"Don't think, 'what's the cheapest way to do it', or 'what's the fastest way to do it.' Think, 'what's the most amazing way to do it?' -Sir Richard Branson

Travel the world, eat exotic dishes, meet fantastic people, and thoroughly explore distinct cultures; there are so many opportunities open to those who wish to discover planet earth. However, since plane tickets, car rentals, buses, hostels, and food at little tourist coffee shops are all costly, it is quite difficult to be on constant holiday; even with all the low-cost options currently available.

Wouldn't it be nice to travel and work at the same time?

Nevertheless, since we're so generous at Superprof, we're going to let you in on a little secret, IT IS possible to find jobs abroad and work while travelling! Really? We won't lie to you about such a brilliant possibility; therefore, without further ado, we shall consider how interested ones can leave their full-time jobs to embark on a world tour while getting paid.

The Ever-Increasing Appeal of Working While Travelling

working over the internet
There are more internet jobs now than ever before. (Source: Unsplash)
During the past few decades, it seemed as if the future of a youngster in the last months of secondary school was already decided. How so? Well, it was usually expected to attend a further training programme at a trade school or university to get a high paying job doing something you don't necessarily love but rather tolerate. However, it is important to state that times have changed and we are not living in the same structured society as before. Millennials do not have the same monetary opportunities open to them as past generations. How so? Well, for instance, retirement plans and long-term steady jobs are not frequently available which makes saving for the future almost impossible. Therefore, when you add together the facts that millennials who have been raised in the 1990s and early 2000s live one year to the next without making too many concrete plans for the future and that they are wanderlust, finding jobs to work abroad while travelling is a match made in heaven. Some of the major selling points of working while travelling include the following:

  • Network with Others: when working while travelling abroad you can meet and network with other individuals doing the same thing from countries all over the world. Some programs offer cultural activities and the possibility to spend time with others who might help you find prosperous online jobs; meaningful conversations will be definitely had!
  • Flexible Schedule: don't want to work today and rather go on wine tasting in Tuscany? No problem! Since most of the working and travelling jobs are online and deadlines could be by month, there is sometimes the possibility, if you aren't behind on work, of course, to take a day off and work more the following day.
  • See Wonderful Places: some abroad jobs are in culturally rich cities such as Rome, Paris, London, Tokyo, Shanghai, or Doha and when you have time off you can wander the streets trying new dishes, visiting stunning museums, and sipping coffee at stylish cafes. I'd say that's far better than your daily commute or weekend!

Honestly, there are far more benefits to take the risk of travelling to another land and working abroad than staying at home and struggling to find a dead-end job. However, how does one even find a job to permit them to travel and earn money on-the-go? Read the following subheading to find out more! Teaching English abroad has become very popular amongst millennials and so has volunteering overseas; read the Superprof articles to find out more!

How to Travel Abroad and Work

Alright, so now you're thinking, how do I travel abroad and work at the same time? Making money while travelling means that you can indefinitely travel; what?! Where do I sign? Also, it's worth stating that when you make money you don't need to stick to a strict budget because there will always cash flowing in. While there are many internships with international companies abroad that provide the wonderful chance to visit unknown parts of foreign countries on the weekends and days off while getting paid, the best way to travel abroad, without any restrictions, and work at the same time is becoming a digital nomad.

What is a Digital Nomad?

the office of a freelancer
Freelancers may make coffee shops, libraries, and other places their offices while they work. (Source: Unsplash)
The term "digital nomad" is fresh from the 21st century since it did not previously exist in past decades due to lack of communications technology. A digital nomad is defined as someone who uses telecommunications technologies to earn a living to continue their nomadic lifestyle of moving from one place to another. Digitally nomadic workers usually find themselves working at coffee shops, public libraries, and co-working spaces in foreign countries or at home-based offices when they are in their own country. Truthfully, all that you really need to become a digital nomad are a laptop and some basic computing skills. After this, the world is ready to become your home office and travel is made much easier! Although finding online jobs as freelancers are the best way to travel the world and get paid simultaneously without any restrictions, we do not discourage in any way the search to find internships, gap years abroad working, and other part-time jobs with sedentary places of employment in specific cities or towns worldwide. When travelling to other lands for work, it is essential to verify the visas and documents required before securing a job position and buying flights. This is done to avoid problems with authorities and to ensure that all things run smoothly! Try visiting the websites recommended in the subsequent subheading to find the best online or abroad jobs. Also, summer jobs abroad are becoming increasingly popular amongst students and youngsters; find one today!

Online Resources to Find Work and Travel Jobs

"Regular" jobs of punching in at 9 am sharp and punching out at 5 pm without delay are still quite common yet a bit outdated and not exactly for all types of personalities. Therefore, cue online/nomadic jobs that can be done everywhere and without committing to a fixed schedule. Nonetheless, where are the best online jobs found? Have no fear, Superprof is here to guide all interested ones towards the best online resources to find work and travel jobs; the subsequent options are the best:

  • Upwork: without any doubt the absolute best site to find work for digital nomads or freelancers, Upwork has a variety of employment options in countless fields of expertise. After creating a profile that has been verified and features many of the user's skills and job experiences, users apply for jobs that have been already posted by small businesses. If you feel that you will not have any success starting out, do not worry since there are thousands of employment positions posted every day. From copywriting to tutoring to virtual assistants and web design, everything is possible!
  • Fiverr: people sometimes make strange purchases and Fiverr takes advantage of this since it offers jobs to anyone about pretty much anything. For example, there are posted jobs offered to interested ones for things such as breaking up with someone's girlfriend for 5$, taking a picture of some exotic place, or offering some social media advice. Check out their website to find out more.
  • Take Lessons: teaching jobs are by far the most common for freelancers who have some sort of education and want to share their knowledge with others. The TakeLessons site is designed for both teachers and students since teachers offer classes to students on Google Hangout, Skype, or in-person for a small sum of cash. Popular categories of instruction include French, English, singing, instrument instruction, or Word Press lessons.
  • Skype: while Skype is not designed as a platform to help people find jobs, it can be frequently used for work as an online teacher, speech therapist, psychologist, singer tutor, dance instructor, or business consultant. After a stable business with a reputable client base has been established, Skype is an excellent resource that should not be ignored!

Everyone has specific skills and something unique to offer; therefore, we are certain that all people can find online work on at least one of the previously mentioned websites. What are some of the best travel and work jobs? Find out by continuing to read more!

Best Travel Jobs to Earn Money

working and cruising
Working on a cruise ship is a brilliant job for those who want to work hard and see beautiful places at the same time. (Source: Unsplash)
The digital age has provided us with remarkable developments such as online shopping, online banking, opportunities to communicate more rapidly, and a wealth of online jobs; the past ways of doing things are slowly becoming obsolete. Therefore, to keep up with the times, more and more jobs are being created to work online than ever before! Also, it is worth stating that every year this a list that comes out showing the year's best work and travel jobs that allow individuals to earn income while travelling the world. The following list contains some of the best work and travel jobs that are currently available all over our beautiful planet:

  • Travel Blogger,
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language Abroad,
  • Teach English Online to Children, Teens, or Adults,
  • Yacht Sailing Jobs,
  • Bartending Jobs,
  • Telecommunicating,
  • Administrative Assistants,
  • Local Tour Guides,
  • Freelance Translation Jobs,
  • Working at Backpacker Hostels,
  • Travel Writer,
  • Massage Therapist,
  • Working on a Cruise Ship.

The previously mentioned jobs are almost always available for new applicants since they are often seasonal and attract drifters who go from one employment position to the next. Consider searching the web to find out which jobs would be best for you to make your working holiday worth it!

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