Learning how to solve a Rubik's cube

How do you master the Rubik’s cube?

A guide to mastering Rubik's cube Solving a Rubik's cube is an art, and learning to do it isn't as simple as it might seem. Every move you make counts, every step you take is important and adds up in the end. People who know how to solve the cube have been practicing for years […]

06/24/20227 minutes reading time

College basketball game

Why Should College Students Workout?

A workout guide for college students Is working out hard in college? Many freshmen feel overwhelmed with the changes that come after high school and once they start college. This is not abnormal! And if you feel like you can't keep up, do not worry, you are not alone! Students tend to say (and believe) […]

05/18/20226 minutes reading time

A group of people using sign language in conversation

What Is ASL And Is It Hard To Learn?

All You Need To Know About American Sign Language And How To Learn It You’ve probably seen or heard of American Sign Language (ASL) before, and it must’ve piqued your curiosity. But do you know what it is? ASL is the primary language used by deaf and hard-of-hearing people in North America and elsewhere to […]

04/20/20227 minutes reading time

A flag with different country flags on it

Top Languages Taught In US Schools

Various Languages Students Learn In The United States America is full of diversity, and this is one of the reasons why there are several languages taught in US schools and universities. Many students can speak a second language in America due to the diversity of cultures present within the country. Many Americans dive into a […]

03/04/20228 minutes reading time

Need to Find a Private Tutor?

Whether you’re looking for local tutors or searching for online tuition, we’ll help you find private tutors for all subjects.

Learn how and where to find tutors near you, understand the benefits and drawbacks of private tuition, as well as how to achieve the best outcome!

Whether you’re a student or a parent searching for school support, a professional looking to change career paths, or you simply want to learn a new skill or pick up a new hobby, you’ll find the information you need here.

Why wait any longer? Start the adventure today! Check out our tutor profiles throughout the United States.

Student attempting a multiple-choice question

A Guide To Standardized Testing

All You Ought To Know About Standardized Testing School and college administrators find it extremely challenging to develop ways to test and improve students' academic performance. Thus, they administer standardized tests to assess your progress and highlight areas where you need improvement. There are several ways standardized tests affect students' academic performance, especially if they […]

11/22/20217 minutes reading time

People walking on the road of Shanghai market

A Guide To Studying Abroad In China

Reasons To Study In China It has become evident that students considering studying abroad have a plethora of possibilities. However, there is one location that sticks out! As per Student.com data, an increasing number of international students are considering studying in China. Studying abroad in China provides overseas students with a unique opportunity to learn […]

11/22/20217 minutes reading time

student, class, room, educate, school

How to prepare for a new school year

Preparing for a new school year In this article, we will discuss the responsibilities of parents, students, and teachers before and during the beginning of the school year. Continue reading to learn what you should do to make the beginning of school smooth and fruitful. Help your kids get ready for the new school year […]

11/09/20216 minutes reading time

A girl reading a book in a library

A Guide To Studying Business In College

All You Need To Know About Enrolling For Business Classes In College An increasing number of students are enrolling themselves in business institutions. Graduates with business majors are in high demand due to their interdisciplinary, holistic training. Studying business in college demonstrates the multidisciplinary and versatile nature of this subject. You will learn the fundamentals […]

11/08/20218 minutes reading time

A person giving a lecture to a group of adults

How To Become A Teacher?

Everything You Need To Know About Pursuing A Career As A Teacher The field of education is very welcoming to teachers who love learning and like to share with their pupils. From teaching kindergarteners about shapes and colors to instructing high school students about writing and literature, teachers help prepare young minds to achieve their […]

11/08/20217 minutes reading time

A group of students celebrating their graduation

A Guide To Studying Abroad

All You Ought To Know About Going Overseas To Study Are you planning to study abroad but unsure what it includes? Well, you aren’t the only one. The process of studying abroad may seem a bit intimidating. However, studying for a master’s or bachelor’s degree overseas is a breeze if you know how to prep […]

10/25/20218 minutes reading time

Explaining How Superprof Works

How Does Superprof Work? It's not for nothing that Superprof ranks among the top 10 tutoring platforms in the UK and around the world. In the few years since our debut, we've established a presence in 28 countries and have helped millions of tutors launch themselves into business. How did we do it? Why did […]

10/22/20217 minutes reading time

A mother guiding her child on a tablet

A Guide to Homework

Homework Hacks 101: A Parent's Guide To Helping Their Children With Homework Many students face difficulties when completing their homework. This usually happens with children who lack proper guidance from parents and teachers about how they should go about their assignments. Conversely, children whose parents take an interest in their homework and tasks tend to […]

09/30/20217 minutes reading time

Books on a desk with a tutor

Finding Academic Help

An Introduction to Academic Support For many students whether they are in elementary school, middle school, high school or college, and beyond, it is really easy to feel overwhelmed by school work at times. Not every student is extremely gifted in every subject, or possibly they just lose interest in a subject like math, science, […]

09/30/20216 minutes reading time

A paper with

Tips to make your university application stand out

Leveraging Your Chances Of Getting Selected At The University Of Your Choice When applying for your dream university, it's vital to be noticeable and relevant to the college admissions department. College application seasons are rough because every student tries their best to make their application stand out from the pile of all the others. There […]

09/20/20217 minutes reading time

homework, student, study, classwork

Effectively studying at home

A guide to studying from home Studying for exams from home Choosing to prepare for an upcoming exam in your house is perfectly fine but you must study in a space where you won't get distracted and you'll be able to study and work in peace. The first step you should take to figure out […]

09/20/20217 minutes reading time

College soccer players vying for control of possession

What looks good on a college application?

How To Stand Tall Among A Swarm Of College Applications? Every high school student applying for their college admissions wonders, "what looks really good on a college application?" Students often think that colleges only require a straight-A, well-behaved, multilingual student to enroll in their institution. The truth is, every college has different criteria when looking […]

09/20/20217 minutes reading time

graduation, celebration, cap, gown, sunset

A guide to choosing a university

How to choose the perfect university for you? If you're in high school preparing for college and you need help making a decision, you've come to the right place. The most important thing you can do before deciding where to go and what major to pick is taking one step at a time. If you face everything […]

09/15/20216 minutes reading time

A young girl reading the Oxford English dictionary

What can high school students do to prepare for a career in English?

Things High Schoolers Can Do To Ready Themselves For A Career In English English is the only subject that colleges require students to study throughout the four years of high school. This is because they expect students to have strong reading, writing, and communication skills regardless of their chosen subject. How to know if you […]

08/31/20216 minutes reading time

Messy paintbrushes and paint on a wooden palette

Choosing Art as a Career after High School

Pursuing A Career As An Artist After High School A career in Art and Design is quite fulfilling, but despite that, naysayers may have you believe that picking up a soft subject won’t be a fruitful move. And they do have a point to an extent as many aren’t aware of the career opportunities that […]

08/31/20217 minutes reading time

A programmer's table set up with coding assistors

What Can High School Students Do To Prepare For A Computer Science Degree?

As A High Schooler, How Should I Ready Myself To Pursue A Degree In Computer Science Enrolling in a computer science program at high school can help students enhance their critical thinking. It enables them to grasp abstract ideas and turn them into direct actions or beliefs. Learning computer science also helps students go into […]

08/31/20217 minutes reading time

France, Paris, Tour Eiffel, tourism

What can high school students do to prepare for a career in French?

A guide for a career in French France is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and French is one of the most beautiful languages in the world and that's why thousands of students choose to study the language every year. If you're a student trying to figure out what and where to […]

08/25/20216 minutes reading time

american dollars

Average cost of private tutoring per hour

How Much Does Private Tutoring Cost? According to a study by PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) for OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) the performance of US students has been stagnant for decades when it comes to education. Given these factor, it's no surprise that private tutoring for children and adults has never […]

06/18/202112 minutes reading time

How to prepare for the reading section of the ACT exam

Understand and Preparing for the ACT Reading Test  The ACT reading test is a part of the ACT that measures students’ abilities in 5 major subjects which are mathematics, English, reading, writing, and science. Doing the test is part of the college admission process in the United States. Students from grades 11 and 12 take […]

04/07/20216 minutes reading time

A girl working on her laptop in her home. A phone, flowerpot, and a notebook are set on the table. The ideal working environment at home could be anywhere you can sit upright and be able to concentrate

Working And Studying From Home

Managing Working and Studying from Home Working or studying from home – even when they both are part-time – is a struggle in itself. In these challenging times, we must quickly adapt to the newer ways of working. Moreover, we must also learn to collaborate with colleagues remotely while keeping up with work demands. Managing […]

03/28/20216 minutes reading time

studying on the mind

How to Study For Your Exams

Studying and Reviewing Valuable Information to Pass Upcoming Exams "Examinations are formidable even to the best prepared, for the greatest fool may ask more than the wisest man can answer." -Charles Caleb Colton Exams are a peculiar thing that grades us on our intelligence and forces us to use parts of our brain that we […]

10/13/20208 minutes reading time

Become an effective student by believing in yourself

Waiting for Exam Results

Exam Results: How to Cope With the Wait and Fear of Failure The 2020/21 school year is nothing like we're used to. The coronavirus interruptions, resuming lessons in a virtual format, technology failures and the lack of experience in teaching what should have been an in-person class over the internet... To say that this school […]

10/11/20208 minutes reading time

finding jobs overseas

Working Overseas: Where to Find Employment

How to Find Jobs Abroad "Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work." -Aristotle There are some who thoroughly enjoy their work and there are others who cannot stand the idea of working a full-time job; to each their own I guess! Therefore, without further delay, in today's article, we shall explore the many […]

07/16/20207 minutes reading time

examination mistakes

Common Exam Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Exam Technique is about Avoiding Common Mistakes – Not Just Knowing Your Stuff People make mistakes. It is part, in a way, of the human condition. However, one type of mistake you really want to avoid is exam mistakes – because an examination is not the place for a sloppy error, regardless of how inevitable […]

02/27/20206 minutes reading time

a woman pointing towards a chart on the wall as a group of seating individuals look on

Get Private Tuition According To Your Level

Benefit From Private Tutoring Across All Levels It’s essential to hire tutors who are equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to teach a particular subject – often the simplest of lessons can become a challenge for beginners. Relying on school teachers alone is not the best option for anyone serious about academic success and […]

02/24/20207 minutes reading time

During the exam, you won't have the chance to consult your notes

Effective Revision Techniques

Make Your Revision Pay Off with These Techniques It would be hard to argue with the idea that every student is unique in their learning styles and study habits; even learning needs differ from one student to the next. Still, among the thousands of students who have sat school-leaving and university-qualifying exams, we can discern […]

02/10/20207 minutes reading time

Preparing for an interview will give you a greater chance of success

Tips for Finding Your First Job

How to Land the Job You Want With university graduation right around the corner – well, arriving sooner than you might think, many whose academic run is nearly complete are turning their thoughts to the job market and how they could best break into it. Not too long ago, simply having a university degree was […]

01/27/20207 minutes reading time

Study groups for student success

Find Private Tutors Near Me

How to Find a Private Teacher in the US The United States is the third largest country in the world by area and houses a population whose numbers are exceeded only by China and India. While the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment ranks the education system in the United States around the average for […]

07/16/20197 minutes reading time

Worldwide Tutoring

Global Tutoring to Educate the World’s Youth

Tutoring Lessons Around the World The private academic support marketplace has grown in popularity during the past few decades. In the United Kingdom alone, it is £6 billion industry with a lot of potentials to grow in the future. Wow, those are big bucks!  During the past 12 months, the demand for online tutoring in […]

09/07/20188 minutes reading time

Free tutoring for schoolchildren is important.

Should We Turn to Free Tutoring?

Free Online Tutoring in the UK Learning to read or succeeding in a test is not easy for everyone. It’s not infrequent for children to have difficulties in school. This is stressful for the teachers, but of course for the parents as well. Does this apply to you? Does your child have difficulty understanding the […]

08/01/20187 minutes reading time

classroom students

Parents: Why Choose School Support For Your Children?

How Can Personal Tutors Offer Educational Support? Economical and effective, private tutoring has proven itself to be a great option for struggling students. Recently, the personal education market has been booming but why? You'd think that as the world becomes more technologically savvy the education system would improve. That is not the case. Education systems […]

07/19/20189 minutes reading time

Personal Academic Coaching

Private Tutor Lessons According to Your Child’s Level

The Importance of Finding the Right Tutor for your Child The function of our present school system is always a subject of debate: classes that are overcrowded with too many students, absent teachers, too many class hours, too much homework... The first ones to suffer from this dysfunctionality are the students!  Slowly becoming disinterested in […]

07/06/201810 minutes reading time

Find the most engaging support for your child

Why Get Extra Educational Support?

Why Does My Child Need Academic Support? “Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be.” – George Sheehan (Quote Source Brainyquote) It will always be a shock for parents to find out that their child is not doing well in school and […]

07/04/20187 minutes reading time

What is academic support?

What Is Academic Support?

Learn About Academic Support at Home A lot of parents have decided that it’s time for their child to benefit from academic support. Do they know exactly what it is? Usually not... They often confuse academic support with other extracurricular support like private tutorials. How exactly is it different? How can we define it? What […]

06/28/20186 minutes reading time

When children enjoy their homeschooling they retain more information.

How does Home Schooling Work?

How To Start Homeschooling In life there is never a one size fits all solution, which will successfully benefit the entire population equally. But as parents and guardians, have become busier with their careers, trying to make ends meet. Public and private schools have excelled and become the popular choice for children to receive the […]

06/13/20187 minutes reading time

Questions that tutors and students ask

Private Tuition: Frequently Asked Questions for Students

Everything You Need To Know To Find a Home Tutor! The United States has seen a boost of private tutoring as its popularity increases amongst parents and students, and also as a career opportunity. Is tuition the correct choice for you? Will it add unnecessary pressure on your kid? Is it worth the investment? When […]

03/05/20188 minutes reading time

Should I take private tutoring?

Why Take Private Tuition?

Is Home Tutoring with a Private Tutor Right For Me? Academic support was largely unaffected by the economic crisis. The number of students who’ve used tutoring services has gone up from 18% in 2005 to 25% in 2016. The private tutoring market is growing. Many parents have decided to opt for academic tutoring and find […]

03/05/20186 minutes reading time


Should We Use the Web for Online Tutoring?

Can the Internet Be a Good Tool for Academic Support? Online academic support: a modern trend for students who want to face up to academic difficulties. It's a good way to get ahead, working on specific points at any time of the year: Before an examination; During the school holidays; To consolidate knowledge; To master […]

10/18/20177 minutes reading time


Why Are More Parents Picking Private Tutoring?

Turning to Private Tutoring Lessons in Order to Do Well in School It's easy, not too expensive. Private tutoring has been very good to many students in difficulties. Today, the private tutoring market is experiencing a boom!  What's the reason for this? Our national educational system has experienced a lot of problems over the years […]

10/05/20177 minutes reading time

The cost of private tutoring and its associated advantages

The parents' guide to academic tutoring Every parent knows that hiring a tutor can be a great help for your child’s academic career. One on one tutoring can be a great supplemental support to students, helping them improve study skills, complete assignments, and prepare for exams. However, many parents quickly drop the idea after looking […]

10/01/20177 minutes reading time

Find a Tutor in the US

Where can you find an after school tutor? Whether you’re struggling in school, want to go up a grade, or want to ace a test, American students have plenty of reasons they might sign up for some private tutoring to improve quickly. There’s lots to choose from among academic support services in the lower 48: […]

09/30/20179 minutes reading time

school stairs

Let Us Introduce You to Private Home Tutoring

Discover Private Home Tutoring A number of parents tell themselves it may be time for their child to take private tutoring lessons. However, regardless of the practice’s popularity today, do they know where to look and what exactly the private tutoring consists of? Often times no, actually. First of all because people often confuse private […]

09/27/20178 minutes reading time

Comprehending Academic Tutoring for your Children

Better Understanding Academic Tutoring for your Child To you parents who feel frustration when faced with your child's school results! To you parents who have high hopes of a brilliant professional career for your child! When the grades begin to wane, when the academic level drops, when your child or teen's motivation is reduced to […]

09/19/20175 minutes reading time

Finding the right direction with applications can be confusing!

Tutoring For Entrance Exams & Further Education

In Need of Help with Applications and School Tests? Get the Support you Need With Private Tutors Starting any application process can be demanding and time-consuming, and getting your head around all the things you need to do can be a pretty stressful task! Preparing to Take the 11+ Exam For some secondary schools in […]

08/24/20177 minutes reading time

No one needs the stress of finding a tutor when you're already stressed about school. Let Superprof find the ideal teacher for you!

Choose Superprof for Home Tuition with a Private Tutor

Find Your Ideal Private Tutor for Online Tutoring or Home Tutoring with Superprof As a number of studies over the past few years have concluded, France (Superprof's home country) is the European leader of private tuition. According to ConsoGlobe, annual turnover for supplemental instruction in France stands at around 2 billion euros. Closer to home, […]

07/26/20177 minutes reading time

Find tutors for all subjects, ages ad levels with Superprof

Find Private Tutors According to Your Level

Choosing a Suitable Private Tutor for Home Tutoring at Your Level Age, subjects, exams… there are many factors to take into account when looking for a private tutor! To get the most out of your sessions, you must first and foremost find the tutor who can adapt to your specific needs. No one wants overly […]

07/18/20177 minutes reading time

Mentor teaching Telemachus in the Odessey

Private Tuition through Time and Space

A Historical Guide to Home Tutoring Private tutoring has become a flourishing business, especially in the UK where the market is estimated to be worth £2 billion per year. There are many misconceptions about the industry, however, and many falsely believe it to the preserve of the rich which, while once true, is no longer the […]

07/10/20179 minutes reading time

Don't let studying get you down: find a tutor!

Private Tuition: Tips and Suggestions for Students

The Student's Guide to Finding the Best Tutor The students we know aspire to academic success, just like you do. Achieving it is a different proposition altogether, isn't it? While many long for one on one instruction from a private tutor, some still hesitate to seek a master out, for various reasons: fears of high […]

06/27/20179 minutes reading time

How old should you be to use a private tutor?

When to Hire a Private Tutor

Home Tutoring: When is the Best Time to Hire a Private Tutor? Is there an age limit for tutoring? When is the best time to revise? Should I be looking for tutoring services in the short, medium, or long term? These are questions that almost every student or parent asks themselves about private tutoring. If […]

06/26/20176 minutes reading time

Find a private Tutor

Considering a private tutor?

Whatever the reason and whatever your level, finding the right tutor can help  improve your skills and knowledge. Superprof has a variety of subjects and tutors so you can find the lessons that most suit you! 

Tailored Lessons

Whether it’s homework/exam help or general tutoring classes, a tutor will put you, the student, at the centre of the learning process.

Private lessons can mean faster progression and tailored lesson plans. It is, therefore, easier to find your place and assert yourself in this context of learning. You will gain confidence, trust and above all, benefit from the right expertise. A tailored schedule will also help you to organise your lessons and develop autonomy over your learning.

A tutor can fill in the gaps of your learning or simply provide basic knowledge about subjects you have always been interested in!

An Experienced Tutor and Pedagogue

Every student has particular needs. An experienced teacher and pedagogue will be able to restore the taste for a subject when difficulties could create a mental block. The fear of Math, for example, is very common.

Have you always been interested in science but never knew where to begin? Do you want to learn a new language but have a fear of speaking? Or are you passionate about music but never learnt those favourite guitar chords? 

A private tutor can make assessments on your level and knowledge base and propose personalised support to make your lessons a success. Whether for one-time help or weekly classes, an experienced tutor will bring out the best in you, building constructive momentum to reach your potential. 

Over the years, academic support and private lessons have become essential for many students. Contrary to popular belief, they are not reserved only for students who are failing.

The Cost of Private Lessons 

Private lessons can vary in price. On Superprof the average price for a lesson is £25 but there are also cheaper options available. Each tutor sets their rates at a price that reflects their experience and qualifications. 

Most tutors are also open to a reducing their price for multiple lessons.

Looking for cheaper lessons and want to avoid travel costs? Why not consider online lessons. 

Online Lessons

Tutors who offer tutoring lessons are usually equipped to teach remotely

Online classes can be a great way to find a tutor quickly. Superprof has a large community of tutors that provide lessons for all ages and levels.

Online lessons can be a cheaper and more convenient way to learn. No need to travel or limit your tutor search, with Superprof you have thousands of diverse profiles at your fingertips.