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  • Basic computer
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Databases
  • Microsoft Access
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Business Technology -MSOffice Tutoring, Metropolitan Atlanta GA area, MSOffice 20 years experience.


My approach to specifics will be to first introduce the specific class and talk about what and why the course is needed for their program. I will get an overall consensus from the students. I will ask more probing questions to the students. Student engagement is a must to my course load. I will engage my students by having them research topics according to each topic of the class. I will also be introducing different articles and topics related to the topic of the week. Students appreciate this because it gives them a way to look at the topics without being intimidated. Once students learn this, they become better as each week goes by. I can swear by this that my students may come in apprehensive and fearful but those who stay with it love it at the end and hate for the class to end.


My goals to teach my class is to delve deep into the backward design initiative. My classes are first year to my students and I must make every effort to constantly hit the highlights of the concepts of the class. I will use summative and formative assessments for my students. My students come in fearful of failing first hand. Most students will fall in with the concepts, at least 1/3 of my students will not.
I am 20 yrs Retired AF, with 20+ plus experience in administration and MSOffice. I have taught thousands of students MSOffice as an online adjunct professor. My students are always happy after teaching them MSOffice which enables them to go out and get jobs. MSOffice is the program that people need in the business world.


Rate for online lessons : $35/h
Lessons offered by Charla
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Basic computer
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Databases
  • Microsoft Access
  • All Levels

Charla's resume

Dr. Charla R. Harmon
1840 Seneca CT, Riverdale GA 30296
Home: ((concealed information)) cell/Cell: ((concealed information))
(concealed information)
Professional Overview
Experienced online business technology professor teaching students through backward design, inclusive learning, and active learning where students are more active in their learning. Dedicated technology professor with expertise in helping students to learn the pertinent technology skills to be successful in the business world.

Summary of Skills
• Consistent in setting realistic expectations for the student, while enforcing university policies and standards while being a mentor and coach to the student (University Design for Learning- Means of Engagement)
• Ensure students understand university policies, housekeeping rules of the classroom, plagiarism and approved writing styles.
• Excellent rapport skills with the student, understanding student feelings about the course, a voice of encouragement to ask questions to express their personal viewpoints. (University Design for Learning)
• Facilitates effectively by encouraging students to be creative, with the result being the student knowing what is expected of them and feel more responsible to go beyond that level of performance (UDL means of expression)
• Blackboard and Moodle experience – Course Design – Lesson Management – Detailed Oriented
Professional Experience
Online Adjunct Professor –University of Phoenix-2007-2015
CIS 105 – Survey of Information Systems
• Present overview of various technologies embedded in every aspect of society.
• Students learn a basic understanding of programs they will use in their line of work
• Word Processing, Excel Spreadsheets, Powerpoint, and Access.
IT205 – Management Information Systems
• Introduces students to information technology, by examining technology concepts included in business systems, networking, and systems development life cycle.
• Specific topics include hardware and software, operating systems, databases, programming as well as the security and privacy and safety issues associated with information technology.
IT220 – Internet Concepts
• Covers the development of the internet, its business applications, its distinction of the World Wide Web.
• Provided within the course foundational technologies that include the structure, topology and connectivity of clients and services, transmission control/Internet protocol, overview of web design, its practical use and stylistics elements are also discussed.
IT221/IT221N – System Analysis and Design of Information Systems and Project Management for IT
• Explores areas of project analysis, design and project management for IT, rationale, and process disciplined project planning and management using the Systems Development Lifecycle methodology.
• Students learn to conduct requirements gathering, the role of project managers, scope creation, documentation, scheduling, staffing and budgeting.
• Employing concepts of the SDLC project plans are developed using MS Project.
Harvard Teaching Certificate – Harvard Learning Center - November 2019
Advanced Certified Facilitator – University of Phoenix - 2014
Doctor of Business Administration – University of Phoenix - 2010
Project Management Certificate – City University - 2005
Master of Business Administration – City University – 2004
Bachelor of Science – University of Maryland College – 1993

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