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💻 How do online Academic English lessons work?

You can discuss directly with your teacher via email or phone. Their contact details are in the left-hand bar of the lesson request. You can then decide with your teacher on the format of classes you would prefer. 

There are number of possibilities: 

  • Skype
  • Google Hangout
  • Zoom
  • Discord
  • Telephone

A number of tools allow you to exchange via audio and video, as well as to share your screen or your tablet. 

124,491 tutors offer academic english classes online

🔎 How are tutors selected to give online Academic English lessons?

Verification of personal data and information

We verify the identity, coordinates (telephone, email, and photo), as well as the diploma for all of our teachers. 

100% Evaluations certified- The strength of our community 

For every teacher's ad, evaluations and reviews by our students are 100% certified. 

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🎓 How many tutors are available to give Academic English lessons via webcam?

124,491 tutors from academic english are available to help you with academic english.

You can browse their profiles and choose the one that best suits your requirements while learning from the comfort of your home.

Choose your online tutor from 124,491 profiles

💰 What is the average price for online Academic English lessons?

The average price for online academic english lessons classes is $ 13 .

This rate will vary based on a number of different factors: 

  • The teacher's level of experience in their subject academic english
  • The duration of the course

90% of tutors offer their first lesson for free. 

Online classes are on average 20% more expensive than face-to-face classes. 

Check out the rates for teachers near you.

🖋 What is the average rating for tutors giving online Academic English classes?
From a sample of 12,730 reviews, students give an average score of 5.0 out of 5.

In the event of a problem with a course, our customer service team is available to find a quick solution (by phone or email five days a week).

(during this COVID 19 period, the Superprof customer service team remains available over an extended time slot to answer all of your questions)

For each subject, you can view student reviews .

💻 Why choose online lessons?

With so many of our connections being formed and maintained via online channels, online learning is becoming more and more popular with students.

It’s easy since both students and teachers have already mastered the digital tools that are used to facilitate online lessons.

It’s safe, simple and convenient. Wherever you are, you can connect with a teacher suited to your needs in just a few clicks.

124,491 Academic English tutors are available here to help you.

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You'll have so many talented Academic English tutors to choose from!

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Online English classes

Finding an Online English Tutor

Deciding to learn a new language is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Living in a world where traveling is easier, career opportunities are numerous and diversity is all around us, knowing how to speak more than one language can benefit you greatly. 


Whether you are learning a new language yourself or you are signing your children up for language classes, working with an online tutor can be an option you can consider.


We all lead busy lives with school, work, and play that it could be hard to add something else to your daily mix. But this shouldn’t discourage you from signing up for English lessons. With the advanced technology we have right at our fingertips, we should take advantage that one of the new ways we can learn a new language is online.


You can be learning English as a beginner, you may just want to brush up on your grammar or improve your conversational English. Does not matter what the reason is, you can learn English online by finding an English tutor near you with Superprof.


In addition to being able to communicate in another language, you’ll receive other benefits from learning English that you could not imagine.


The sooner you start looking for your new online English tutor the sooner you’ll be speaking English!

What are the Benefits of Speaking English?

Some say music is the universal language, others say math is, but one thing is certain, English is the universal spoken language. English is the official language for around 70 countries and is the world’s 2nd largest native tongue.


Learning a new language is already a benefit itself, but we are here to tell you how English alone can uncover new opportunities and experiences for you.


With English being the universal spoken language in the world, it is no surprise that it is also the language of business. Multinational organizations around the world have English as their official corporate language.


Companies nowadays may prefer candidates to speak English or even require it for some job positions. You may need to negotiate, sell or connect with foreign clients, which is why English is crucial when it comes to entering the career world.


This shouldn’t stress you out even more about not speaking English now. An advantage of wanting to learn English is also that it is considered one of the easier languages to learn.


The English language has plenty of European roots such as German, French and Latin, which makes it easier to learn if you already speak one of these languages. But regardless if you speak any of languages mentioned, it is crucial to practice and put in the effort in order to learn English. It will still be a challenge to learn a new language therefore practice is key.


Learning any language, in general, is great for your mind. It helps improve your brain power, improves memory, increases your multi-tasking and decision making skills. It also makes your more creative and it can help prevent symptoms of dementia.


In some way, learning a new language can help as an exercise for your brain.


A fun benefit of learning English is that you’ll get more out of your travels. Whether you are traveling for work or fun, it is always best to be able to communicate with the locals. This can come in handy when you want to ask for restaurant options, directions or booking a hotel room.


While its always best to try to speak the local language as a sign of respect, English is most likely the language that you will be able to communicate with in a foreign country, unless of course the local language is English, which in that case you’ll be all set!


This can also be the case if you are studying abroad or moving to a foreign country. If your native language is not spoken in this new country, you can utilize your English to meet new people, get around and be able to communicate with anyone.


It is no surprise that the English language is extremely useful to know and can bring all sorts of benefits to your life.

Online English Tutoring

Online tutoring has become more common these days for many reasons and it could be your perfect option to learn English and work with a personal tutor.


For starters, it is more cost efficient than signing up at your local community college or language institute as all you’ll need to pay for is the actual tutoring lessons. You will avoid administration costs, student parking plus the steep cost of a college course.


You will also have a more personalized approach in learning English. When you are attending class at a school you are most likely not the only student there. You’ll possibly get easily distracted or not get your questions addressed by the time class is up. When doing online tutoring classes to learn English, you have the instructor’s full attention and you’ll be the only student there! This can also mean you’ll be able to practice your English speaking skills more as well.


For busy people, online tutoring can be the best way to learn English. You can work on your online lessons at home, there is no driving or traffic that will interfere and you will possibly have a say on the dates and times for your lessons, which can easily be scheduled around your busy days.


Remember though, whether you are learning English at school or by online tutoring, practice and hard work is crucial.

Superprof English Tutors

Find your perfect online English tutor via Superprof now! You can easily find a tutor that is in the same time zone as you and one that is experienced on your English level and needs.


Superprof also allows you to see a tutor’s background, skills, experiences and ratings from previous students. Some tutors may also offer their first lesson for free! It hasn’t been easier to find your perfect English tutor, find yours now and start learning English.

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