personalised support to anyone who needs help keeping up in class, or simply wants to hone their skills and achieve the top marks.

Do you know how to select the right tutor for your child's needs?

For primary school children who need a hand with their reading, as well as university undergraduates who are looking for help with their essay writing skills, finding a private English tutor can be just what they need to get on track.

Extra-curricular English lessons cover everything from learning basic English spellings to focussing on an upcoming GCSE English Literature exam.

Still not convinced?

Here are 10 fantastic reasons to enrol in private English lessons.

1. Tutoring Tailored to Your Needs

The main attraction of private tuition is the ‘private’ nature of the teaching.

This means students are taught on a one to one basis with an English tutor who can adapt their teaching to the needs and goals of their tutee to deliver a personalised programme - something which is simply not possible in the classroom.

Private lessons are 100% student-focussed.

An English tutor will often use their first sessions with their new student to assess their strengths and weaknesses as well as discuss their learning goals to build an individualised learning programme which is adapted to their specific needs.

Another benefit of tailored teaching is the pace.

Unlike in the school system, students will never be left behind by their course.

A private English tutor will ensure that the pupil fully understands an aspect of the course content before moving on, meaning that the course is taught at the student’s pace.

This makes for a comfortable learning environment where the tutee feels no pressure or shame to keep up, and they are free to take time to understand any tricky points.

You can learn other ways that private tutoring can help you and your child!

2. Improve Your Everyday English Skills

Maths, English and science are the three key subjects taught in schools.

The reason for this is that by understanding the basic notions of each of these subjects, students gain the skills to apply their knowledge and make sense of the world around them.

Learning English in school is particularly important as it covers so many topics which feature in day-to-day life, from writing an email to reading the newspaper.

This is why no one can afford to neglect their English learning or give up at the first sign of difficulty, as it will inevitably have an impact on their life.

Reading and comprehension skills are particularly important when the time comes to sit exams or enter the world of work, where these skills will come into practice regardless of the situation.

Getting support from a private tutor can mean the difference between struggling and succeeding in adult life.

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3. Get Inspired Through English Tuition

English tutors can open up their students’ eyes to the rich world of English literature and its works.

It’s no secret that teaching is most effective when the tutee is enjoying themselves – and this is just as relevant for English lessons.

Supplemental English lessons can be just what some students need to get motivated and take more of an interest in their school English course, which usually translates to an improvement in exam grades.

Fall in love with the world of literature thanks to an English tutor
Discover the joy of reading ¦ source: Pixabay - congerdesign

By tailoring their programme to the needs of their student, tutors are able to help the tutee identify with what they are studying by getting creative.

For example, if the student is studying Shakespeare, the tutor could ask them to practice writing in Iambic Pentameter.

English tutors are also in a position to add to their student’s study of English and introduce them to new literature, poetry, and theatre throughout their course to encourage them to take an interest in English outside of their studies.

4. Keep Up in Class

One of the most common reasons for parents and students seeking help from a private tutor is to do with avoiding being left behind in class.

Too often, due to the nature of teaching in schools, children miss out on getting the support they need to keep up with their peers.

Although this is not necessarily the fault of the school or the teacher, having academic support alongside their school studies can make a world of difference for those who are falling behind.

Each child has their own pace of learning; however, this doesn’t mean that any child is less capable than another.

The fact is, some children respond better to alternative teaching styles to the ones used in schools, and hiring a one to one tutor is the best way to ensure they get the right kind of help for their learning preferences.

5. Achieve Exam Success

Another common reason people look for private tutors is exams.

Achieving a good grade in GCSE English is a major focus of many year-11 students across the UK, as it is a key requirement for many further education and job applications.

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Tutors can coach to on how to tackle exam questions
Let a tutor guide you on the path to success! ¦ source: Pixabay - maura24

So, with so much riding on one English exam, many people wonder if the few hours of school teaching a week is enough.

And thankfully, for those who choose to get extra help, there are plenty of English tutors available who specialise in exam preparation.

Some are experts in the GCSE syllabus, and others in A level essay writing.

So, when exam season comes around, don’t worry! There are plenty of talented tutors who will help you prepare for success.

6. Boost Your Self-Esteem

A large part of learning is down to confidence in your abilities, so it’s understandable that low self-esteem can lead to a lack of motivation and have an impact on a student’s learning.

Even the smallest dip in self-esteem can start a vicious cycle for some learners, who become self-conscious when it comes to reading aloud or answering questions in class.

This is why tutoring is so important, because it offers an opportunity for students to practice their English skills in an environment where they have no fear of being judged.

Providing a pressure-free space for students to work on their skills with guidance from a tutor will not only help them keep up with their classmates, but also improve their overall self-confidence when it comes to interacting in an educational environment.

7. Get More from Your Formal Education

For those taking one to one lessons with an English tutor alongside their school studies, private tuition can offer a different perspective on a topic.

This is particularly useful when it comes to English literature, as tutors can help pupils interpret pieces on a broader scale – a great skill for essay writing!

A tutor can help you work on your essay and writing skills, which you can use in school essays as well as in everyday life
Learn valuable transferable skills in private lessons ¦ source: Pixabay - Pexels

Study skills are also an important part of formal schooling which can often be neglected in the classroom as course content takes precedence.

Having support from a tutor means students can work out the learning styles that are most effective for them, and develop revision methods accordingly.

Not only will this help them gain confidence at exam time, but it will teach them valuable skills which they can apply to the rest of their academic career.

8. Choose Your Own English Tutor

At school, teachers don’t choose their pupils, and likewise, pupils don’t choose their teachers.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. Whoever the teacher may be, they have to stick to the syllabus.

The downside to the lack of choice is that the teaching style may not suit the learning styles of certain pupils, and this can have an impact on their progress throughout the year.

Luckily, when it comes to private tuition, the choice is yours!

And since English is such a popular subject, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

So, if your English teacher’s methods just aren’t your cup of tea, don’t worry – there are plenty of talented tutors who can help.

9. Types of English Tuition

Tutoring doesn’t always have to be one to one, and it doesn’t always have to take place in your home – private tuition covers such a wide range of teaching situations, so find the one that suits you!

From learning in small groups at a tutoring centre to receiving one on one support at home, there are so many options available.

The regularity of study can also be changed. Some pupils need academic support throughout the year whilst others choose to do summer ‘boot camps’.

Again, the type of tuition you choose is completely down to the learner.

10. Great Value for Money

With such high demand for private English tutors and plenty of tutors to meet the needs of the public, extra-curricular support is no longer only an option for those with cash to burn.

With some quick research online and in your local press, you can easily find a tutor that suits your financial needs as well as educational needs.

So get some help for English exams right now, it is never too late to hire a private tutor.

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